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The Kabaddi Game
« on: September 09, 2007, 07:34:53 AM »
The Kabaddi Game

Kabaddi, the game of team pursuit, is a well known popular game in North India has caught up in the other parts of the world too and i guess it has been spread across the world due to the fact that people form punjab made efforts. If you dont agree with me on this point then write me back with one good reason.

It is assumed that it got introduced approx 4000 years back, although we do not have not seen any fact being claimed about its origin. Kabaddi can be seen the mix of two mordern stops Rugby and Wrestling. Its a team sport and emphasis more on self-defence.

Kabaddi being a non-expensive sport had been taken much of its place in rural areas. It does not requires a big playeing area and neither does it requires any equipment to play. All it needs is the determintation, strength and quick reflexes.

The origin

Kabbadi is believed to be one of the oldest games of Indian origin. More than 4000 years ago the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata describes a battle between the warriors Abhimanyu of the Pandavas with the Cauravas inside the enemy camp and managed to penetrate their seven tiered defense, but died because he did not know the way out.

Kabaddi is basically an outdoor team game played on level and soft ground which requires both skill and power and combines the characteristics of wrestling and rugby. It was originally meant to develop self defense in addition to responses to attack and reflexes of counter attack by individuals and defense by groups or teams. It is believed that Kabaddi was invented to develop a defensive responses by an individual against group attacks and group’s responses to an individual attack. This is the only combative sport in which offence is an individual effort whereas defense is a group effort.

The game consists of three major disciplines, Kabaddi, Beach Kabaddi and Circle Kabaddi.


Basically a simple inexpensive game played out door on level soft ground or sand, and neither requires a massive playing area, nor any expensive equipment. Later from 3rd Asian Kabaddi Championship, Colombo, Sri Lanka during April 2000 the International tournaments were introduced as an indoor games which is played on Eva foam mats.


It is very difficult for an individual to face group of opponents and remain unscathed. This calls for tremendous fitness of body and mind and the ability to concentrate as well as anticipate the opponent’s moves. The Game demands agility, muscular co-ordination, breath holding capacity, speed, strength, stamina, catching, kicking, as well as quick responses and a great deal of presence of mind.


The game is governed by the Rules of Kabaddi approved by the World Kabaddi Federation with amendments from time to time.


The game of Kabaddi is played by two teams each containing 9 to 12 players out of which 3 to 5 players are kept reserve. The duration of match is 15 to 20 minutes in each half with breaks of 5 minutes for rest and change of court.


Kabaddi aims for people in maintaining their health always fit through the game. It also aims to develop the skills of self defense, attack as well as survival.

Popularity of the game

The excitement and thrill provided by the game has made it very popular and Kabaddi is rightly called the Game of the masses, since spectators totally involve themselves and give the players a great deal of encouragement. More than fifty (50) million people of 65 countries of the world play this game. The game in most popular and played in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Iran, Korea, Argentina, Canada, U.K, Italy, Trinidad and Tobago and Australia. Most of these countries are conducting their National championships and other tournaments every year. The game is played as a regular game of South Asian Games. The game is also played in Asian Games from XI Asian Game in Beijing in 1990. International Olympic Committee (IOC) has also assured the recognition the Kabaddi sport upon having a minimum of 50 affiliated National Federation.
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The Kabaddi Game
« on: September 09, 2007, 07:34:53 AM »

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Re: The Kabaddi Game
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2011, 06:05:24 AM »
How is it a mixed of rugby and wrestling?


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