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 8-> :rabb:Oct 14: Conceding to Australia 8-0 in the hockey finals, India on Thursday, Oct 14 settled for a silver medal at the Delhi Commonwealth Games.

Buzz up!

The World Champions, packed with defence, attacks and counter-attacks, coordination and team work, and excellent game tactics, proved too much for the hosts to handle in a one-sided match.

Indians did manage to dominate the game in the first 20 minutes of the match and it all went downhill from there.

Australia was leading 4-0 at half time, but the home crowd did not lose heart keeping in the mind the way the team had turned it around in the semifinals to win 5-4 in a penalty shootout after coming up from 3-1 down and scoring an equaliser 3-3 against England.

However, the fast and aggressive defending champions continued their pace and dished out a 8-0 defeat to grab the Gold.

Indians can take away one constructive lesson from this loss - work on penalty corners. Even though India got first penalty corner, it failed to convert it; Australians, on the other hand, converted almost every penalty corner into goals.

With this victory, Australia is wrapping up the year with a hat-trick victories following World Cup
and the Champions Trophy.

For India, there is still a reason to rejoice as this is the first Commonwealth Games silver medal in the country's history. :excited: :rockon: :excited: :rockon: :okk: :superhappy: =D> :balle: :laugh: :excited: :rockon:

News Khabran / Hawara death sentence to life term
« on: October 13, 2010, 07:21:55 AM »
:comeon:Beant assassination*HC upholds capital punishment awarded to Balwant Singh

The Punjab and Haryana High Court on Tuesday commuted the death sentence awarded to Jagtar Singh Hawara, one of the prime accused in former Punjab chief minister Beant Singh’s assassination case, to life imprisonment. It, however, upheld the death awarded to another accused, Balwant Singh, by a lower court of Chandigarh.

Holding that Hawara was “merely a tool in the hands of Mehal Singh and Wadhawa Singh (both absconding)”, who had hatched the conspiracy to eliminate Beant Singh in Pakistan, the Division Bench comprising Justice Mehtab Singh Gill and Justice Arvind Kumar ruled that Hawara’s case was a “border line” case to be awarded death sentence. It also held that the CBI has failed to prove crucial accusations levelled against Hawara while making it it clear that he will be in jail for the rest of his life.

News Khabran / Victoria police in racist email scandal
« on: October 13, 2010, 07:00:04 AM »
 :angry:    * Cops emailed video of man's electrocution
    * Said it could fix Melbourne's "Indian problem"
    * Senior officers are implicated in scandal

POLICE officers have been caught joking about the electrocution of an Indian train passenger in a racist email scandal.

They circulated sickening video footage of the man being killed and suggested it could be a way to fix Melbourne's Indian student problem.

The Herald Sun has discovered some of the force's highest-ranked officers have been implicated in the scandal, which also involves pornographic material.

Three superintendents were nabbed during an investigation into the circulation of inappropriate emails through the police computer system.

Several inspectors have also been caught.

Emails probed by the Ethical Standards Department's Operation Barrot contain pornographic, homophobic, racist and violent material.

Chief Commissioner Simon Overland described the emails as "disturbing, offensive and gross".

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One of the offending emails contained video footage showing the death of a man who was travelling on the roof of a crowded train in India.

When the train stopped at a station the man stood up and touched an overhead power cable. Onlookers screamed as he was electrocuted.

The email containing the shocking video began circulating in the Victoria Police computer system and racist comments were added, suggesting "this might be a way to fix the Indian student problem".

It came at a time when force command was trying to ease racial tension after a number of assaults and incidents involving Indians living in Melbourne.

Premier John Brumby yesterday criticised the actions of the police who circulated the racist material.

"This is completely offensive and contrary to the views and values at the heart of the Victorian community - tolerance and respect," he said.

A police spokesman said the emails were offensive.

"These are matters which demanded we took action. Some of the content was extremely offensive and we can't tolerate that within the ranks of Victoria Police," he said.

Federation of Indian Students spokesman Gautam Gupta said he was appalled.

"It is outrageous that police officers would joke about the death of anyone. I am really shocked. This is humour in very, very bad taste," he said.

None of the superintendents or inspectors caught during the sweep have been interviewed by ESD yet.

But the Herald Sun believes it has been unofficially suggested to two long-serving superintendents they should retire as soon as possible to avoid disciplinary action.

A sergeant, two leading senior constables and a senior constable have already been sacked and six other low-ranking police have been demoted or fined.

Healesville sergeant Tony Vangorp took his life in March after being suspended and being told he faced the sack over inappropriate emails.

Fifteen officers will be dealt with at disciplinary hearings in the next fortnight.

Read more:

Funny Videos / Bhagwant mann and Baba Ramdev jaroor dekho ik vaaar
« on: October 12, 2010, 07:08:38 AM »

Introductions / New Friends / beruzgaar banda
« on: October 12, 2010, 06:58:40 AM »
 :wait: actully main kafi der tonh beruzgaar haan sochda c mainu hi job kion ni mil rahi te akhir isda reasn v mainu pta lag gaya main apni intro te diti ni bina interview de job kidan mil sakdi c so main pakka mann bna liya k ajj intro de hi deni ai taan k jaldi main ruzgaar vaala bna main ik tush budi da insaan apne baare ki khaan main te mitti haan te meri zaaat v miti yaan edan kaih lao
assi dhool haan tuhade pairan di te tusi sachi uche kerdar bade assi te haaan sewak tuhaade te tusi sab uche sardaar bade, khair main te apni intro dindatuhadi sab di intro de gaya ji but main Jass Brar means J.S.Brar punjab tonh Faridkotiya te now ausie jatt....... :excited: :omg: :okk: :break: :superhappy: :blah: :loll: :thaa: :hihpanga: :pjrocks:

Introductions / New Friends / Re: Meri sala ton ladakdi aa rahi intro
« on: October 12, 2010, 06:48:52 AM »
kuz jiyada hi samaz di gall karti 22 te gall asal ch hi samzon bahar ho gayi any way its relly intresting post....

fer mai kyu pishe rewa mere wallon v wadhaiya ji tuwanuu janamdin diya rabb tuwanu maan bakhshe jwaniya bane  :hug:
janam din di lakh lakh vadyi ji tuhanu u u ll get wt u want and u archive ur goals in futer .....

Shayari / Re: Mayei ni Mayeimainu iko dard stayei........
« on: October 11, 2010, 02:51:29 AM »
<a href="http://" target="_blank" class="new_win">http://</a> :blah: :angry: :angry:

Shayari / Mayei ni Mayeimainu iko dard stayei........
« on: October 11, 2010, 02:48:07 AM »
X_X mayei ni mayei mainu iko dard stayie , mayei ni mayei
Punjabiyei zubanei meriyie ni mayei , teri kadar kion ghatdi jayei mayei ni mayei....
tere shabdan di kion tere apneyan kol kadar ni paindi ,
kion hun tu bhua (english) te maasi(Hindi) de brabar ni baindi,
kion eh sab shaam swere masi bhua de pairi hath laonde,
tu janmei c tu dita c naam Punjabi kion eh tere jayei tainu nahi bulaonde,
kion hunde jaande door taithon tere hi eh jayei........
eh jo tere thekedar bane ne maa sab pahlan tere paihredar bane ne,
tere Janmdin di vadayi english de vich pad-de ne
unz tera bdaa Satkaar karde ne,
mita k teriyan puraniya pushaakan(Books) eh naviyan likhde ne,
eh dharam te Punjab de thekedar uhna nu hi heritage dasde ne,
kion tere dushmann hoye tere apne hi humsayei...........
eh tere put pyare bachdi sewa maaa eh teri geetan rahi karde ne,
gall whisky tonh te kudiyan tak hi rakhde ne,
per eh sab gayak rab kolon darde ne
enha di shayri ne JASS nu dukhi bda keeta ai
jeene har roz piyala zaihar waala kanna rahi peeta eh,
geet ni banaya eh te betuki  mere dil di awaz ai
kidan main bachawan tainu kidan main bnawan koi geet tere pyar da mainu samaz na ayei........
mayei ni mayei............ :angr:

Help & Suggestions / Re: Chat mod
« on: October 06, 2010, 08:54:16 AM »
garry 22 is perfect man 4 mod
i m not against of mand

Gup Shup / Re: love 2 prostitution wal.. kidhar nu tur payi e duniya
« on: October 06, 2010, 06:40:50 AM »
:hihpanga: friendship ,love te breakup . search for new perfect match di and same again te fir same serch 4 new perfect match di.
gall te theek e a dosti hoyi pyar hoya te fir breakup galti akher kithe reih jaandi . xcouz is good bus understanding nahi ho payi?
kion ni under standing hoi dosti ch fir kion ni ho payi pyar ch v ena lamba time te us tonh baaad mere te vichaar hi ni milde u know he/she s totali difrnt we cant stay 2gather .its rubish . kion assi ajj de is time vich adjust karan di koshish ni karde?
adjustment and secrify eh hi te do tyre ne life de koi v ena tonh to bina life nu chala ni sakda kion ajj assi secrify tonh bhaj de haan kion saadi soch apne layi tak hi simat k raih gayi kion assi apne aap tonh bahar ja k nahi sochde ? we r relly selfish people.
pyar te rab da na si assi te ajj de time ch pyar de mayne hi badal k rakh dite ne pyar jismaani hunda ja riha.
ego vaddi hi ja rahi hai apneya naal v apne apne aap nu compare karde ne.
pyar sirf te sirf kion sexual relation banda ja riha jo saanu ik doosre tonh te apne aap tonh door kar riha. perfect di bhaal ch apne na guawo apneya nu hi perfect banao no body is perfect in this world. so edaan perfect di bhaal ch pyar nu prostitution na banao mere dosto bas ahsaas karo pyar da pyar te kurbaani eh . secrify j ashiq bande o te khelo ishq di baazi ,jisma di bhukh kol anga di shaokeeni eh din naalon vadh ethe raat di rangeeni e.....jisma di bhukh chhad k pyar karke te dekho that will be make u perfect my friends. :pjrocks: :nurse: :nurse:

« on: October 03, 2010, 04:33:53 PM »
 :hihpanga: dont get it wrong brother... mera meaning te c k saare enjoy karde ne .  :omg:
gand paon tonh matlab uh waala gand paona ni veer mere saare frnds hi ne saaare jina baare main likheya ... it s just light mood words . take it easy bro. anyway thanks bro 4 ur view

« on: October 03, 2010, 07:16:35 AM »
 :excited: :superhappy:khul gaya PJ net utei ho gayi dhamaal ,
dekho punjabi mundeyan te kudiyan da kamaal.
sunno hun ji tusi BRAR kolon pj de week da haal,
ethe har roz raonkan lagiyian hi raindiyan,
jad bor hon job tonh kudiyan te Kali4nia di jatti bhajiyan hi aondiyan. :balle:
a k chat vich ghol k english punjabi naal gand khoob paundiyan.
KPD te Ratno v kamm chhad ethe hi raindiyan ne baithiyan,
ik tonh vadh har ik bande apnniyan IDs ne rakhiyan. :rockon: :excited:
ik ethe mera veer  Harry Gill  v eh vasda,
har roz kise na ladayi payi eh rakh da.
Garry te Ginzy v ethe aonde  raide ne
MTJ  :scared:te Gabroo huri khoob gand paonde rainde ne.
har roz galan ethe hundiyan ne knowledge diyan te sariyan de college diyan .
gallan gallan vich daor gaalaan da v chalda,
simrii te yamla karde complete te admin uhnu kar ban ghar wal ghalda.
har roze kai ethe nawei chehre v aonde ne.
2 ku din rainde chup fir oh v gand khoob paonde ne. :excited:
ethe har roz hi udeek raindi dilaan nu dilaan waale rawaa di ,
gal hundi beliyan ch dil waale chaawaan di.
kal ayi ni c KOHINOOR te Kamli v absent cSukhi rahi bussy te GUGLO rahi kardi comment c.
kai ethe Heeran te Ranjhe v aonde ne.
koi kahawei HUSN di te te Saleti kai JATT te KAI jatti Maaze waang kahaonde ne,
garned 22 te MUNNA BAI admin valiyan sariyan hi kudiyan pyar naal bulaonde ne.
har ik veer bhai beebi ne thark ethe bhoriya ,
Bor karn waaala  :shutup:bbf_brar da record nahi kise todiya.
Likhna te c haale hor v bahut kush but waqt di thod ai
saaade saare members nu thodi jihi haleemi te mithe bolan di lod ai.

dont mind please my friends BE A BEST FREIND AND BEST USER try to avoid abuse language. THANX

Shayari / Re: Jadon os ne vekhiya nazran chura ke,
« on: October 03, 2010, 05:47:53 AM »
gud one :won:

Gup Shup / Re: Gandhi day rite tribute 2 . please reade once..........
« on: October 02, 2010, 08:15:46 AM »
 :pjrocks: :angry: :hihpanga: :blah: :excited: :won: :dumlak: :nurse:

Gup Shup / Gandhi day rite tribute 2 . please reade once..........
« on: October 02, 2010, 06:28:38 AM »
 :pjrocks: 2 oct. da din Gandhu baba shhaa gaya kuz v ni keeta
tanh v notan utte aa gay :angry:
jo koi ni kar paya NATHU RAM GODSAY ne keeta c
Gahndi fad usda bnaya feeta feeta c.
jidan desh nu havale gandi choran de c kar gaya,
Nathu veerei ne saara fir c hisaaab laya.
Jehrda banda saadi kaom de heere BHAGAT huraan nu rulaa gaya
uhi baapu gandhi Notaan ute a gaya.
mareya c jo kuttei vaali maut oh v Sheed akhwa gaya
gandi v apni zaizatti itehaas te likha gaya
jeene keeti beimaani uhi ithe chhhaaaa gaya
eh bapu gandhi sab nu samza gaya
kuz v ni keeta tanh v nota ute aa gay
I HATE GANDI TE GANDHI DE CHAMMCHE TE GANDHI DA DITTA SYSTEM thats failire............... :scared:
do u agree with me???????????? :omg:

Complaints / Re: Should Simarii/harrygill be banned of the Chat ?
« on: October 01, 2010, 08:01:42 AM »
harry nu unban kardo yaar
kade gusse ch banda gaalan kad jaanda koi gall ni
saare hi kad de ne saare hi bakwaas karde ne koi gal ni ignor it and please unban him.
simrii sweety ne edaan keeta ban karta simrii u r so sweet dont ban 2 anyone next time.......

« on: September 28, 2010, 08:10:24 AM »
ashiq bade dekhe tere varga koi ashiq ni ban sakda ishaq da raah bada aukha har koi ni pair ede ch dhar sakda,
munde te zamde rahe ne india ch jass wrge te zamde hi rainge per koi sher SOORBEER BHAGAT SINGH NI BAN SAKDA.

zanam har koi lainda eh te har koi hi 1 din mar jaaanda.
har koi 1000saal da ho jaanda har koi ni BHAGAT SINGH BAN JAANDA.

maot diyan shatbadiyan te kaiyan diyan ne manayan jaandiyan per youdeyan waang janmdin ni sadiyan tak manaye jaande.
har koi pa lainda eh gal ch fullan di maaalaa te fansi de fande har kise kolon haar ni banaye jaande .........

tareekh teri gwa c teri gwaa rahoo gi har maa VEER BAGAT SINGH tainu put kaindi c te sadiyan tak kahoogi........

Shayari / reshte te main/ meri khushi jad boldi e
« on: September 28, 2010, 08:00:00 AM »
rishta jisma naal nibhaya e ,rishta farzan lai v nibhaya e.
koi rooh nu skoon de jaanda aisa koi miliya nahi,
te 'JASS ne ajj tak rishtiyan da koi hisaab v ni paya e

sada nahio hasida kade kade ena hasiya ch hanzooan nu lkoyida.khabre kad aa jawein tu supna bann k ,ese layi nahio booha dil wala dhoiyda. yaadan teriyan saade dil da shingar, dhundliyan tasweeran vekh kalle kalle royida.unz nahio JASS di c kade bani khuda de naal,per ter layi mangde duaawan usde v sanmukh hoida.

Shayari / Re: ਮਾਂ ਦੀ ਮੈਂ ਕੀ ਸਿਫਤ ਕਰਾਂ
« on: September 28, 2010, 05:54:56 AM »
 :okk: gud e veer

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