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Part 1
Jatt Mullanpuria - Interview with Gia Kaur - Part 1 of 4 - Feb 9/2013

Part 2
Jatt Mullanpuria - Interview with Gia Kaur - Part 2 of 4 - Feb 9/2013

Part 3
Jatt Mullanpuria - Interview with Gia Kaur - Part 3 of 4 - Feb 9/2013

Part 4
Jatt Mullanpuria - Interview with Gia Kaur - Part 4 of 4 - Feb 9/2013

eh latest recording, gia kaur di interview..ek do din pehlan hoyi see,
Surgery with gia aka noor grewal apda personal exp dasdi a during her surgery and kehre kehre supne aye.

Je link koyi work na hoya tan daseyo, kehri country ton tusi hege o.   For full radio show recordings tusi aha topic vich sun sakde hege o.

on: February 10, 2013, 09:12:02 PM 42 Entertainment / PJ Entertainment / Re: PJ Radio Recordings!

Part 1
Jatt Mullanpuria - Interview with Gia Kaur - Part 1 of 4 - Feb 9/2013

Part 2
Jatt Mullanpuria - Interview with Gia Kaur - Part 2 of 4 - Feb 9/2013

Part 3
Jatt Mullanpuria - Interview with Gia Kaur - Part 3 of 4 - Feb 9/2013

Part 4
Jatt Mullanpuria - Interview with Gia Kaur - Part 4 of 4 - Feb 9/2013

Recording: #15
Dj: Jatt Mullanpuria
Interview: Gia Kaur aka Dj Tiddo
Broadcast date: Feb 09/2013


This is blue dragon river in portugal... bhot famous and ghaint looking.
River di shape dragon wargi a

nice picture..  hoor kaurey.

eh kuri de vichaar and ideass saarey pj staff members including admin te shaa gaye.
Bahle uchey uchhey vichaar pj layi sochey ne. Ehdi uchi soch nu dekhde hoye, Hoor nu pj di new local mod banaya ja reha hega for Shayari section.
Ehje bhot ghat users mildey, jehre go out of their way and straight to point dasde ne.

on: January 02, 2013, 05:36:10 PM 45 Lounge / Jail Pinjra / Pics / Re: new year celebration 2013

eh hegiyan downtown toronto, nathan phillips square.
SYVC # 47 V-3 Swami Vishnu & Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale to stop the Golden Temple Massacre 1984

bhot lokan nu pata nahi aha interview baarey, jehri caneda de koyi saadhu ne kiti see. He was acting as a mediator between government and freedom fighters at golden temple.
Eh hegi a 2 hrs di interview sant jarnail bhindranwaley naal and few other important figures during and b4 blue star operation.

Kidhan indian government ilzaam laga rahi see bhindranwale uttey, ki eh cows nu maar rahe see.  Shayad punjab di history change ho sakdi see and ais time Sikh, petition naa sign karde hunde.

After 1 hr shuru hundi a actual 1 on 1 interview with bhindranwale.

Judge #1

Scoring sheet #1

Marjana Gill -: The best thing about your entry is your dress fitting all your's clothes fits you well and also complements your build.About the clothes i will say your clothing style is too regular as its a good choice but i will say next time i will suggest you to be little more funky and modern. If i have to pic one of urs style then am gonna go with that Black toxido style suit.

Challa-: Your pics remind me of indian school going boyz clothing style.U have posted maximum no. of pics among all members but styling of clothes resemble to same common style.The good thing about it is that both goes for causal and funky purpose

Desi Mirza -: Good collection mate.Variety of clothes and age of your fashion sense is much better. The best among urs pics are the one in blue and black one with tie. All the dresses suits u perfectly.
winner desi mirza -: A very tight situation but still figure out one winner and he is Desi Mirza thsi boy realy gets a tough competition from kanwar kang.The striking point of his entry which made him win this competition is variety of clothes and the age of fashion style.

Comparison-: The major point why desi mirza beats Kanwar kang (the most nearest to the winner) was variety of clothes.and second one is posing desi is a bit better than kanwar


Nigz-: Killer Looks all yours dresses fits you.The best thing about your styling is they matches ur built i mean ur long hairs, lean body..Now coming to your dresses the pick of them are the white one in elevator and the 2nd one is again that white t shirt and the blue over lapped coat type. One spl. advice for yu dnt do ur hair curly they suits u well as they are so just keep them the way the are

Preet -: One more intresting entry.So let me start with the variety of clothes u have i must say u stand alone in that scale for me in this competition.Every dress tells a different story but still it matches the strength.Colour cmbination is quite impresive so good work for that and they also cmpliments your skin tone, rest I like your blazers and jeans pics more then your dresses pics. One tip for you also try different shades in nail paint red is not only the colour which enlarges your looks.Pick of ur dresses are 2nd and 3rd one in blazers and 1st one is jeans

G.Kaur-:Girl seems to be fond of short stuff.The pick of dresses is the one with tatoo.For a teen like u style is bit shaky but still it suits you.Your good long hairs enhances a kicking efect to ur persnality

Female Winners

Tie -: Actualy much tougher than boyz to judge for these beautiful ladies.For me here is a tie between NIGZ and LADO

Comparision-: Can't declare a winner here so a tie situation.Both girls got equal marks from me in each crieteria except Lado gets extraa one for variety and Nigz in Fitting vice versa

Judge #2

Scoring sheet #2

Thanks To All For Participate :)

Tuahda sab da bahut bahut hi dhanwand ki tusi apni keemati time vich thoda time kad ek competition wich participate kita . so sareya de dresses bahut shone si  te compititon  kafi  tuff si war. But winner te ek hi ho sakda . So according to me The male  Winner Is – Marjana Gill (Sukh).

Sukh de sare di Dresses bahut jyada wadia si .But Dresses ne naal naal kapre pehnan da tang v bahut vadia sii sare kapre vich different varieties de sii . Kapre bilkul fitting de sii as compare to other members some of them wearing to large clothes .Kapre de naal different accessories da mix match jo kita like Glasses , shoes ho v bahut vadia  si. Apne body size and skin colours de hisab naal hi kapre paye sii even ki sare hi colours ona ote suit kitte . Pants, shirt, shoes, or the entire outfit are Superb. So according to me Marjana Gill Is the Best One .


Thanks To All For Paticipating :)

Tuhada sab da v bahut Dhanwad participate karan laye .Sare hi dresses bahut shone sii specially Nigz and laddoo ena dova ne te dhooma hi paa ditiya , Really awesome ! But winner te ek hi ho sakdi sii te oh hai sadii -  Lado Rani .

Hanji Lado te sare hi dresses bahut shone ne eni sari variety  te ene pyare  colour sab bahut shone sii. Lado de sare hi dress full fitting de sii .Colour combination and accessories used by her are fabulous. Sab to jyada varieties lado te dresses vich dekhan nu mili as compare to other members. Lado di dress vich summer, winter, casual, sari hi variety sii . Even ki ode body shape and skin colours de according sare hi dresses di fitting and dress colours  bahut sohni sii.Sare hi kapre unique, trendy and stylish si. So Mere walo Laddo Is the Best One

Judge #3

Scoring sheet #3

Male- Marjana Gill is leading by .1 from K.Kang in my score sheet. According to the criteria, Marjana Gill scored highest in variety as he showcased from summer clothing to winter and casual to formal. The accessories are limited but he is "swagging out" his glasses, scarf, and ring. Not to forget shoes, I think it is very important to wear shoes that goes with the outfit and this guy has appropriate shoes on  with almost every outfit. The formal dressing makes him look composed and proper whereas he looks fresh and stylish without sacrificing his comfort in casual outfits. I think K Kang lacks in variety, other than that he looks pretty good in all his outfits.

Female- This was a hard one! Lado_rani is leading by .05 points from Qainaat in my score sheet . Qainaat scores higher than every other contestant in every other criteria but variety, that is where Lado gets full points from me. Lado presented from short dresses to flowy maxi dresses, trench coats to blazers and vest, colored pants to opaque tights, button ups to fun flirty tops.




ÐèṤἷḷ¡ (MIRzAa) (stewean)

Preet (lado rani)


Top 2 males di scoring very close see..  17.83 and 17.30

Top 2 females di scoring was also very close: 20.62 and 19.60.

profile :

eh already local mod hega, munde di mehnat te news section di sambhaal dekhde hoye ehnu promote kitta jaa reha.
Ehdi recomendation ditti apne admin saab ne.  1 mahiney da probabtionary period je  ninjaa jeet bai pass kargya tan pher he will stay at this position.

song - Asla
singer - Gurpreet
ah reha mera duja video, battlefield 3 game khed de.
warning game vich violence bhot a.. 18+ hegi a. Eh game, real army soldiers khed de, weapons real ne, and wind speed wageraa use karde. So real soldiers amreeka de bhot training karde ehjiyan games khed khed ke.

Ethe aggey ton regularly more gaming vids post kareya karunga.


Shrine of Hazrat Ali in Marzar-e Sharif

famous jagha pakistan vich

battlefield 3 with desi music in background, hor hi maza.
Video editing and gameplay vids post kareya karne.
tu tension na la mullea... main kuri agge pishe krdu betha betha... nhi ta ikthe kr lange asi show
mian rati 10pm krda show india time

tu ohda mind na change kardayi lol ohde do din pakke karte mein. tu pehlan jaa pher bhachon pick karla for tuesday te thursday.

hun dono kang de, wi phasne  lol
Mein senority list post karti. And tera naam last a bai lol.
Gud luck.


ah rahi rough copy

so far ammu sandhu , shareef jatt kang da add karna. and 70% completed but, conflict kharey ho rahe ne.
Punjabi Janta Radio shared a link.
Current DJ / RJ on air : VEhLa Jatt PaNgE Len nu!
Link :-

I think saarey Djs/Rjs jehre wi show karde a, they should have power or control to type as "punjabi janta radio" jad wi oh show karde ne.
Admin powers dain di zaroorat nahi, je owner of page nahi chaunda.
Hun je ek page promote hi karna tan pher saarey djs nu ek jaghaa post karwayo.

on: November 11, 2012, 11:21:38 PM 54 Lounge / Jail Pinjra / Gup Shup / Re: Song ur listening to?

mein takda reha, oh wi takdi rahi
naaley.. mere naal vekh ke sangdi gayiiiiii

on: November 08, 2012, 08:28:03 PM 55 Hobbies Interests Lifestyle / Tech Lounge / Re: Need an expert on PDF

je e-book hegi tan try this software called "foxit"
Pdf files and baki da kam pretty fast kar jandi a
topic simple a, tusi max 2 hrs da radio show slot pick kar sakde o.

Saarey djs/rjs apne apne show de times dasso, Apdi country da naam daseyo and timeslot 2 hrs da.


Jatt Mullanpuria - 8pm-10pm (Saturday)  - Toronto, Canada Time  <--- example a , ah mera nahi time lol

hojayo shuru

Ek gal yaad rahe, je koyi dj purana hega, ohnu pehli senurity (pehal) milugi.
Radio Djs/Rjs Senority List (jinna ne post kitta schdule ethe) (added Nov 18/2012)
Charra jatt
lado rani

Jatt Mullanpuria
Shareef Jatt Kang
Khatarnaak (jeet singh ferozpuria)
Funny sandhu (Ammu Sandhu)
Gia Kaur
Nimani Kamal
Rabbdabanda (kanwar kang)
Amrit sidhu (vehla jatt pange lain wala)

Kal last din a, so change ho sakdi a list depending on koyi purana dj apda time add kardawe. Eh list meri pakki nahi, grenade mere ton pehlan pj te betha, so ehnu pata hona b4 my name, sinority kihdi honi chahidi. Jehre red rang vich hege ne.

Ocean city


NYC vich crane, diggan wali (about to collapse)

Brooklyn, koley around new york (lagda)

janta pange leh rahi storm vich



Shark in water lol

amreeka caneda, te tack ho rehaa, hurricane sandy da.

Jehra jehra banda/bibi/kuri ah storm nu experience kar rahe or ohde effects.
Mein start karda with few websites and pictures.

live youtube vid feed

LIVE Hurricane Sandy Coverage - The Weather Channel  = Live tracking of hurricane.   <----------- live footage.

bai tu gabru ban ke, puthey ideas dinna janta nu lol.

Teri promotion kehre patandar ne kitti see?

Ek kam karo dona nu kaho sorry wali letter likh dawo grenade nu. Grenade bai shayad 1 din layi hi ban rehan dawe.

kuri da tan menu patani lol, ohde duje id banaun de chance high ne.
par apna pinder bai, nahi 2nd id banaun lagya.

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ki keha see babeyan ne? Kal hi prediction/bhavishbaani karti see
Sidhu bai, kuri ne new id bana wi layi lol
Asi tan pehlan hi , kuriyan diyan harkatan naal wakhif ho jane a.

on: October 15, 2012, 12:27:26 AM 59 Lounge / Jail Pinjra / Birthdays / Happy Janam Din , Money singh!

yo yo moneysingh , pj de official and one and only Dj hege ne.
Ehna da aj bday hega so, dhakey naal menu topic banauna peya.

Jidhan tuhanu pata, aj kal opposittion party waley bahla dabaaav paa rahe ne lol

Munde di profile:

jeet lonley bai aka ninja jeet. Eh official PJ janta da patarkaar/journalist bangya. Hun ajit weekly naal competition hon lagpaini.

Saaryian pj diyan latest, ghaint topics waliyan news ethe post hongiyan.!!/

jeet bai pj nu hor popular karan layi apdi creativity naal, yogdaan payuga. Hanji official khabri!!

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