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Bhai Taru Singh Ji
« on: June 26, 2010, 11:24:35 AM »

Bhai Taru Singh lived with his mother and younger sister at village Pahoola and did farming for his living. His father had died while he was still young. It had become a part of his life to speak with love, serve everyone who came to him and help those in need.

One day, Rahim Bakhsh, a Muslim fisherman stayed at his house to spend the night. Before going to bed, he talked to Bhai Taru Singh, "The Commander of Patti had forcibly taken away my daughter, when I complained to the Governor about him, he got me thrown out of the court. Nobody listens to the complaints of the poor in this regime." Bhai Taru Singh said to him, 'Your complaint has not been listened by the Governor but it has been heard in the house of Guru Nanak. Your daughter will reach you in a few days."

After some days a squad of Singhs passing that way, met Bhai Taru Singh. Bhai Taru Singh told them about the trouble of Rahim Bakhsh. That squad raided Patti and returned his daughter to him. The Commander of Patti was killed in that raid. Khushala, the headman of village Pahoola, informed Zakria Khan, the Governor, the secret behind this happening. The Governor sent soldiers to arrest Bhai Taru Singh. Bhai Taru Singh said to the soldiers who had come to arrest him, "You have come to take me away on the orders of your master. I, bound by the orders of my Master, cannot let you go without meals." The soldiers acceded to his request and after taking meals, arrested him and presented him before the Governor.

Zakaria Khan, the governor of Lahore, ordered the torture of Bhai Taru Singh. He remained calm and suffered all pain without changing his mind. After some time, when produced before Khan, Bhai Sahib asked the reasons for torturing him, particularly when he had committed no crime and was liked by all the people of his village.

Zakaria Khan told Bhai Taru Singh that a popular person like him should be a Muslim. Therefore, if he wanted to be free, he would have to adopt Islam. Further, Zakaria assured him that a good person like him would be very much honored by the government if he became a Muslim. However, Bhai Sahib stuck to his faith and refused to give it up at any cost. When the governor repeated his proposal with a firm order that Bhai Taru Singh had to choose either death or Islam, Bhai Sahib asked him, "You are assuring me you will spare my life if I become a Muslim but can you assure me that having become a Muslim I will live forever? Are you sure, being a Muslim you will never face death? If one has to die, sooner or later, then I would love to stick to my faith whatever you may like to do to me."

The Governor said to him, "All your sins can be pardoned if you become a Muslim and cut and give me those long hair of yours so that I may make a string of them for weaving my bed." Bhai Taru Singh said, "I shall keep my faith with these hair and you shall be controlled by my shoes and with these you will die." The Governor was beside himself with rage on hearing this.

The Governor was angered at this reply of Bhai Taru Singh and therefore ordered the removal of his scalp. A barber was called for this purpose. The dreadful scene frightened everyone there including Zakaria Khan himself. The watching of the horrible act of separating the scalp of a living man left a very terrifying picture in the mind of Zakaria Khan. Many Muslims cursed him for his terrorism particularly against innocent people.

In the evening the Governor could not pass urine. When the efforts of the physicians failed, the Governor sent Bhai Subeg Singh to seek pardon from Bhai Taru Singh. He sent him to the leader of Dal Khalsa. The leader said, "The Governor can pass urine if he is hit on the head with the shoe of Bhai Taru Singh but he will die before Bhai Taru Singh.

The words of the Singh must be fulfilled. When the Governor took the shoe of Bhai Taru Singh and hit his head with it, he was able to urinate. After surviving for 22 days with the help of that shoe, the Governor died on the 1st July, 1745 A.D. Bhai Taru Singh gave up this mortal body after hearing about the death of the Governor.


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Bhai Taru Singh Ji
« on: June 26, 2010, 11:24:35 AM »


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