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Religion, Faith, Spirituality / Re: Dont change the world!
« on: October 22, 2010, 07:05:52 AM »

Once upon a time, there was a king who ruled a prosperous country. One day, he went for a trip to some distant areas of his country. When he was back to his palace, he complained that his feet were very painful, because it was the first time that he went for such a long trip, and the road that he went through was very rough and stony. He then ordered his people to cover every road of the entire country with leather. Definitely, this would need thousands of cows' skin, and would cost a huge amount of money.

Then one of his wise servant dared himself to tell the king, "Why do you have to spend that unnecessary amount of money ? Why don't you just cut a little piece of leather to cover your feet ?"

The king was surprised, but he later agreed to his suggestion, to make a "shoe" for himself.
There is actually a valuable lesson of life in this story : to make this world a happy place to live, you better change yourself - your heart; and not the world.


relly gud one 222 ji we need to change our self then wold will be change coz we are world ..tnx for this gud lesson ...

Gup Shup / Re: Astrology - How many Believe in it
« on: October 22, 2010, 06:46:20 AM »

asapaan te pakkei NAASTAKK haan ji koi beleave ni God te te koi beleave

ni pandita te aapan te ji Shaheed Bhagat Singh ji di soch te paira den di

koshish karidi ai waise main kafee religus books padiyan from every

religion per main koi beleave ni karda haan ik waar mom ne request kar k

1 stone pavata c gold di ring ch c Rs27,000 da baniya c una de samne paa

k rakhiya kion k maa di request c per australia aon tonh pailan Guruduare

daan wale gold ch paa aya c ring and stone... meri aksar ghar ladaiyi ho

jaandi c k ya te Sri Guru Granth Sahib di soch te beleave karo te ya hor

koi dharm ch chale jao uh kaada sikh jehda panditan tonh kisamat de

nateeze labhda... mera god te koi beleave ni ai but guru granth sahib ji

koi holy book te ni samzda per j ik sacha insaaan ban-na hai te eh sab

tonh wadi book ai ede paath karn naal koi magic te hunda but eh insaan nu

insaaniyat da raaah dikhaondi ai so try karida is nu folow karnada te

main koi bahuta guruduara sahib nahi jaanda kion k uthe v polition hi

hundi ai .......

Shayari / time of sorrow
« on: October 21, 2010, 10:08:04 AM »
Dukh nahi ke hoi Pyar Apne Di haar Ae...
gam hai ke tohmat layi mere te es var vey..

Dukh nahi ke Mere hase te uthaya Tu swal ae 
Gam hai ke meri Peed na tu Sakeya pachan vey

Dukh nahi ke kadd ta dil vicho Menu Ae
Gam hai ke Kar geyon Praya ch ik Pal ch vey

Dukh nahi ke Pucheya na Mera mud hal Ae
Gam hai ke Beh geyon Russ ke Bina Vajah nal Vey

Dukh nahi ke Jindgi di Ho gayi Sunni Rah Ae
Gam hai ke Paidan de Nishan v tu challeya mita vey

Dukh Nahi ke Vajood Mera ban geya majak Ae
Gam Hai ke Pyar Mere te kita ae tu Shakk Vey

Dukh Nahi ke dil de vehde Ch reh Gayi tanhai Ae
Gam hai ke tere valo mili Sirf Ruswayi Vey

Dukh nahi Ke Akheya tu Menu Dhokhebaaz Ae
Gam hai Ke Majboori Nu Bana DItta Be-wafayi vey

Gam hai ta Bass hun Sirf Eho ik Gam Hai
Pyar karke vi pyar na tu Sakeya Pachan vey...

aapan te sda hi khush haan veer party jad kahein veer aapni te roz diwali raindi ai .......

News Khabran / Re: Obama cancel to visit Amritsar
« on: October 21, 2010, 09:52:06 AM »
yae bro its true and i mk agree with jattikill4nia di its relly obamas lose...

Shayari / Bullets can’t silence the words
« on: October 21, 2010, 09:20:29 AM »
Words can’t be massacred

How many places you shall reach

To tear off printed words?

Just tell me which fire

Shall burn up the images?

You are sadly mistaken.

Bullets can’t silence the words

Words can’t be massacred

Instead, they always move forward.

In the spring of 1967, peasants of Naxalbari--a sleepy village of West Bengal, India--came out of their fields with traditional weapons to fight the establishment. They fought heroically but the moderately armed security forces suppressed them brutally, for a few years.

Even though it was supressed it made a significant contribution to the field of literature and gave birth to new paradigms, which were path breaking in practice and pro-people in nature. It redefined the relationship of student and education, artist and society, country and city, state and people, repression and resistance, violence and peace.

The influence of the Naxalite movement reached the farthest corners of the country. In Punjab, Paash--pen name of Avtar Singh Sandhu--was deeply influenced by this movement. He was one of those who had from the very beginning expressed their uneasiness over the prevailing discourse of romantic poetry in Punjab.

He was not even twenty when he first came to light with his anthology of poetry "Loh Katha" (The Iron Tale) in 1970. This anthology was a complete breakaway from romantic poetry.

Initially many "established poets" refused to recognize the "young lad." They termed his poetry a mere "rag of red cloth." But Paash was altogether different from his contemporaries, he never felt the need for recognition from pro-establishment critics. And his pen always gave them a befitting reply. That is why even almost two decades after his death, his poems still define the struggle.

It is an established fact that Naxalite writers had never written for the sake of fame. Most of them either lived the life of saints or of rebels and have written poetry from the battle fields. They never cared for honors. They wrote what they lived and lived what they wrote. Paash also never wrote for the sake of writing but it was his sensitivity and inner restlessness which motivated him to write. He never stroked his pen to become just a poet.

The poetry of the 20-year-old man challenged the establishment. And the impatient rulers implicated him in a fabricated murder case. He was imprisoned for two years. It was this time which played a key role in his ideological growth. He wrote his best poetry in jail on cigarette packs and smuggled it out.

After two years, Paash was acquitted and he became a celebrated poet of the revolutionary camp. His poems were translated and published in Hindi, Nepali, English and many other Indian languages.

In the early 1980s Sikh fundamentalists waged a war with demands for a separate country, Khalistan. Paash opposed the activities of the Khalistanis. While in the United States, to defeat the reactionary idea of Khalistan on ideological grounds, he started a newspaper named "Anti-47" (after the AK 47, the weapon Khalistanis used to kill).

History proves that the fundamentalist forces rarely indulge in ideological debates, they often suppress their critics with the gun. And the same fate befell Paash. He was gunned down by Khalistani militants on March 23, 1988 (ironically the martyrdom day of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev, the revered patriots who were hanged by the British during the struggle for India's independence). He was 37 years old.

They eliminated him physically at a very young age but his four anthologies of poetry "Loh Katha" (Iron-Tale, 1970), "Ud dian Bazan Magar"(Behind Flying Hawks, 1973), "Saadey Samiyaan Vich" (In Our Times, 1978) and "Khilre Hoey Varkey" (Unorganized Papers, publish posthumously in 1989) have become an integral part of the lives of people.

Lok Virsa Pehchaan / intro of Pash Sandhu sacha sipahi
« on: October 21, 2010, 09:11:55 AM »
Avtar Singh Sandhu

Avtar Singh Sandhu whose pen name was Pash or Paash (September 9, 1950 - March 23, 1988), was one of major poets of the so-called jujhar (naxalite militant) movement in the Punjabi literature of 1970s. His early, strongly left-wing views were reflected in his poetry.

He was born in Talwandi Salem, Jalandhar, Punjab, growing up in the struggle between the Naxalite movement and the working class, poverty-stricken Punjabs, during the so-called Jujharu (rebellious era). He published his first book of revolutionary poems, Loh-Katha (Iron Tale) in 1970; his militant and provocative tone raised the ire of the establishment. At the young age of 21, he was tried on a framed up charge of murder because of his active sympathies with the Maoists. He spent nearly two years in jail, before being finally acquitted.

On acquittal, he became involved in Punjab's Maoist front, editing a literary magazine, Siarh (The Plow Line). He became a popular political figure on the left during this period, and was awarded a one year fellowship at the Punjabi Academy of Letters in 1985. He toured the United Kingdom and the United States, working for awhile at a California gas station, the following year; while in the U.S., he authored a piece for the 'Anti-47 Front', opposing Sikh nationalist violence; in retribution, he was murdered by a group of 'communal terrorists' in Jalandhar on 23 March 1988.

His Literary works

    * Loh-katha (Iron-Tale) (1970),
    * Uddian Bazan Magar (Behind Flying Hawks) (1973),
    * Saadey Samiyaan Vich (In Our Times) (1978), and
    * Khilre Hoey Varkey (Unorganized Papers) (1989)

Khilre Hoey Varkey was posthumously published in 1989 after his death, followed by his journals and letters. A selection of his poems in Punjabi, Inkar, was published in Lahore in 1997. His poems have been translated in many languages including other Indian languages, Nepali and English.
Retrieved from "http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Avtar_Singh_Sandhu"
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Shayari / The Most Dangerous.....Pash
« on: October 21, 2010, 09:05:48 AM »
The Most Dangerous

Most treacherous is not the robbery

of hard earned wages

Most horrible is not the torture by the police.

Most dangerous is not the graft for the treason and greed.

To be caught while asleep is surely bad

surely bad is to be buried in silence

But it is not most dangerous.

To remain dumb and silent in the face of trickery

Even when just, is definitely bad

Surely bad is reading in the light of a firefly

But it is not most dangerous

Most dangerous is

To be filled with dead peace

Not to feel agony and bear it all,

Leaving home for work

And from work return home

Most dangerous is the death of our dreams.

Most dangerous is that watch

Which run on your wrist

But stand still for your eyes.

Most dangerous is that eye

Which sees all but remains frostlike,

The eye that forgets to kiss the world with love,

The eye lost in the blinding mist of the material world.

That sinks the simple meaning of visible things

And is lost in the meaning return of useless games.

Most dangerous is the moon

Which rises in the numb yard

After each murder,

But does not pierce your eyes like hot chilies.

Most dangerous is the song

Which climbs the mourning wail

In order to reach your ears

And repeats the cough of an evil man

At the door of the frightened people.

Most dangerous is the night

Falling in the sky of living souls,

Extinguishing them all

In which only owls shriek and jackals growl,

And eternal darkness covers all the windows.

Most heinous is the direction

In which the sun of the soul light

Pierces the east of your body.

Most treacherous is not the

robbery of hard earned wages

Most horrible is not the torture of police

Most dangerous is not graft taken for greed and treason.

Shayari / Two and Two Three
« on: October 21, 2010, 09:04:38 AM »
Two and Two Three

I can prove

two and two make three.

The present is liestory.

The human face looks like a spoon.

You know –

bills and bills of a hundred

move on in courts, bus-stands and parks –

writing diaries, taking pictures,

completing reports.

Sons are made to rape their mothers

in the ‘Law Protection Centres.’

‘Dacoits’ toil in the fields.

The declaration of accepting demands

is made by dropping bombs.

That loving your own people could mean

spying for the ‘enemy nation.’

And the reward for the greatest treachery

could be the highest seat.

So two and two can make three;

the present could be liestory

and the human face too

can look like a spoon.

Shayari / All I Need Is Some Words
« on: October 21, 2010, 09:03:34 AM »
Mainu Chahiday Han Kujh Bol
(All I Need Is Some Words)

Mainu chahiday han kujh bol

Mainu chahiday han kujh bol
JinnaN da ikk geet banh sakay..

Khoh lavo maiThoN ih bheeRh di taiN taiN

SaaRh devo mainu merian nazmaN di dhooni te

Mainu nahin chahiday Ameen Sayaani de dialog

Saambho Anand Bakhshi, tusiN suno Lakhshmi Kaant

Mein ki karna Indra da bhaashan

Mainu taaN chahiday hann kujh bol

JinnaN da ikk geet banh sakay

Mere munh 'ch tunn dio Yamlay Jatt di toombi

Mere maThay te jhareeT devo Tagore da Nantional Anthem

Meri hikk te chipka devo Gulshan Nanda de naaval

Meri piTth te ladd diO Vaajpayee da bojhal pinda

Mere gall ch paa diO Hemant Basu di laash

Mere....... ch de diO Lala Jagat Naryaan da sir

Chalou..mein Mao vi nai lainda

Per mainu diO taaN sahi kujh bol

JinnaN da ikk geet bann sakay...

Ih geet mein ohna goongyaN nu daina hai

JinnaN nu gettaN di kadar hai

Per jinnaN nu tuhaday bhaanay gauna nai puggda

Je tuhaday kol nai hai koi bol, koi geet

Mainu bakanh devo! mein ki bakda haan

Translation of one of his poems by Samartha Vashishtha is given below:

And I didnt understand the list - Do it represent thet people who are identified?
yeah bro Jaswant singh khalda ji ne una lokan di list bnai c jo police ne terrist bna k maar ditei c te laashan lawaris kaih k saad ditiyan san per lawaris nahi san eh una de adress c jo ghran tonh kise kamm gaye police ne chukk layi san fir firaoti mangi j koi nahi de paya taanh jhoothe police mukable banaa k maar dite te laashan nu lawaris kaih k saad dita.. te aap govt. tonh inam te trakeeyan lay layian....


evi ghal vese sahi ah.eh ishara ni samajde.hun tan lagh ghia na patta report kidda cancle karauni ah?
hahah sab thanedaar iko jihei hunde ai maan sahib ji te sab kudiyan v dil diyan dariya te sweet eh mainu pta lag gaya te grewal veer te desi kaur zamant den layi shukriya ..... :won:imaandaari da inaam mann sahib layi

its just my tribute for that all people they killed by india govt. its all cases under trail but decision nothing victims still waiting for that wods kiss gall di diti e sza sza di v gall koi na per dass ja wza sajana ..oh ajj tak india govt. te KPS gill tonh vaza puch rahe ne ke saade putan da kassor ki c k raat nu kheitan nu paani kion den gaye.. eh sab terrist nahi sann commen lok c jina nu maar k police ne tarkiyan te inaam layi terist bna k.. KPS gill still king hai te lok insaaf di udeek ch baithe ne even kps and police killd jaswant singh khalda too hi made list of inocent people they killd by police...

News Khabran / Re: Miss Pooja Dead
« on: October 21, 2010, 07:21:42 AM »
22 g pooja ni mar sakdi uhne banda gand ajje hor paona ...punjab ch te oh adoora kamm chhad k nahi ja sakdi kionke oh hai punjaban
vaise mainu kise de v marn di koi khushi ni hai dukh hai har koi apni life poori kat k jawei rab rakha sab da... ja ko rakhe sayan maar sakke na koi

News Khabran / Re: Obama cancel to visit Amritsar
« on: October 21, 2010, 07:16:07 AM »
Today, the SGPC was talking about how a non-Sikh person doesn't have to wear a patka, they can wear a cap. It seemed very sad to hear the SGPC trying to beg Obama to come to the Golden Temple. My dad laughed and said who cares if he doesn't come.

PS: Just a few days ago, my Sikh friend shook hands with Obama when he appeared on MTV.

i m agry this post whos care hi s coming or not main pailaan v obama de visit karan te reply keeta c k amritsar sahib jaana ubama di lod ho sakdi harimandir sahib di lod nahi hai ubaama.. guru garanth sahib ji de charna di dhood har ik de naseeb ch nahi hundi te ubaama v badnaseeb nikliya khair eh kai taran diyan mazbooriyan ho sakdiyan ne us layi v political problms so dosnt meter hi s goimng or not.. sgpc ne ik waar fir dasta k uh takde de samne poochh hilaonde ne sab viopaari ne badal kiyan de chamche jinaa kar k saada virsa sada dharm saathon door hoya te ho riha ubama de jaan na jaaan da jkoi dukh yaa khushi nahi hai per mainu dukh hai k saade dushman hi saade rakhwaale ne mera meaning sgpc tonh hai jis nu apni had da pta ni dharm diyan hadaan kithon dasnge chanda chor sabb....

 :pjrocks: :pjrocks: :pjrocks: :pjrocks:india won 2cnd cricket mach with 5 wickets it was 291score target they archived  :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :superhappy: :superhappy: =D> =D> =D> =D> :okk: :okk: :okk:

A large shot of whisky can help protect against heart disease, scientists have claimed.

Researchers claim that drinking the equivalent of three or four pub measures of the spirit can boost the body's defences against disease.

However, the bad news is that scientists found that the benefit was achieved by drinking just once a week.

The research, led by the Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen and part sponsored by the Scotch Whisky Research Institute, found that both whisky and red wine helped to protect against coronary heart disease by raising the body's level of anti-oxidants.

However, it was the whisky drinkers who absorbed a greater proportion of the "phenol" chemicals that provide the protective effect.

The findings, published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, followed research on nine healthy men aged 23 to 47, free from clinical disorders and taking no vitamin or mineral supplements.

They were asked to eat nothing from 11 pm the previous night, and the next morning received either 100 ml of Cape Bay Mellow Red wine, a 12-year-old malt whisky matured in oak, or a "new make" spirit - a newly distilled and non-matured whisky.

They downed their drink within five minutes, and a week later did the same again, this time switching to one of the other drinks.

After another week they did the same again, this time switching to the third type of drink.

Short-lived boost

[ image: Red wine produces a beneficial effect]
Red wine produces a beneficial effect
Tests showed that drinking either wine or mature whisky gave a significant but short-lived boost to the phenol concentrations in the body.

A greater proportion of the whisky's phenols were absorbed than the proportion absorbed from the wine, although the wine contained far more phenols to start with.

But there was a marked fall in antioxidant capacity after drinking the "new make" whisky, and the researchers speculate this could be because of the copper content of the new whisky.

They said the findings support suggestions from other research that "moderate alcohol consumption may reduce the risk of development of heart disease."

Hugh Morison, director general of the Scotch Whisky Association, said: "The word whisky comes from uisge beatha, the Gaelic for water of life, so it is no surprise to Scotch whisky drinkers that a short of their favourite dram is good for their heart.

"This research is yet further evidence that the moderate consumption and enjoyment of all alcoholic beverages is beneficial to health."

Gary Ward, a spokesman for the Health Education Authority's alcohol programme, said the research was "interesting".

But he said the HEA was unlikely to recommend that people take up drinking whisky on health grounds.

He said: "The public health advice we give is that any alcohol, if you drink as little as one to two units a day, can protect against coronary heart disease, but only if you are in a risk group, such as menopausal women or men over 40 years who are prone to heart trouble."

Fun Time / Re: nikluuu ਚਾਲੂ.....
« on: October 20, 2010, 06:53:03 AM »
nikalan waali kehri gal ai shreef nu kaon puchhda chaalu hi gf bf bande ai..

PJ Games / Re: Song bana admin ohte
« on: October 20, 2010, 06:50:53 AM »
munna bai de bann z di ginti karni ai mainu lagda kut waaala kamm uthon hi shuru karna paina...hahhaa :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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