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Author Topic: Glittering Text Effect  (Read 2137 times)

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Glittering Text Effect
« on: December 30, 2010, 12:42:25 AM »
The Final Result:

Step 1:

- Set the Foreground color to #f8f400, and the Background color to #131313. Then go to Filter -> Render -> Clouds.

- Go to Filter -> Sketch -> Photocopy. Set the Detail value to 20, and the Darkness value to 25.

- Go to Filter -> Blur -> Motion Blur. Set the Angle value to 65, and the Distance value to its maximum (999).

 Go back to your document, duplicate the “Background” layer, and change the copy’s Blend Mode to Color Dodge.

Step 2:

- Open the Brush Palette (Window -> Brush). From the Brush Tip Shape tab choose one of the sparkly brushes available, change its size to something around 25px, and change the Spacing to 35%.

 Under the Shape Dynamics, change the Size Jitter to 100%.

- Under the Scattering, change the Scatter to 145%, the Count to 1, and the Count Jitter to 61%.

Step 3:

- Create a new layer and call it “BG Sparkles”, change its Blend Mode to Color Dodge. Then, grab the Pen Tool, and draw a line (by clicking where you want it to start and where you want it to end). It is better to draw the line over the glowing areas in the background

 Make sure that the “BG Sparkles” layer is selected, then right click on the line (path) you created, and choose Stroke Path.

Choose Brush from the Tool drop down menu, and check the Simulate Pressure box.

Hit Enter to get rid of the path.

Repeat this to create as many lines as you like.

Step 4:

- Create your text using the color #4e4e4. The font used here is “Forte”, and the size is 300px. Once you’ve created your text, duplicate its layer, and change the copy’s Fill to 0.

 This effect is based on the texture, which means the texture is important to get the “glitter” effect. So download this pack of 4 Free Leather Textures, and open the black one (number 2).

Go to Edit -> Define Pattern, and type the name you like for the pattern.

- Double click on the ORIGINAL text layer, and add a Pattern Overlay layer style. Change the Blend Mode to Overlay, choose the pattern from the drop down menu, and change the Scale to 25%.

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