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ʏσℓσ : ʏσʋ σηℓʏ ℓσvɛ σηcɛ ♡
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July 24, 2012, 10:16:30 PM
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In a relationship / Kam Chalda

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About Me

αsι κнαℓɛ тɛκκ α ∂ʋиιʏα cнσ κɛ∂ɛ αмвн мιℓℓи ℓαɢɛ~

nσтσяισʋƨ ʝαттι~
Carfree,nice,easygoing,and open. Willing to listen to anyone(:
I do as i please.Born and raised on the ωɛsт sι∂ɛ~. Happy and free yep that's me. What more is there to know? HMU i don't bite :mean: :hugg:

As for life i've been through hard times,had a few hardships here and there...and i guess i learned the hard way. it's our mistakes that teach us, it's our fears that break us, but what breaks you only makes you stronger. try my best to help out anyone who is going through or has been through what i have.other than tht learn to smile and everything is ight`
i got a open heart,my love is for anyone and everyone(:

2013 was a hard year for me, I lost two near and dear loved ones, in 2014 one dear friend. May god grant their souls entry in the realms above :pray: And may we be thankful for the gift of life bestowed upon us .. Additionally, 2016 brings us yet more deaths, time may progress, yet departures follow behind
This section of my bio is a tribute to these beautiful lives who've passed on...

RIP H ~ gone,yet not forgotten
RIP A ~ miss you bro )x
RIP S. ~ like a mother to me
RIP M ~ honestly loved your sweet personality..
RIP N ~ jus..damn.. wish.. wish i said it when i had the chance.
RIP AL ~ Sweetie, i'm sorry we didn't prevent it :'(

No matter what happens, Ima stay fighting <3
Your departure will not go in vain, that i vow.

тЄяα иЄнι αни∂α βнσяα yαα∂ sαиu тнetσ sσниα Ħσя lαвн ɢʏα!
Not the type to stay trippin over one nigga for too long aha! Been through some relationship struggles here in there, but point being, key to staying happy? Independence is your virtue. Forever belong to the one I love..
Soch samj ke yaari pao mere friends, ek vari dil deh dita mudh ke vapas nehi milda kade. Pyaar ek dukhan da kheil a, jhinu sade generation ne bhula dita, je safe reina, te khale pan nal jeina sikh lo, te je tuhade utte mehar hoi a malak di, kade apni "jaan" ja "yaar" da dil na torho, Rab Rakha :ok:

ακн мɛяɛ ακ47 ωαяɢι,вαcн κɛ яɛн :wink:

Yeaaa I been told to have some sharp eyes :wow:
Adat meri ay a ke je mere wal koi chak da, mein piche nehi hat di ! Baki kudiyan wangu nehi a jede nimi pah ke kholo lang jandiyan, mein ta akhaan ch akhaan pah ke keo gi ke veere ki problem aa teri mere boothai nu kede phull lage ne :laugh:

old names:: ҒσЯвι∂∂ɛиƉяɛAм , Ĵαттι Ƙнαяκʋ♡ :happy:

Pj account mere nu kushk dou tin saal ho ge patta nehi kine exactly.. but mere naam bas dou wari badlaiya mein eheh :P So je mein jani pechani jeyi lagdi tuhanu a uppar mere purane usernames ne, message kar leo hor jan kari je karni ta :5:

.:Forever Alone:.

You think they're yours, but in the end sare hi shad ke chal jande. Khale an aye si es dharti te, te khale an ne chal jana, es liye, ki faida?? :dnk:

Kise nal vaah paun di ikshaa nehi rakhi mein, bas edan hi khat leini zindagi. Es karke, kirpa karo mere te, te faltu gallan na mareyo mere nal, bande banke je dosti karni ta jee sad ke karo.

I keep my circle tight, bas kush lokhan nal gal rakhdi, its better to have 4 quarters than 100 pennies, I prefer keepin shit real :loll: Duniya ch sare avve aa, friends frunds bas matlabh de hunde, kade kade edan de lokh mil jande jede dilo changai aa, nehi ta aj de zamane ch dosti vi ek risk hundi a, aukha aa duniya da hana?

I dropped a tear in the ocean, when they find it? That's when i'll stop loving u . :ok:

I have my ups and downs, depressed most the time, lost in a sea of emotions, forever blinded, falling hard :loll: but never (or try my best) not to show it :mean: I struggle with coping with life, hold a strange passion for literature, therefore don't question the intellect of my profile it can range from slang to proper elizabethan if thou shal permit :5: , baki je kade dil di gal karni ek dukhi atma de nal ajo jee sadh ke mere PM-an ch :5: dou dou hath kar leinde phir ta :loll: ..

My Interests

Interests? Clearly you're not one of them :loll: Jkay, just saying, in general public opinons and notions aren't my prime concern. I could give two less f*cks about what you say,think,hear, or determineAnyways continuing on, I have a passion for photography, music junkie(viva soundcloud/youtube fabu), and enjoy spending my leisure time indulging in food, writing, and a good movie here and there. Often times you'll find me doodling, or merely roaming about in nature, I love flowers, trees, open skies, and just that shear bliss one can only find in solitude.

It's therapeutic and highly relaxing. so with a tiny bow on top , that's the essence of who I truly am.

My Media


When everyone left me alone, family and friends alike, music served the role of my savior. When no one is there, the music notes are. The lyrics speak louder than words, i got no one but the beats, jus let the bass engulf you for you visit on my page, indulge in the lyrics, and let the rain fall *loll*


ĸнaмв la ĸe υdн gι naιna vιcнo neendн ve ѕarι raaт joυтan тerι yaadan ale peιngн тe ..
нυndι na jυdaι ay ѕaнaar ѕoнneya тυнι мera eĸo eĸ pyaar ѕoнneya ѕajna ve aja ѕanja ve aja..

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March 23, 2023, 12:20:30 AM

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June 07, 2018, 01:40:40 PM
Hey that was last year lol I’ve been in the Caribbean for the last couple of weeks, only just arrived Houston now. Hope you’re keeping well :)

November 03, 2017, 08:50:17 PM
Pehn arrived in your pendh last night! Just stood next to these tall buildings! The golden bridge looks beautiful right now!

September 06, 2017, 01:21:31 AM
hello ji ki hal hai krde ho ji..kime chal rahi hai life ji

March 23, 2016, 06:09:54 AM
Kida ji ki hal hai jnab..kime chal rahi hai life ji

August 14, 2015, 02:16:22 AM
:roll: mainu pehla ta ek gall dass tu mere bare kyo chohndi aa ki chakkar aa .... Mainu innia galla karnia pasand ni kise naal bina vjah de fer v tera maan rakhi jana but hun eh kafi lamba ho riha tu sidhi point te aa k dhadamm deni dig :D: ki chakkar aa

August 11, 2015, 12:50:25 PM
Mera naam karamvir aa chann makhna ni :pagel:

August 08, 2015, 09:45:56 AM
Kuch edda ee samjh lai

August 07, 2015, 01:42:05 AM
Lol naa kar beeba edda de makhaul kamjor dil valya nu :D:
N tu dass pehla apna naam ki aa pehla mai puchya c :D:

July 31, 2015, 03:26:48 AM
Lol inne gede mar laye profile te aje takk naam ni pta lagga mera :hehe: ithe kise nu v puch la koi v dass dau mashoor banda mai pj da :D:
Baki dil mere te pehla ee boht burden aa blood supply maintain karan da mai hor problem ni dena chohnda ohnu koi :D:

July 15, 2015, 02:46:01 PM
Lol mai kidda rakh dya tera naam ghardya ne kuch rakhya ee hau .... Koi ni tu dassde mai yakeen karluga :D:
N hor mai ki puchna .... Mainu ta kuch samjh jihi ni aa rahi eh ho ki riha :D: