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Shayari / Re: kismat.......
« on: July 09, 2009, 07:05:30 PM »
 Lok khetai hai kai mein sachi gall bolta bhaout ho
duya karo rab sai kai jawan chali jai
agar jawan nahi jhati tu demag chala jai
agar kuch vi nahi hota tu sab kuch chala jai
satnam waheguru

I just love this questions. it seems as if we don't wants to be in love anymore i really wish i could answer in

essay format but here the short form..In my opinons it depends it depends on age and lots of other factor and also

love has many form and some love must remain in limit ex. with parents, animals, sibling and cousins and the one

you are talking about is BF and GF Sometimes love can just happen and we won't notice it until that person leave us

and sometimes we wants to be in love to make some changes in life and other time just for fun. Most punjabi people

prob say just once or it love happen only once and thiking wise our community is diffrent.  Anyway would you expect

70 years old man to love just one person i think yes unless hes doing it for entertainment for example hes old and

he must have thruogh enough life experience to know where hes going wrong in love. In other word he should learn

from his mistakes where he went wrong in love.As for young people they are not fully mentally and physically and

emotionally developed and its good for them to practice divorced but tell explain them about reputaion, respect and

limit so they won't love someone in their family.

life is love
love is laugh

This is how we are diffrent from animals
understand the purification of love

Love can be found in family
Expressing emotion is love

Love can happen without seeing or in distant
Love is everlasting

Don't forget your old freinds to make new love
God create love envirment for lucky people

Love is big lesson it teach you who you are your personality charcter etc
you can control the love but can't stop it in some cases.

psycologist are the best to understand love.

God taught us to love not to hate.
but sitll he create the situation like that...
God taught us to love but not brake rules of love which is loving cousins in apprioate or without limit
LIfe vich ik vaar hi piyar nahi hunda hai family vich vi piyar hai par is duniya naal vi piyar hai

Love can be selfish love can ruin or make your life or start a new life
love also have bad sides look for those
love is a game
only those help the love ones who understand god and love and the situation or intelligent

Love keeps lonely away but if you are strong you can live on your own but it doesn't mean to hate other people


Some people are unlucky who have family but no love who have friends but love must be controlled.
People like m. wants to love but must step back becsue of their pricipal
For peple like me maybe god doesn't wants to create enviroment for love.(guess)

Love teach many things and it can easily be found but honest partner are hard to find.
Love is  like a baby
love is like a trinagle
if there was love there would been no war

LIfe vich ik vaar hi piyar nahi hunda hai family vich vi piyar hai par limit da is diya bhaut fomats hun 
1000 ex.. but got go.
reply if i have anwered ur question godisone
leave a comment.
got go thanks..

Complaints / login
« on: June 29, 2009, 12:02:06 AM »
hey dear i can't login in the chatroom although i have the right password and username. it's just the chatroom i can't get in but the rest of acouunt is good.

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