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on: October 17, 2012, 11:50:02 PM 41 Entertainment / PJ Entertainment / Re: Post Karo Motivational Vids

mae apne phone vich eh wali video download ketti cc,,
jadon vv thora jeha motivation chahida hunda,
or Im not feeling like doing something, but i know i have to do it. I just pull out this video.
Mohamed Ali di and Rocky di speech sunn kk pump jeha ho janda banda...


this is on first page lol, probably the most motivational video out there.
rocky diyan lines.. it aint about hard u hit, its about how hard u can get hit and keep moving forward

how much u can take and keep moving forward.

gud stuff..

this video mein dekheya. Its about apahij physically challenged people. Langre, w/o arms, hands, legs. And still kidhan sports ch compete karno nahi hatde.

Janta bhot nakhre kardi a, about ohna diyan lattan dukhdiyan this and that. Par when u see the determination of these people. How focused they are and how they have surprassed the physical barrier/limit that is suppose to tie them down to the bed, or wheel chair.

on: October 15, 2012, 12:27:26 AM 42 Lounge / Jail Pinjra / Birthdays / Happy Janam Din , Money singh!

yo yo moneysingh , pj de official and one and only Dj hege ne.
Ehna da aj bday hega so, dhakey naal menu topic banauna peya.

Jidhan tuhanu pata, aj kal opposittion party waley bahla dabaaav paa rahe ne lol

Munde di profile: http://punjabijanta.com/profile/%E0%A8%9C%E0%A9%80%E0%A8%A4/

jeet lonley bai aka ninja jeet. Eh official PJ janta da patarkaar/journalist bangya. Hun ajit weekly naal competition hon lagpaini.

Saaryian pj diyan latest, ghaint topics waliyan news ethe post hongiyan.


jeet bai pj nu hor popular karan layi apdi creativity naal, yogdaan payuga. Hanji official khabri!!

on: September 29, 2012, 11:54:20 PM 44 Hobbies Interests Lifestyle / Sports Khelan / Re: Cricket Zone

yaar kal jeetna chida aa..

lol pakistan naal match a kal, dekhin kinney dhamake wajde kal.
there are atleast 900+ songs uploaded by pj users in downloads section.
Je hindi videos ban hi karne ne pher, maybe all these 900+ songs and every single hindi gana should also be deleted.
Je "punjabi" ehni promote karni a lol.

mera opinion je vote no karni tan, sara kuch hindi related should be dissalowed lol
Par since pj te already hindi language di promotion ho rahi a, along with other languages (english), then yes hindi music videos should be allowed.

dubai from balcony, click karo picture te, to make it bigger

apne funny sandhu aka ammu sandhu, jehre ajj kal bhot famous hoye paye ne sharry mann de fb page te. eh bai di pehli show recording sample sun lawo.


part 2 , wi hogya
sing karke sunauni see radio te, or in audio, pher ghaint hor wi ghaint honi si, sandhu bai.

on: September 05, 2012, 12:45:25 AM 49 Entertainment / PJ Entertainment / Re: PJ Radio - Looking for RJs, DJs, MCs

Nawty da radio setup kardo.

i have currenlty 4-5 people goin through setup.
Already spent 1-2 hrs hr on moneysingh over the weekend with vdj (demo version) still need to fix mic problem.  Most likely fresh full version of vdj.

sarpanch spent 30 mins tampering with sound on his mac, then he was referred to u 2 weeks ago. Patani ohne tenu kuch keha ki nahi.
I gave him few links on installing win 7 on his mac. (so this something Grenade needs to handle overdue 3 weeks)

Kang is going through crashes, hes got windows 8, so i told him to setup windows 7 or xp again and hes due this weekend along with moneysingh.

Lado had 2 crashes today during her radio show, so im goin to try vdj again on her computer  this week/weekend. Refered by Grenade, last weekend about "setting her up with vdj"

Funny sandhu de radio show di recording rls karni, so ohdi encoding, conversion, editting out 40 mins of the radio show properly. Then producing finishing product on youtube using Adobe.  Whole process will take 3hrs.

New recruit, Gia kaur, sent msg  "Read    September 01, 2012, 05:10:06 PM". she responded today with her times.

Apruv ne new laptop leya so everything from fresh needs to be updated. He told me about this 1-2 weeks ago but, he got busy so it was postponed.

Notes from djs
They want to interview people with skype, with current winamp setting under bogpro, its a tricky work of enabling and disabling sound inputs.
- grenade been informed 2+ months ago about this issue. So stil pending.
sariyan sevawan apde apde prespective vich important ne.  Tusi bhaji ek hor add karna see, option.

All of the above.

Seva karde time banda, eh nahi keh sakda, ek seva di importance wadh hegi duji naalon. Je ehdan ghata wadha karonge tan, seva da sahi "mull" nahi pashaneya jana.

Jidhan mein ek line sikhi a, gurdwarey bethe, ah line banda jithe marji practical warto kar sakda.

"seva kamauni paindi, jeyondeyaan marjayi da"

ehda arth universal hega. It almost encompasses everything we do in life.

on: August 25, 2012, 12:29:30 AM 51 PunjabiJanta Thana Sadar / Complaints / PJ Ban List - Ban Announcements

Hanji hun ton asi socheya, jinne wi ban hunde a pj ton. Jehre wi galt  kam karde ne ohna di list banayi jawey and jad wi eh ban hunde ne kise wi pj staff member wallon ehna di report post hoya karugi.  Ehde naal baki sari janta nu pata laggu, kehra user kinni waari ban ho chukeya te kyon.


Mein shuruyaat kardan, latest ban naal.

Charray jatt banned kitta ja reha 1 haftey layi.
profile: http://punjabijanta.com/index.php?action=profile;u=9606

1st reason

I have already warned shara in the moge wali pinky wala topic. Hadd tappi janda ehe ajj kal. Next offence mai chuk dena and I don't like this ban for two days crap. Ban should be at least one week. And if after one week an apology comes you unban not five minutes later.


2nd Reason:

After bhot warnings. Ban karan da kaaraan, eh galat "upyog" kar rehaa, gurbani da.
Ehde signature ch gurbani diyan lines likhniyan ne te guru granth sabhi ji di photo. Te app eh shareyaam sex wax diyaan gallan kar reha te. Puthe shabdan di warto kar reha.
Ehnu warning milli see ki, jaan pher  signature change karla je tu hatna nahi apdiyan puthiyan adaatan ton. Or jaan pher tu eh saarey puthe shabdan di warto karni shad de.
Je tu eh kam karna hi a. Matlab je signature vich gurbani pauni hi a.

Eh dujey ids under wi bhot pange leh chukeya, pichley 1-2 haftey ton. Ek id ban ho chukeya bibi kohinoor waly. jehre baki pj staff members nu safayi karan te majboor kitta.

Shuruyaat ch munde ne maafi mangi par eh maafi da koyi asar nahi hoya. So 1 haftey tak ban laggu ga. Je eh pher nahi sudheryan tan eh pher 2 haftey layi and so on.

Quote from: █ ▌▌ﻝαs ਛੜਾ ਜੱਟ ▌▌█ on August 22, 2012, 03:47:09 PM

sorry i was just pissed cuz of my id and i wasn't pointing at single person.....
    vase i was reading my signature today...and i was thinking about making more and hor lokhi v liye sakde a and hor sites wale v liye sakde a

    vase seriously sorry i know i hurt everyone's feelings....vase i'm not dukhi...i'm ok..naale you know vehla demaag shittan da ghar
    chal only one more week then i'm busy.

Ah msg karke warning mili see par ehne, warning ignore karti te panga jaari rakheyaa pj di main site te.

Quote from: █ ▌▌ﻝαs ਛੜਾ ਜੱਟ ▌▌█ on August 22, 2012, 04:00:27 PM

naa ajj tak koi ban ni kar sakia jatt nu te naa hi kar sakda koi :loll:
    sade kol hor v ids ne

Pher duja msg ayeya, munda jad bhot confident hogya te apdi original maafi nu bhull gya.

3rd Reason for Ban:

sorry i was just pissed cuz of my id and i wasn't pointing at single person.....
vase i was reading my signature today...and i was thinking about making more and hor lokhi v liye sakde a and hor sites wale v liye sakde a

vase seriously sorry i know i hurt everyone's feelings....vase i'm not dukhi...i'm ok..naale you know vehla demaag shittan da ghar
chal only one more week then i'm busy.


Charra jatt , accepting ki ohnu already warning mill chukki a

vase meinu v laggda mein 2-4 din hi a kp already warning issue karti ip ban di :loll:


Already bhot warnings hogiyan. oh menu pm ch sorry bolda te , still puthe pange continue rakh reha pj te.


 ♥ਛੱਮਕ ਛੱਲੋ♥ eni shanti kyo aa
4 hours ago Add Comment
•°ღ•ĴÁŤŤℐ ПÚ ČℛÁŹΞ 12 ßŐℛΞ ÐÁ ●•٠•˙: ajj yarra nh bolna nahi
4 hours ago
♥ਛੱਮਕ ਛੱਲੋ♥: kyo ni bolna muh ch laddu paye a
4 hours ago
█ ▌▌ﻝαs ਛੜਾ ਜੱਟ ▌▌█: Admins di kuttekhani da matam mana rahe a
4 hours ago
♥ਛੱਮਕ ਛੱਲੋ♥: lol majnua tenu ki ho gaya barha garam aa
4 hours ago
•°ღ•ĴÁŤŤℐ ПÚ ČℛÁŹΞ 12 ßŐℛΞ ÐÁ ●•٠•˙: oh mohn vart rakhea
4 hours ago
ηαω†ү mϋηÐα: jas bai admins te sub-admins di dog eatting kis din hoi :D: :D: :D:
3 hours ago
ਵਿਹਲਾ ਜੱਟ ਪੰਗੇ ਲੈਣ ਨੂੰ: :D: :D: :D: :D: :D: :D: shhh son de
3 hours ago
█ ▌▌ﻝαs ਛੜਾ ਜੱਟ ▌▌█: Naa I'm cool as ice

Harmeet bai oh ta ehna naal nitt hundi but besharma nu feel ni hundi kade :Laugh:
3 hours ago

Je tusi PJ staff members nu koyi izzat nahi dayonge, tan naukaraan warga wartaaaw karonge tan, thonu ki lagda. Inaam ch phullan da haar miluga?

Je duji ids ton access kitti pj tan ehde saarey ids blocked hojane te , ban hor wadh sakda, matlab double!

Ah chakko ehde kaarnamey under 2nd id:


Already sharrey jatt ne, ban dodging rule di ulanghna kar chukeya ah pinky mogey wali id naal.

updated: Aug 26.

2nd update: while under ban, charrey jatt ne pehlan pinky moge wali id use kitti .. pher hun ehde 3rd id 69 shooter id use kitti. Ehda ban hun 2 weeks ho sakda.


charrey jatt ne ban hunde hunde pher ban dodging the rule break kitta. jidhan ehne pehlan challenge kitta see ki eh je ban hoyaa, tan multiple ids use karuga.


Updated: Aug 29th

So far ehe 2  waari ban dodging rules break kar chukeya.

4th id use karke, dhamki pher ditti.
Entry Of Charra Jatt aka Jas


Hun IP ban kar deo nahi te Jeet hun teri khair ni :loll: just watch out :Laugh:

Ek hor dhamki, challenging ki ehde rules break karan te, je kise ne ehdi
4th id nu ban kita tan, khair nahi.

6. Ban Dodging

        If you avoid your ban on the site by posting with another account, all of your accounts will be banned.

Quote from: █ ▌▌ﻝαs ਛੜਾ ਜੱਟ ▌▌█ on August 22, 2012, 04:00:27 PM

naa ajj tak koi ban ni kar sakia jatt nu te naa hi kar sakda koi :loll:
    sade kol hor v ids ne

PJ Da Dhaba - Ideas - Opinions - Feedback

apna new new section khuleya PJ da dhaba. So pj di janta menu pata kayi hege jehre bhot dimagi  and creative ideas waley hege.
So tusi ethe food section baarey koyi wi opinion, new ideass post kar sakde o.  Je thonu lagda tusi feedback deni tan oh wi de sakde o.

ok ji its official now, apna Pj da patrakar/journalist : ♚ʝέέ╬ м╔▣╚Ṑᾗἓℓ¥♚

Hun ton ehe PJ diyan breaking news apde chatpattey style naal post kareya karuga. Je wi koyi news baare pata karna howey, tan sidha tusi top left corner te under Latest Happenings click karkey dekh sadke o. Changa ninja jeet bai kardey shuru, rabb da naam leh ke.

Topic thori deyr tak lock rahuga, kyon ki ah topic da muhrat ninja jeet hi kaddu ga.

on: August 22, 2012, 11:48:53 PM 55 Lounge / Jail Pinjra / Pics / Re: Jatti Heer Singture by PJ Sarpanch

vadia baut jiada haye sarpanch thank uuuuuuuu so mch hun eh bhi das da launa kida aa profile ch

lol heerey. par sarpanch bai, bhot wadiya samaj sevak hega pj da, shabash deni pehni a bai tenu.


Khatra bai di promotion di gal , yamla, grenade te end ch mere ton wi ho gayi see.

Eh radio da king baneya phirda, munda kuriyan nu gaun lah dinnaa apde gaaneyan naaal.
Ehda style wakhraa, te munda ek waari lagjanda radio te non-stop energizer wala kam a.

Ehde te nigha rakheyo, kinni tarakki karda. Pj jantaa di reaction bas ehdan honi, jidhan thaley  Jersey shore waley bai di.

Mundey nu welcome karo!! Asi ehde kapreyan da rang badalta.
Munde di profile: http://punjabijanta.com/profile/apurv/

Eh munda radio te apaan nu doordarshan diyan khabraan sunaundaa lol. Te munde ne apde downloads ek din vich hi fix karlaye see, jehre kayi lokan ton halley tak nahi hoye.

Tarrakki ehdi bhot deyr di hon ton arrikaa lagya hoya see. Ehdi promotion di discusion, sub admins,  the global mods kar chukkey ne.

Mundey nu welcome karo, je tuhada dushman hega tan gaalan kadddo ( non-censored) lol

Kuri di profile = http://punjabijanta.com/profile/Nehaneha/

According to grenade bai te gujr bai ehda khuleya see seva da "resume" pj te. Eh kuri di seva shayari section ch bhot wadiya hegi and aise karke kuri nu shayari section da mod banaya ja reha .  Welcome karo kuri nu pj te.

Dosti insaan ki zaroorat hai,
dilon pe dosti ki hukamat hai
aap k pyar ki wajah se zinda hain
warna khuda ko bhi hamari zarorat hai..

more action to come.
Hanji sareyan da dhanwaad ki tusi menu Sub admin jogha samjheyaa, and admin da wi dhanwaad. Par yaar mein afsos naal kehna chaunaa ki mein sub admin di kursi nahi leh sakda.  Jidhan high fat food ton control karida, ohdan "hifi kursiyan ton" door rahida.  Jatt kise nu zubaan de chukeyaa, so ek waarri ditti zubaan ton piche nahi muri da.  Ehda matlab eh nahi ki mein jo karda a reha oh nahi karunga or ghat karunga.  Jatt da zor full rahu ga par "kala" chaadra pa ke.  Bura na maneyo lol. Jiniyan gaalan kad niyan kad leyo. 

Sat sri akal te rabb rakha
mein saboot add karta lol, pher lokan nu pata tan laggey exactly  kidhan promotion hoyi.
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