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Sports Khelan / Mabroook for India
« on: March 31, 2011, 04:40:46 PM »
Al Salam Alekom Punjabis!

Miss you all!! Do u remember me? I'm Moataz the Egyptian Guy who loves India specially the Punjabi Culture! :superhappy:

Sorry for not visiting the site, i was pretty busy with the Egyptian Revolution against the unfair Government .. and Thank Allah the Mighty we kicked them out after a great revolution! I believe you knew what happened in the news!

I want to say to all India

Mabroooook for winning the game against Pakistan! My God Dubai was amazing!! no people in the streets, no traffic, everyone is either at home or around the shops watching the match! =D>

I watched part of the match with my Indian Colleagues at Duty but cannot understand anything from the rules ... So i was asking them: Ha Guys? is the round for India or Pak? Looooool  :rockon:

I'M happy for you people and hope you will get the cup .... In Sha Allah you will win against Sri Lanka

God Bless India

Take care

E G Y P T    L O V E S    P U N J A B I

Complaints / Why swearing is not allowed?
« on: January 06, 2011, 04:39:57 PM »
Good Evening PJ Buddies!

I am very excited to be with you guys in this great forum!

I noticed that swearing is not allowed here! I noticed it while reading the terms and conditions during my register and here again a noticed here in this section!

I would like to ask the reason for that?

Tnx  :rockon:

Good Evening Everybody!! Or should I say the Islamic greeting "Al Salam Alekom"  :won:

First of all I am glad to be a member of PJ Forums ... Let me introduce myself ... This is Moataz Mustafa, a 28 year old males from Egypt .... Working in Dubai for 4 years.

I love India so much but in particular ... I love Punjab and the Punjabi Culture ... Punjabi Samosa is one of my favorite snacks!  :superhappy:

I am Muslim and happy to see such a lovely section in PJ Forums for various religions ... and would like to start this topic for the religion "Islam".  :rabb:

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