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Birthdays / Happy Birthday to Sania!
« on: December 03, 2015, 02:29:31 AM »
There isn't a better cake I could have picked out for you. If I was there, I would have totally gotten this and threw it at your stupid face!


Fun Time / Reply with Vocaroo Recording!
« on: August 30, 2015, 01:15:12 AM »

Sat Shri Akal sarya nu

Appa Vocaroo shuru karn jaa rahe. Simple jeha kam ah reply vocaroo te record karke pauni. Kush wi record karke paa sakde. Kirpa karke net toh kushwi record karke naa pao(ganey, videos, etc).

Ideas: Poems, Ganey, Appde bebe/bapu diya gallan, gawandian diya chuglian etc.

-Record Karo
-Click to save
-Copy and Paste the link here


Phela mein shuru karda. Ah meri awaj te haini, guess maro kaun ah:

Forum Dehshiyat / Rules Regulations / RULES! [Updated Apr 25]
« on: February 14, 2015, 02:26:59 AM »
1. No Disruptive Posting
Please do not insult, target, provoke or curse other members. If you don’t like someone then just keep your opinion(s) to yourself. Do not post with the intention of provoking a reaction from fellow members. (This includes encouraging fights and Instigating)

2. Spam
A spam post is a post that provides no value to the discussion. Double/triple posts, pointless one word posts and smiles are all considered as spam. Do not make useless posts just to increase your post count, only post if you have a contribution to make to the discussion. 

3. Vulgar language
As a family friendly forum we require that all content posted on the forum is suitable for people of all ages. So please try to keep your language clean. Excessive use of vulgar language/rudeness will not be tolerated and will result in a ban. The use of word “Sala” is OK as long as you don't offend anyone. The staff will warn/ban any user that uses the word(s) offensively.
4. Respect for the Staff
Please be respectful towards our staff. It is not acceptable to indirectly target, abuse or speak trash about our team.. Helpful feedback is always welcomed, but users that seek to cause trouble by publicly complaining about the staff will be dealt with accordingly.

5. Topic Bumping
"Bring Up My Post" Please do not "bump" old topics such as Promotions/Birthdays to gain post count. 

6. Advertising
Advertising other websites is prohibited. Inappropriate links may result in permanent ban from the forums. Spamming/creating multiples threads to advertise the website is not allowed.

7. Adult Material
You are not allowed to post references, links or images to any sort of adult material or pornography. This will result in an instant ban.

8. Illegal Activities
We will not allow any posts of illegal or pirated Punjabi, Hindi, or English movies on Punjabi Janta. They will be immediately deleted and a warning will be issued. Punjabi Janta is a social networking site and it will continue to entertain and promote good movies or music as it has done in the past.

9. Your Account
Any actions taken under your account are your own responsibility. It is up to you to keep your account secure with a secure password. If you are warned/banned for something done on your account then that is your fault, we cannot be expected to judge whether it was you using the account or not. You are allowed to have only ONE ID, creating several fake ID’s will result in ban on fake ID’s.

10. Demotions
If you are banned, you will be stripped off your Gabru/Mutiyaar titles for a month. If the user remains on good terms and follows the rules, the user will be promoted back to the title within a month with staff’s approval. 

11. Promotions
Please don’t ask to become a mod or promotions. If we see something in you, we’ll come to you, asking will not help your chances. Please do not PM or create topics in order to get a certain user promoted. Titles and promotions are decided by the staff.

12. Classified Information
Please DO NOT share your personal information such as your home address, phone numbers or anything that breaches your privacy policy on this website. Any information given to them may get you into a serious trouble later on. If you feel your privacy has been breached, contact a PJ staff member as soon as possible to resolve the issue. Punjabi Janta is not responsible for user actions taken against you.

13. Posting Topics
Please, post in the appropriate sub-sections in the forum. We have a wide variety of sub-sections available, anywhere from Gup Shup to Religion, Faith, Spirituality. Be objective. Provide information.One thing you should always do prior to posting a new thread is to see if an existing thread is discussing the same (or similar) topic.

14. Merging
If several threads are started on the same subject, they will be merged in order to reduce clutter in the forums, and prevent some threads from being 'buried' on subsequent pages.

15. Moved Thread Markers
When moving threads, a 'Moved:' marker is sometimes left in place so that you can find a moved thread more easily. However, these markers still take up room, and can keep appropriate topics buried on other pages. In the interests of trying to keep the forums tidy, most threads are  moved to a more appropriate forum, and no marker is left, unless the poster is relatively new and unfamiliar with the rules.

16. Naming Threads
Please try to give your topic headers a specific focus - nothing ambiguous like, Does anyone else think..., or This is cool... or A question...or Hahaha…or aa dekho. Threads with unclear topics will simply be edited and renamed anyway for clarification purposes.

17. Username
Do not use offensive or curse words in your username. Doing so will result in a ban.

18. Plagiarism
Stealing one's creation(s) and representing it as your own. If you're going to post anything that isn't written or created by you, please give credit and make sure you have the permission to post it.

19. Chat
Same Rules apply in the chat room. You must have 10 posts to enter the chat room.

-Je kise nu kush samj naa awe te oh kise wi staff member nu PM karke push sakda hai rules bare.
-Big Thanks to Noxious, Codename47 and Greande Singh for all the help!

Fun Time / Shreef The Chick Magnet da discussion topic
« on: November 28, 2014, 02:58:20 PM »
Shreef de karnamey:

Chamcha app bann reha te thalle lagg reha:

mochneya jeha buthi dekhi a awdi karda gallan

pehli gal tu sari gal awde te kio laina kal jo hoyeya lagda mircha bahliyan lgiyan ne tere hna jo sania ne khiyan sab hariyan red  pepper di tarah laggiyan jo mere te gussa kaddi jana te bakki tenu jo disseya tu post kitta wdiya kam a
je tusi realty ch saari gal ptta howe tan tu bhol bhi sakda

na tu kal ki kehnda c k risky nu k normal chat karda c te  ohna ne kuj nhi keha pher tu keha k
tu hale bhi puraniyan gallan yaad rakhi betha te tu othe hi khada

na tu kithe ku khada chamcheya.... Uppar dis hi geya tu bhi puraniyan gallan eme yaad rakhda jime janani awdi first date yaad rakhdi a

bakki main normal gal kri c ehde naal je ehnu majak nhi ayeya pasand tan teri ki bhen lagdi a ehe jo ethe post karda??

Je  teri bhen lagdi a tan samb k rakh eme edar udar udd di firdi a okay hun tu jaane te teri bhena dowe janan  te eh muhh faattt haigi a saban sydney walli je kehna tan number deya gal kar k push li sab dass du

:D: ..


ahhh lai  mere toh wadh waar tan tu ban hoyeya asha

tu meri ki gal karda pehlan awdi pehri thale sotta maar k dekh mere toh pehlan tu ki karda c kinna thale lgeya hunda c kudiyan de jime cooker ch daal lagdi a

bakki jo topic ch khi gyi a gal main jma agree karda sab naal
tere naal bhi tu kitte shi a kite nhi

te jihnu tu marha bolda c  ohnu hi hun rabb bnayi betha

duji gal topic ch saaf khi gyi a tu hai hi agg launa

jithe jana agg laa dinda ethe bhi laa ditti hun ajj
te ik hor sun  jime mulle ne keha kde tu bhi yaar hunda c

hna  par tu yaar khaun de kabul haini
 Bakki tera tan jananiyan wala kam a ik nu hi fadd k beh jana

bhed chaal hna??

agge tu mulle nu faddi rakhda c kal da menu faddi betha kio????  koi kudi da saak karna?

Pher teri gal hoyi again chat ch kehnde tu sara din kuriyan ch wdeya rehnda c

kio tere ch farak a koi??

Pher jdo teri bestie hundi c tan kise di profile te shit likhda?? Kio mircha lag diyan c?

mulla bai sab toh best a pj te okay eh menu lagda jdo topic read kre tan mere dil ch ohde lyi hor place ban gyi

han jdo millunga odu wakhri gal a bakki bai nu salute

Hun tu awdi power da bhame missuse kr bhame sir ch pa menu koi farak ni painda tu hi kehnda c na k ethe chaldi hi staff di a

tu shi a bai mereyan chaldi his staff di a

normal user tan bass ik khed wangu a edar ni tan udar kr do hillne tan mere ishareyan naal hi a

changa howuga je mere toh door rwe tan

Shreiff tu kudia walia gaalan kaddi jana, mere kolo training laila patandra mere purane topic parke. Reha jawak da jawak.

Mein appde te gal ni lai reha, indirectly bolya tu te fer hee keha mein tenu. Jadd mein ah 5aban wali gal kaddi tenu agg lagg gi, dekhi kitey sarke swaa naa hoji es agg ch. Hun ah gal pta naa pta wali gal naa bna, gal sabbnu pta purri. Khey hee ehni  hoye teri tu online ni aya kine din.

Tu te odo eithe aunda wi ni siga jado asi chat ch mehfil launde hunde si. Naa tenu pta naa hor jabbliya mari jana, appde "best mulle bai" kolo bhame pushli oh wi odo othe hee hunda si. Gal da pta naa howe emi chakdu chakdu ni kari da.

Majak karda tu?? hahaha ajjtak mein kise kuri kolo bejti ni karai eithe te menu kenda kudia de thalle lagya. Teri te ehni hogi te roj hundi fer wi tenu sharm haini fer hun das kudia de thalle kaun laggya?? Majak te tu ghat karda harassment wadh karda. Ah example to app de ditti thalle laggan di cim grewal nu PJ FB te message likh ke :D:

Number te tere kol hahahaha, fukri ghat marya kar. Chal 5saban sydney wali nu mein huni pushda wi shreiff kenda tera number ah ode kol te huni den nu tyaar siga menu. App tenu koi gal pta ni, mere purane topica cho loka diya gallan parke eithe likhi jana.

ah kudi kudi kudi laya hoya odo da tu. Hor gal ni aundi tenu?? Trya maar maar thakk gya te khye wi krali. Meri mann hun tu gay banja te munda psala koi, kudi koi te raaji haini tere naal gal karke. Oda wi tere naal eithe koi gal karke raaji haini. Chamcha menu kenda bani app firda, mulla bai best mulla bai karda firda te salute marda firda.

hahah asha kudia naal chat ch barya rehnda si??? Banda lai ah murrey huni kar lene gal appa jine wi eh gal kehi. Fer ohi gal "kehnde" sunya. Tu eithe haini si kehiya kahiya galla boli jana, jeri gal tu app dekhi howe oh kar tu. Jo kush mein keha sabb dekhya tere bare eithe. Mere kol teri sari kitab pye ah, mein bhame ajj topic bnake khol dwa te tu murke eithe aun joga ni rehna. Ajjtak tenu mein kudia naal koi chaj di gal kardya ni dekhya, bas ohi bakwas jinu tu majak samjda te badh ch khey karona.

Baki rehi gal 5aban meri bhen hon di, meri bhen te nai ah. Par je ke bari wi menu kehndi ahke wi shareef ne galt bolya menu or tang kita. Teri mein oh rail banoni si eithe janta yaad rakhdi, oda hee jida tu mere purane topic ch dekhya.

Mircha mircha mircha, teri eh wi gal mein clear kar dina. Os time te PJ staff bohat weak hunda si, oh kush ni karde si te loki galt malt bakde rehnde si. So je koi ahke kehnda si fer hee appa help kari di si, free de pangya ch nai penda firda siga mein.

Aho hun tu haida kehde misuse kar power, mein hora mods wang ni ah. Hor hunda meri jga koi chauk ke tere te ban laya huna si.

Birthdays / Janam Din Happy To Jatti Heer
« on: November 23, 2014, 12:49:52 AM »
Lao wi Nov 23 jatti heer da bday ah gya, sare jane wish kardo :hehe:

Mere walo Happy Birthday ah Jatti Heer nu. Appa sare ralke mangde es saal jatti heer da viah hoje :hehe:

Competitions / Winner - Mr Punjabi Janta 2014
« on: November 04, 2014, 02:49:09 PM »

Bukan Jatt - Sara Pind Sardaran De

Judge #1
Saarey mundeyan diyan dastaraan bhot wadiya si. Meri nazar vich tan saarey hi winners hege ne bas kayi mundeyan ne presentation bhot wadiya kitti.

Pagh competition tan har koyi join kar sakda, par full tohar naal jittan wala bas Ik hi sardar sher ban ke dikha sakeya. Punjabi Lion, di pagh tan bhot ghaint si, and munde di tohar shaati utte chakki hoyi, and ghaint tshirt te line "


Judge #2
Tuahda sab da bahut bahut dilon dhanwand k tusi apnae keemati time vicho time kad k es  kathan mukabla  wich participate kita . Sare hayi participants nae khoob zor naal mehnant kar k  pictures pj tae upload kitya. Mae Punjabijanta da staff da dhanvadhi k ohna na manu chance dita ess  competition nu judge karan da. Jitho tak mae sochda  aa tuahadayi  sareya di  Pagg  shonayi si  te compititon  kafi  sakht si. Mai Punjabijanta diya ohna saria instructions nu follow karda hoya ess result tae ponchaya  k Participant number 1 Gabbar Singh es competition dae winner hun. sab toa phela mae aah kehna chounda k ess competition nu sahi tareeka naal judge karan layi picture clear honi bahut jaroori haa matlab picture front forehead toa layi gae howa jewa k Gabbar singh di first picture  ous vich apa ohna di front side of turban tae left and right side of turban bahut wadiya treeka naal dekh sakdae aa. tae ohna di  picture nu dekh daya ohna dae pagg dae peches, peches da size, peches da motapa, and  peches di clearity apa dekh sakda k ek dum zabardast haa ik dum sare pech sahi position tae hun tae last wala lar v bare dhyaan naal lagya hoya najar aa raya haa.Gabaar singh di first photo vich fifty thori ji tedy haa par dusria pictures vich sahi najar aa rahi  tae pagg di lambayi v ohna dae sir mutabik theek lagg di haa jitho tak manu lagda ohna di pagg ghato ghat 6-7 meter lamabi haa.. Gabbar singh di sohni pagg uto gora rang tae billiyan akhan ohna di personality vich hor 4 chand laga dae dindiyan hun. :D mae akheer vich Gabbar singh nu bahut bahut mubarka dinda haan.                                                                                                                                                                         

Judge #3
Pagg competition da mukablaa es bar bohat hee shaandaar reha. Kafi faswa mukaabla siga par scoring te judging de hisaab naal mein Gabbar Singh nu es mukaable da winner ghoshit karda haan. Pagg ch safyee te technique da wadiya istmaal dikaya gya. Je note kita jawe size de hisaab naal pagg bas 6-6.5 meter di hai. Jis de sirf 5 peech aunde ne, par wadiya technique de naal gabbar ne pagg da size maintain karde hoye bohat hee safaayee naal 5 nalo wadh pech bna ditte ne. Sabbne bohat wadiya participate kita, sada hun ehi goal rahu ki saal wich ek bar pagg competition jaroor karwaya karna wadiya dates set karke.


Competitions / Voting: Mr Punjabi Janta 2014
« on: October 21, 2014, 02:34:16 PM »

A Deep Sandhu Presentation:

sat shri akal to all ji
lavo ji ho gayiyan sabdiyan entries
n hun janta di n judges di vaari decide karn di k kisdi pag sohni aa
kon aa mr punjabi janta 2014
chalo fer ho javo suru n karo vote
n judges tusi v ho jao suru
n dekho b kisde vich ki kami aa
kisne sabto sohni pagg bani aa

:thumbsup: best of luck guys  :thumbsup:

Vise sab eh lines keh sake o hun ....

rabb diyan rehmta da bhaana poora mannda,
gabru da mukh jive tukda a chann da,
poora rohb naale kaim sardaari,
gabru je mull vikk de
boli saadi laggni c har vaari


-Minimum 100 Posts vote karn li or Je new user hega, they have to be active in pjfb or pjchat.
-No Jali Votes ( no duplicate ids naal votan pauniyan
-Results lye 60% votes te 40% judges da faisla wartya jau ga

pics removed

Cars / 2015 Mustang
« on: August 10, 2014, 02:02:44 PM »
Nawi Mustang ah rehi ah, news te 6 mahine purani ho chukki ah. Fer wi eithe post rahe, pheli bar Ford Mustang Europe ah rehi wa. Ford da pura jor lagya hoya Europe ch wi American Muscle diya dhooma paunia. Apna wi ehi len da plan ah :pagel:

Bali advance Information appa nai post karde, fer wall of text jehi bann jandi. Bas engine specs bohat ah.

5.0L V8 (Coyote)
435 HP @ 6500 RPM
400 LB-FT (on 93 octane)

2.3L inline 4 Cylinder EcoBoost
310 HP
320 LB-FT (on 93 octane)

3.7L V6
300 HP
280 LB-FT (on 93 octane)

All Images and Info Credits to

Complaints / PJ loading problems
« on: August 02, 2014, 03:16:31 PM »
There are couple of users experiencing this issue. When you refresh the page, it loads like the image below. Once you scroll over the blank parts, that area will load. It only happens when you are logged in, everything works perfectly logged out. I have cleared cookies/cache already, even tried safe mode. It can't be my PC, because same thing happens at my workplace. I believe it started happening after the addition of PJ DAILY on main page. 

Cars / Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat to Pack 707 Horsepower
« on: July 23, 2014, 11:52:16 PM »
SRT Hellcat Performance

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat - Exhaust Note

Its the fastest muscle car ever produced, packing 707 Horsepower!

Starting at $60,000

There are only 2 cars under $1,000,000 that can match the performance, but cost over $300,000+

Lamborghini Aventador, 700 hp, $387,000

Pagani Huayra, 700 hp, $1.5 million

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, 730 hp, $326,000

Koenigsegg Agera, 960 hp-1,140 hp, $1.5 million-$1.7 million

Bugatti Veyron, 1,001 hp, $1.3 million

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, 1,001 hp, $1,980,000

Bugatti Veyron SuperSport, 1,200 hp, $2,426,904

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, 1,200 hp, $2.6 million

Source Jalopnik:

Complaints / Mera PJ FB POST DELETED
« on: December 03, 2012, 06:06:22 PM »
Mera PJ FB post ryder nu kine delete kita and WHY??? Hun eh naa keo ladayee paunde si. Mein kush galt ni likhya si

« on: October 31, 2012, 02:03:54 AM »
Menu te pta wi ni si ki PJ te GANGS bane hoye ah :D: Well hun pta lagya :hehe:  Kush din phela mera bai harmeet admin naal gal karda si te menu pta lagya gang ah pj te:

So mulla jann ke mere khilaaf gya dushmani kaddan lye? Admin nu eh sabb pta si fer wi ohne mulle nu khull diti eh sabb karn di. Ohnu je yaar dost mere pasand ni fer ehda matlab eh ni ki oh jado marji dushmaniya kadde te asi chup karke bethe rehiye. Mulla inder wala topic phela lock kar sakda si, par kita ni gya jann ke karke ohnu bas koi bahana chai da si menu ban karan da.

Phela ban hoya mera yaar Jatt: Kaddi dushamani ban karke
Fer Harmeet da radio ni set kita: Kaddi dushmani
Fer Inder da radio ni set kita: kaddi dushmani
Fer menu ban kara: Kaddi dushmani ban karke

Dujji gal, je warning ditti si phela te badh wich demote karta si, fer ban kara da ki matlab si?? Jadd admins te gal pye, ohna keha mulle nu tu handel karla jidda karna. Bohat khooob, ohne chak ke ban marta gal karan di jga. Shabaashh admins. Badh ch kehnde asi te retired ah.

Oh staff nu kato kehna handel karan nu, mulla karlu appe. Staff te bas admins lye naam da staff ah, ohna di koi sunda te hai ni. Chaldi te mulle di. Je mulle kolo mein te mere yaar dostan di chadayeee jar ni hundi te gal kare jidda karni te kadde dushmani. Kinne darpok tareeke naal dushmani kaddii. Menu gal yaad aggi teri kehi mulle "Oyeee jatt naal dushmaanii naa paali" Dhusmani paun joga haiga tu??

Teeji gal jidda ki admin ne keha gangs bange. Sabb nu pta inder(admin) haiga mulle da dost. Fer taan admin automatically mulle de gang ch hoya. Saddi kine sunn ni, har wari asi hi galt ah.

Bakki mein hun kush galt te bolya ni, nale naa ladayee pye ah. Bas opinion likhya appda. Ajjkal meri har reply sabb nu ladaayee lagdi rehndi.

PS: Kehre gang ah tusi sabb? :pagel:

Discussions / Terror in Mumbai
« on: April 02, 2012, 06:47:49 AM »
Murder may be most foul when random and arbitrary, partly because the murderers may thus be imagining themselves God’s equals, entitled to administer the ultimate in verdicts. Such was the character of a callous outbreak of killings in India by Pakistan-based terrorists, a hellish episode masterfully reconstructed by Terror in Mumbai, an HBO documentary.

The group’s leaders have chosen an insanely profane name for themselves: The Army of the Righteous, a terrorist faction whose leaders openly aspire to increasing the amount of fear in the world. They are not connected with al-Qaeda, they say, but they share much of its jargon and degraded desires.
They would also like to be as widely reviled as al-Qaeda; how’s that for lofty ambition? Professing no interest in noble goals, some young men opt instead for the lowliest imaginable. As documented by HBO’s one-hour report, the killings were reprehensible in the extreme – a callous demonstration of raw and arrogant evil.

-Top Documentary


Forum Dehshiyat / Rules Regulations / Please Don't Upload Alfaaz Songs
« on: January 09, 2012, 07:08:18 PM »
Sat Shri Akal Sabb nu!

All of the songs by Alfaaz have been removed from PJ due to the copyrights issue. Please don't upload any of the songs by alfaaz on PJ. If they are uploaded, they will be deleted. You are allowed to post videos of Alfaaz songs from youtube.

Thank You!

News Khabran / RIP Amarah Kaur Gill
« on: November 16, 2011, 07:24:29 PM »
Everyone please take 10 minutes out of your busy life to read this story:

Google wich translate karlo je angreji ni aundi :smile:

Help & Suggestions / Pj facebook on phone
« on: October 24, 2011, 10:14:55 AM »
Gs is it possible to fix the size of pj fb on phones?? Addhi wadh hoi ah

Help & Suggestions / Profile Pictures? (Oversized)
« on: September 17, 2011, 10:09:24 AM »
Every time I upload a picture to profile pictures, it get's oversized from it's original size. Go to my profile and click on the PJ winner pic. Look what it does to the image  :waitin:

News Khabran / Bhagat Singh's 103 SALA SATHI JIEE REHA NARAK DI JINDGI
« on: September 01, 2011, 10:48:56 PM »
My bebe was reading the news paper and I just eyeballed the news paper from far away like always. Then I see this dark box with this written on it. It immediately grabbed my attention and read it. Pad lawo tusi wi.

250 Ruppea budapa pension? Ehni dig gye saddi government te India?

News Khabran / Hurricane Irene (East Coast)
« on: August 27, 2011, 01:14:03 AM »
Everything closed tomorrow. It's getting closer and closer.

News Khabran / Earthquke in NYC, NJ and other areas
« on: August 23, 2011, 02:14:28 PM »
Did anyone feel the earthquake that just hit? My place was shaking like crazy.
Double posts by same user are automatically merged.
An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.8 struck near Washington, D.C., the U.S.Geological Survey said.

The epicenter was in Virginia.

The quake was felt in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New York City and on Martha's Vineyard where President Barack Obama is vacationing. Cell phone service has been disrupted in New York City where parts of Manhattan have been evacuated.

"Everybody was told to take the stairs," Wolf Blitzer said, speaking live at 2 p.m. E.T. from CNN's D.C. bureau.

The Pentagon has been evacuated, CNN's Barbara Starr reports. "When the building began shaking rather violently, hundreds of people began streaming out," she said, because many people thought that the building was under attack. Starr was standing in the Pentagon's press office when the roof started to shake.

Twitter traffic suggests the quake was felt all over the east coast.

In Philadelphia, HunterPence3 tweeted, "Wow Earthquake just shook the entire locker room!"

In Cleveland, "tribeinsider" wrote "I'm no expert but i think we just had an earthquake here."

And even in Toronto, tweets said that the shaking could be felt for minutes.

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