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Jokes Majaak / kudi te bf
« on: April 17, 2012, 05:28:58 PM »
Ek Ladki apne BF k sath Ghoom Rahi thi.. .
 Itne me us ka
 husband aa gaya aur uske BF Ko pitne
 ... ... ... ... ... laga..
 Ladki- Maar saale Ko
 Apni biwi ghumaata nahi h,
 Aur dusro
 ki biwi gumaane le aata hai...
 (itne me BF josh me
 husband ko marne laga)
 Ladki - Maar saale Ko, na khud ghumaane le jata hai,na kisi aur ko ghumaane deta hai...!

 :D: :D: :D: :D: :D:

Jokes Majaak / terorist and aunty
« on: April 17, 2012, 05:14:05 PM »
1 terrorist ne 1 aunty k pass bomb rakh diya.
 Log chilaye-
 ... '
 Aunty Bomb hai
 Aunty Bomb hai
 Aunty sharma kar boli-:
 "Arey chhodo ab woh pehle wali baat kahan.  :blink:5:
 lol confidence  :D:

Pics / osama bin laden da facebook lol
« on: April 16, 2012, 09:15:43 AM »

« on: April 09, 2012, 08:58:52 PM »
  :D: :D: :D: :D: :D: :D: :D: :D: :D: :D:

Jokes Majaak / TWO PIGS
« on: April 07, 2012, 10:26:57 PM »
Two pigs eating potty.
 Pig1: yaar hum duniya ki potty khate hai. Koi hamari bhi to khata hoga?
 Pig2: thuu-2! Saale khane ke waqt to aisi baatein mat kara kar.

 :D: :D: :D: :D: :D: :D: :D: :D:

News Khabran / Sikh Genocide 1984: Kishori lal di sazaa maaf ?
« on: March 29, 2012, 07:16:00 PM »
Sikh Genocide 1984: Sentenced to death on seven counts, mass murderer Kishori Lal’s released cleared by Indian State

New Delhi/Chandigarh (February 13, 2012): As per news reports from Delhi, Kishori Lal (48), a multiple-murder convict lodged in Tihar Jail since 1996, will soon be a free man. He was convicted for multiple counts of murders in a case related to 1984 Genocidal violence against Sikhs in Delhi.
Kishori Lal, a former butcher who stayed in east Delhi’s Trilokpuri, had been accused of killing victims in the neighborhood. He had been sentenced to death seven times by the lower courts. The Supreme Court, later, commuted them to life terms. Kishori Lal was among 25 people, convicted by city courts for offences connected to the 1984 genocidal violence against the Sikhs.
It is notable that India deny the fact of Sikh Genocide 1984 and propagate that it was an incident of mere ”riot” or “communal violence” against Sikhs as a result of assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on 31 October, 1984. On the other hand there is plenty of evidence showing that violence against Sikhs was neither spontaneous expression of grief and anger, as claimed by the authorities, nor was of mere riotous in nature; rather it was planned and executed by high ups in the Indian State administration and the ruling congress party with both active participation and connivance of majority community of India and other participants of Indian political system.
To a large extent persons responsible for brutally murdering and burning Sikh alive, have enjoyed impunity, and there were just few exceptional counts of convictions, such as that of Kishori Lal.
As per news reports dated February 12, 2012, acting on the recommendations of the state Sentence Review Board (SRB), Lieutenant-Governor of Delhi (L-G) Tejinder Khanna recently commuted the sentence of Kishori Lal and 14 other life convicts to give them a chance to “reform and rehabilitate themselves”.
The jail authorities had recommended Lal to the SRB because of his “excellent conduct as an inmate and the fact that at 48 years of age, he stands a chance to rehabilitate himself,” said the source.

Kishori Lal and the 14 others need to furnish a surety and personal bond, each, worth Rs 10,000 to be released. The surety and personal bonds are to be submitted to the state revenue department, reports “HT”.
Life convicts, who have served a minimum of seven years in the jail, are eligible to get their sentences commuted by the SRB.
“This must be one of the highest instances of convicts’ sentences getting commuted on the SRB’s recommendations.” the prison’s spokesperson Sunil Gupta is quoted to have said.
“The SRB includes the chief minister, who is the chairperson of the board, a nominee of the city police chief, a nominee of judicial authorities, chief probation officer and director general of prisons,” he is said to have added.

inha nu 7 to v wadh khoon maaf a karke eh desh bhagat ne. sab to nakami government duniya di india di

« on: March 29, 2012, 01:09:05 PM »

Shayari / gall kanme ya banme di honi a
« on: August 05, 2011, 11:20:56 PM »
Praimry school wala nalka c nalke te fattiyan  pochde
gall kanme (91) ya banme (92) di honi a tere baare a jado de asin sochde
sharam haya nu udo pehli baari takkeya
ni athmi c jado tenu ghutton fad dhakkeya
gall dusmi ch jaake zor fad gayi kive tilki javaani asin bochde
ni gall kanme ya banme di honi a tere baare a jado de asin sochde
  :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Gup Shup / laadle munde di mummy layi chithi
« on: March 10, 2011, 07:31:36 PM »
pyaari mummy,

                main eh tuhanu bade afsos naal likh reha haan k main apni saheli naal gharon bhajj geya haan
                kyunki main ghare tuhade naal koi v ladaayi karni nahin chahnda c
                mummy oh bahut sohni hai te main usnu bahut pyaar karda haan
                oh subaah di bahut changi a jado hassdi a ta ohdiyan goriyan gallan vich toye painde ne
                mummy tu mera fikar bilkul na karin asin dovein bahut khush rahange
                main 20 saal di umar da ho chukkeya haan main apna dhyaan khud rakh sakda haan
                kise na kise din asin tuhade pote-potiyan nu le k ghar jaroor aamange
                te ik gall hor.....
                uppar jo v likheya hai oh sab jhooth hai
                main gwaandiyan de ghar betha haan
                main tuhanu eh ehsaas dvauna chahnda c k zindagi ch mere papera de nateeje to v wadh halaat maadhe ho sakde ne
                papera da nateeja mere kamre ch table te peya hai
                jado ghar vich sab theek thaak ho geya mainu awaaz maar laina main ghar a jaavanga


                                                                                                                                                                        tuhada apna laadla beta

            :D: :D: :D: :D: :D: :D: :D: :D: :D: :D:


Complaints / eh ki ?
« on: March 10, 2011, 05:47:21 PM »
Welcome! You have entered [Mitra Da Dera] at 10:39 pm[_FateH_->jaTT_beparwaH] 10:39 pm: MTJ[Mitra Da Dera]: _FateH_ has left at 10:39 pm[_Munda Tere Joga_] 10:40 pm: HAHAHAH[Mitra Da Dera]: _FateH_ has left at 10:40 pm[Pannu/Admn] 10:40 pm: hahaWelcome! You have entered [Dushmani Fight Club] at 10:42 pm[jaTT_beparwaH->shokeen-munda] 10:42 pm: mainu kyun[jaTT_beparwaH->shokeen-munda] 10:42 pm: bann kareya ?

eh apne log time apne aap check kari jaavo mainu v bann karta bina gallon shokeen munde ne main ta enter hoeya c haje
pagala nu bandooka fadaayian admins ne
=D> =D> =D> =D> =D> shaabash tuhade

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