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Complaints / Why Moi Topic ( risky to admin) Is Locked ?
« on: September 20, 2014, 05:07:20 AM »
Yoo ADMINS , Moi asked ye a simple question.... WHY MOI WAS BANNED...... instead of  givin moi answer ya juss locked  moi topic eh ....wooowwww. Is it democracy or dictatorship ? Tuc admin wa kush be kar sakde wa kise be user naal. N everybody seem dumb founded by dis  dat risky was banned. Moi  be tad tak  avdi id cho noi aouna jad tak moinu  merre ban hoon da reason  noi pta lagda , moinu  is site to jyada moi de ANKH  pyari wa , je moi koi galti kiti wa  ta moinu dasso ... moi oss laye sub to mafi mang lava ga. moi av no prob in dat...but bina reason  de moi mafi kimme mang lava  imma  AMERICAN  nawt someone who lives in a third world country  n we dnt negotiate  wid bullies . So je tohade cho  even a LIL BIT ANKH  reh gaye wa ta moin pela daso  ke moi kiss reason laye ban kita gia se...

Complaints / RISKY TO ADMINS
« on: September 19, 2014, 06:25:27 PM »
Yoo wud up admins, dis iz moi risky.. as ye kno ya av blocked moi cpl wks ago without tellin moi  any specific  reason. Kisse khas reason dasse to bina moinu tuc ban kita wa  rt .. now ya tell moi moi kinu GAAL kadi wa ?... since dia PJ is back  did moi eva even called someone .."sala" even in jokes ? or did moi eva harassed any girl on dis site ? OR do moi av any complaints  ?

Ya moi  thora bold bolda wa ..but in a kinky way nawt in a GANDA way , moi only  speak in dat manner to moi  friends , moi dunnn  joke aroun ppl moi dun kno nor moi eva bother any  random gal. moi come er  to  av fun, nawt to make other ppl uncomfy aight.

Moi RISKY wa ... na ta moinu hide  honna aounda wa te noi hee games play karna ... so ADMINS  moi openly admitting be4 ye dat imma  MUNDAXRISKY ...now if ye want ye  can go ahead  and ban moi IP.

Moi come here to meet few frnds  cz they mean a lot to moi , they were here with moi  whn moi was down n out. If u wana take dat away from moi ....be moi guest. But be4 ye ban moi dis IP  moi av rt to kno ... dat  why moi was banned ( @ original id). AND to moi certain frineds ... if  ADMINS ban moi dis id ...dats gonna be  the end fer our journey. SWEAR TO WAHGURU  moi wont eva  come back on dis site again.... so kiha sunia  maaf karna .... ya moi tora vigria wa  but dil da bura noi ...ANYWAYZ  RABB RAKHA .... TILL & IF WE MEET AGAIN  :Bye:

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