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Complaints / Re: Jatt Mullanpuria is annoying me :(
« on: July 14, 2012, 03:04:18 AM »
oh u again started pretend lyk a kid :loll:

ah ki likhya aunty?? menu eni sohni greji ni padhni ondi   :laugh: :laugh:

hahaha bai aho sh keha, enjoy jina mrji kro avda,par kise nu galan na kado oh v kudi hoke  :D: :D:  nale mulla warning diya janda ,ptander de fer  v ni hatde, kmaal kr dinde aa lok v, agle nu sidhiya galan kadn da ki fyda yr,,mod jdo koi gal keh reha k eh shi nhi aa te oda e honi aa,fer galan kad tiya,wah g wah, bai att kr dinde look v  :laugh: ban e krna fer agle ne hor ki kroga , galan suni jau betha  :D:

 eh pai dio kasar rendi c  :laugh: mera thread lock kardo bahot siyane siyane lok ake reply karde


Complaints / Re: Jatt Mullanpuria is annoying me :(
« on: July 09, 2012, 04:14:17 PM »
oh i luved ur face

I like how you loved my face when I posted your face :)

Complaints / Re: Jatt Mullanpuria is annoying me :(
« on: July 09, 2012, 04:33:57 AM »
  "people" is missing lol

chanoo aunty ajj app reply karne kyun nahi aye.. i deeply missed u

Complaints / Re: [still Pending]mainu ban kyon kita?
« on: July 08, 2012, 07:38:18 PM »
Okay, so here is how this all got tangled and went in all different directions

Hundal09 was using red font and after 3-4 warnings from Mullanpuria he still used red font becuz NOWHERE in rules its stated that its NOT okay to use red font....so annoyed and irritated Mullanpuria bans Hundal09 based on using red font...and later on when Mullanpuria finds out that this was not a legit reason to ban someone he goes thru the entire chat log and finds "chudi di lipstick" as a lame excuse for banning hundal09. My question here is if "chudi di lipstick" was the REAL reason Mullanpuria banned Hundal09, why were the warnings and reason for banning given to be "red font color".. Not a single warning or reason for banning mentioned "chudi" in it. That was totally a made up excuse and its clear as crystal if you read the entire chat log.

Also, hundal09 didn't point to a particular user and referred to them as "chudi"... it was totally in general......ohnu kise ne ban karna c je oh kenda "jatti di lipstick wala rang" ??? plus hundal09 wasn't trying to make fun of this cast, je ohne majak hi banona hunda oh 4-5 gallan hor kadh sakda c chudi jaat nu..ohne ta udai kehta...

and about using a different id after being banned...he was doing so cuz he wanted to know why mulla banned him from chat and later from forums too....he wasnt gna come from a different ID if mulla wudnt have banned him from THIS FORUM...after hundal09 made this forum, mullanpuria banned him from forums as well so hundal09 can't give his opinion...Mulla knws in his heart that hes wrong for banning hundal09....offcourse hundal09 was gna use a different ID to know whatthehell was exactly going on...

pehlaa hi ban galat buniaadd te lagaya gaya si ta krke user ne duji id istemal kiti....je pehla hi mods soch samaj ke ban karan fir koi musibat hi na awe..hundal09 has been a user for over 6 months and never has he ever cussed at anyone or created any sorta problems..and now these mods like mulla are banning users for no legitimate reasons....eh users nu pareshan krda pela fir ban kardaa...and apparently that's fine with everyone??? o_O

Complaints / Re: Jatt Mullanpuria is annoying me :(
« on: July 08, 2012, 07:05:14 PM »
This pj drama is never ending and i don't even know how it started  :dnk:

ahahan. It all started with mulla banning users for using red font in the chatroom..like seriously if its bothering why cant yu jus change ur background theme and get over it =]

Discussions / Re: Ki lal rang Chat vich vartna theek hai ja nahi?
« on: July 07, 2012, 11:00:39 AM »
Lal rang chat ch clear disda, je kise nu koi problem a then oh apni background theme change kar sakde.. lal rang is there in options for a reason..why warn or ban people when u can just change ur background theme with a click or two..lol

check out how beautifull red looks in the below theme!!!

Complaints / Re: Jatt Mullanpuria is annoying me :(
« on: July 06, 2012, 04:59:44 PM »
haye meri punjabi :Cry:

yea i read it.. but u already unban den why are you makin this topic

and mai kehndi c tindo naal rude gal kyu kiti usne ta sirf tuhadi post da answer kita c

did you read the entire thread becuz it clearly explains the issue?  me ban hon di shikayat lon li nhi bnaya eh thread...maii tuhade mod diya harkata bare dasya ki eh users nu majboor karda ki oh kuch galat bolan ta ki fir oh ban kar sake....... mod te app pange len laga hunda fer kende asi pange lende a....poora thread read karo fer smaj aju sab :)

Complaints / Re: Jatt Mullanpuria is annoying me :(
« on: July 06, 2012, 04:27:12 PM »
okay.... den wht is the big issues????

jawak vangu kyun larrde ah?? ki tusie nikko naal a ruddle gal kyun krde aa... ohne bas tuhadi gal da answer kita...

aap ethe sare naal pyr nal rahe na ki jehra galati krda usnu aa kehna ki tu kar asi vi tera nal gal oh he karu gaye

menu puri samaj ni ai punjabi ch jo likhya, but the issue is stated in my previous post. 

Complaints / Re: Jatt Mullanpuria is annoying me :(
« on: July 06, 2012, 04:11:14 PM »
protein r u still ban?

Nope, I am not banned anymore. Above is the complete chat log of when I went into the chat room after my ban was over, and it clearly shows how mulla wanted me to get banned again by giving me meaningless warnings, annoying me, and telling me that he's my biggest nightmare some crap like that..

Complaints / Re: Jatt Mullanpuria is annoying me :(
« on: July 06, 2012, 03:39:48 PM »
sab ton funny gal hegi apne sub admin, menu order de rahe ban karan nu.

[yamla jatt punjab da->Jatt Mullanpuria] 1:44 am: BAN HER 

mera da ji jad koyi boley ehda matlab hunda "fu **du* , ehni samajh tan sareyan nu honi.

Dekhlo bai ah shareef kuri de kaarnaamey kidhan de hege chat ch.
ah jinniyan sirrey diyaan gaallan kadiyaan ehne chat ch, te apne do mods ne andekhaa kitaaa. Te ethe bahli shareefi dikhaundi a jaan ke pj chat vich a ke pange.
Meni ehnu jaan ke ban nahi kita ais layi ki koyi hor 2 bethe ne mods apne kuch karan kki nahi.

Ohh ho Mullanpuriaa...how many times are you going to repeat same thing over and over again??...ohhi purana khisya pitya log dikha ke menu kinni war ban karoona????...i was banned for 2 days for this act.. ik war ban hogi ehda matlab eh ni tu rojj chat ch mere enter hoye te avdii gundagardi chalu karde...
"ah jinniyan sirrey diyaan gaallan kadiyaan ehne chat ch, te apne do mods ne andekhaa kitaaa." ahaha sire diya gallan?? you are making it sound like jida mein boht wadiya gala kadhiya hundiaa...... fffuudddddyuuu eee kyaaa siii and mods banned me for 2 days, they did take action against me.. tu menu khisskk gaya lagda  loolz waise eh thread da chat log padh pehla duje thread da saman eder na chuk ke laike a :]

Complaints / Re: Jatt Mullanpuria is annoying me :(
« on: July 06, 2012, 01:33:02 PM »
Lol what's this, mulla abusing powers? Mulla tu apne powers use bhi kithe aa? :P
I found this stupid. Post create karn di ki lodh si? You cursed him out, got banned. Get over it. There's no point of wasting a whole forum post after it.

First of all i was not even banned becuz of this. I created this to show the staff how mulla is butting into my business for no reason when i dont even want to talk to him...i didnt even cussed at him after that one day ..why are u even bothering to reply here without knowing the entire story. Your reply here is ludicrous and ill-advised :) in future know wats going on before giving your foolish opinion :)

Complaints / Re: Jatt Mullanpuria is annoying me :(
« on: July 06, 2012, 01:04:19 AM »
I m not telling u anything about pawan.. tenu samj ta kuch lagdi ni apne apa nu... i was telling them why i called people dumb here jeehde krke tu complaint kiti aa.. ;) my facts r straight right there, u just can't keep them straight..

okk me galat padh lyaa c...tere warge bandia de replyyy ghatt hii padhi de a...  tu continue kr apne tinde bechne =))

Complaints / Re: Jatt Mullanpuria is annoying me :(
« on: July 06, 2012, 12:34:26 AM »
lol, very nice, and very innocent, you are. But, every1 knows your real face in chat. Sad thing is i didn't even ban u lol, for swearing at me.
hun eh nahi dasengi, what u did when u came to chat? with your font color and first thing you typed " lol" at me.?

OH and dont forget read this topic page #3


I am not trying to be innocent or anything.....you were forcing me to say something to you so u can get me banned...........I dont remember if i directed that "lol" towards you, but I know for sure that my font color was white before you even warned me...tell me if it wasn't?... don't  drag this color deal into all this to hide what your doing..bullying users and abusing ur powers? ya keep sharing that post with the rest of the world..i did call u **** that day before u were acting like one..no regrets and im not denying it either....i was banned for calling u ****; however, the banned for removed after 48 hours :) why cant u just smiiiiileeeeeee, smiling is good for your health, just sayyyingg :) :)

i am very hurt protein to be honest.. tu inniya gaala kaddiya os din fer b tenu kise ne ban ni kita... llook at the logs that mullanpuria posted in other thread... and look at u still chat ch baithi aa.. this isn't fairr!! admin's not doing their job properly! and yeah i called sarpanch dumb.. cuz me and yeah PM'ed him about something and look at him he never replied back about anything.. atleast reply krke keh dinda ke forums ch post karo or something like thatt.. he was saying mulla and pawan mis-using their powers without even investigating anything about it! I personally think that's a very dumb statement to make without going to the base of something!

excuse me? i never  even mentioned the word PAWAN? where are you coming up with all this? get your facts straight.and just to let u know I was banned for 48 hours, i got my share of punishment :] u should smile too by the way! tehehehe

Complaints / [IGNORED] Jatt Mullanpuria is annoying me :(
« on: July 05, 2012, 11:53:30 PM »
Hello :] So I think Jatt Mullanpuria and nikki heer are realllyyy hurt from admin's decision. All decisions that are made can't be fair to everyone, but admin did a good job being fair to everybody; however, some people are hurt from this and are still making a big deal out of it in the chatroom and are spreading hatred

Jatt.] 7:49 pm: chal chad appa ki lena
[protein] 7:49 pm: eww
[Mitra Da Dera]: sukhbeer has entered at 7:50 pm
[Mitra Da Dera]: sukhbeer has entered at 7:50 pm
[protein] 7:50 pm: :rolleyes:
[sukhbeer] 7:51 pm: ki hoya ?
[sukhbeer] 7:51 pm: ehnehni phedi shakal kato banai aa
[protein] 7:51 pm: bott kusshh u missed itt
[protein] 7:51 pm: :D:D
[Mitra Da Dera]: yamla jatt punjab da has entered at 7:51 pm
[Mitra Da Dera]: yamla jatt punjab da has entered at 7:51 pm
[yamla jatt punjab da] 7:51 pm: helloooooooooooooo
[sukhbeer] 7:53 pm: chal hun menu das fer
[sukhbeer] 7:53 pm: protien shake :)
[sukhbeer] 7:53 pm: ki ki hoya
[sukhbeer] 7:53 pm: ssa YJPD
[protein] 7:54 pm: are u the one who used to use orange font?
[yamla jatt punjab da] 7:54 pm: ssa sukh bai ki haal aa
[yamla jatt punjab da] 7:54 pm: protein u got unbanned?
[protein] 7:55 pm: i was never banned
[protein] 7:55 pm: :D
[yamla jatt punjab da] 7:55 pm: lol ok.. u r the smart one then
[yamla jatt punjab da] 7:55 pm: among u and kween
[protein] 7:56 pm: dont judge
[sukhbeer] 7:56 pm: ahoo
[sukhbeer] 7:56 pm: orange da yaar
[yamla jatt punjab da] 7:56 pm: ease off there!
[Mitra Da Dera]: sukhbeer has left at 7:57 pm
[Mitra Da Dera]: yamla jatt punjab da has left at 7:58 pm
[Mitra Da Dera]: jatti_heer has entered at 8:00 pm
[Mitra Da Dera]: jatti_heer has entered at 8:00 pm
[jatti_heer] 8:01 pm: ello ello
[jatti_heer] 8:01 pm: kida sare chup chup bahte ha jaroor koi baat hai :p
[jatti_heer] 8:01 pm: pelli mulakaat hai ji pelli mulakaat hai
[jatti_heer] 8:02 pm: jatt ta nikki heer lage aa khedn pm pm
[jatti_heer] 8:02 pm: :p
[Jatt.] 8:02 pm: kidda
[jatti_heer] 8:02 pm: dfa hovo nai bolna ta naa bolo
[Jatt.] 8:02 pm: naa yaar
[jatti_heer] 8:02 pm: aa best idea hunda kisa nu balun da
[Jatt.] 8:02 pm: chal hoja daffa
[Jatt.] 8:02 pm: 9-2-11
[jatti_heer] 8:02 pm: una da naam laa dao ka oh pm ch gal karda aa
[jatti_heer] 8:02 pm: ma kio dfaa hou
[jatti_heer] 8:02 pm: ma ton abhi abhi ayee hun
[Jatt.] 8:02 pm: lol
[Jatt.] 8:02 pm: brb ik min
[jatti_heer] 8:03 pm: baki sena mena kithe gayee aaj
[jatti_heer] 8:03 pm: nikko bol paa kuria mar jaa
[protein] 8:03 pm: kitna bolto ho app
[protein] 8:03 pm: malooom nahi kya khate ho
[jatti_heer] 8:03 pm: protin less thn u :p
[nikki_heer] 8:03 pm: hanji jatti heer
[protein] 8:03 pm: crowssss?
[nikki_heer] 8:03 pm: kiddda
[jatti_heer] 8:03 pm: excuse me protin sie da
[jatti_heer] 8:04 pm: me vadia nikko kithe busy hoyee si kuria :p
[nikki_heer] 8:04 pm: kuch ni main hai ni si tihe :p
[nikki_heer] 8:04 pm: niche gyi si
[protein] 8:04 pm: sie da?:S
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:04 pm: ok read karo
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:04 pm: protein first warning
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:04 pm: pls change the color its bad for the eyes
[jatti_heer] 8:04 pm: mullah hu ki topic kad ka la aia
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:04 pm: if u dotn listen
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:04 pm: 2nd warning will follow suit
[jatti_heer] 8:05 pm: ona ni karna kio ami ser khapunda renda aa
[protein] 8:05 pm: its already changed get ur eyes checked hahahaha
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:05 pm: if u dont obey or abide by the 2nd warning u will be kicked
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:05 pm: if u dont listend to the 3rd warning
[protein] 8:05 pm: aukhaa
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:05 pm: then u will be banned
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:05 pm: which u will be soon
jatti_heer] 8:05 pm: deeth niyane kade nai dekha ta aa pj da niyania val dekh lao
[protein] 8:05 pm: seriouss ee leeehhh gaya
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:05 pm: read taht new post
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:05 pm: now every1 in pj knowss
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:05 pm: what kind of person you are
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:05 pm: and ur friends of little chaddi gang
[protein] 8:05 pm: wow someone is hurt
[jatti_heer] 8:05 pm: hmmmmmm
[protein] 8:05 pm: :)
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:05 pm: yes i am deeply hurt
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:05 pm: i had a heart attack
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:05 pm: srs too
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:05 pm: ju know
[protein] 8:06 pm: i can tell poor soul
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:06 pm: and i needed protein shake
[protein] 8:06 pm: :)
[protein] 8:06 pm: bechara :(
[protein] 8:06 pm: tarass agya minu :(
[protein] 8:06 pm: sorry :(
[protein] 8:06 pm: ahahahaha :P
[protein] 8:07 pm: :roll: koi ake mere nal roll karooo
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:07 pm: bachari kalli rehgayi lol
[jatti_heer] 8:07 pm: haye rabba garmi baut aa
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:07 pm: bas saari zindagi "ruldi" rehna lol
[jatti_heer] 8:08 pm: mulla bachi aa hale ida ni khi da
[jatti_heer] 8:08 pm: tere nephew jini age huni vichari di
[protein] 8:08 pm: :roll: roooo na bugggee
[protein] 8:08 pm: :baby: ehh lee
[jatti_heer] 8:09 pm: manu koi topic ni labia protin da
[jatti_heer] 8:09 pm: kithe aa
[protein] 8:10 pm: :roll: mere te v topicc a?
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:10 pm: protein u are gettin banned
[protein] 8:10 pm: if yu find me, send me the link!!
[nikki_heer] 8:10 pm: lol
[nikki_heer] 8:10 pm: man
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:10 pm: but im not goin to ban u
[nikki_heer] 8:10 pm: seriously
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:10 pm: because i never banend u b4
[jatti_heer] 8:10 pm: lol protin bache i think i can do tht mch for u
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:11 pm: becuase u are all alone now protein
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:11 pm: so haev fun
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:11 pm: i enjoy cat fights
[protein] 8:11 pm: im not even fighting with you
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:11 pm: but i wil always be curiuos why u picked
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:11 pm: "proteni"
[protein] 8:11 pm: nor do i ever want to talk to you
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:11 pm: u dont know me
[protein] 8:11 pm: can you please stay out of my business please im saying it politely
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:11 pm: im like ur wo rst nightmare your bapu (dad) warned u about
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:12 pm: so stay away lol
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:12 pm: oh and watch and read
[protein] 8:12 pm: wow im sending this all to granade
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:12 pm: this show
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:12 pm: http://punjabijanta.com/complaints/mainu-ban-kyon-kita/40/
[protein] 8:12 pm: for butting into my business
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:12 pm: read the spoilder and marvel
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:12 pm: what u guys did
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:12 pm: waht is ur business?
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:12 pm: that u like to conduct in pJ chat lol?
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:12 pm: ethe kehra business chaldaa, menu wi dassso

[protein] 8:12 pm: i dont like to talk to lamers like u
[protein] 8:12 pm: can u please shut up?
[protein] 8:12 pm: dont talk to me
[protein] 8:13 pm: u may talk to everyone else here
[protein] 8:13 pm: :)
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:13 pm: sorry i am amod
[Mitra Da Dera]: gharry has entered at 8:13 pm
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:13 pm: u cannot tell mod to shut up
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:13 pm: warning #2
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:13 pm: next warning will result in a kick from the room
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:13 pm: so choose ur words wisely, young wun!!

[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:13 pm: gharry bai, read kitti?
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:13 pm: spiolder
[protein] 8:14 pm: abusing ur powers?
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:14 pm: spoiler tu upch reha see mein kyon ban kitta
[Jatt.] 8:14 pm: protien dont say anything to him he`s actually getting things to ban you
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:14 pm: u told me to shut up
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:14 pm: just now didnt u?
[protein] 8:14 pm: i frickin dont wna talk to u
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:14 pm: charra bai shes already done enuff to get hersl banned
[Mitra Da Dera]: gharry has left at 8:14 pm
[Mitra Da Dera]: gharry has entered at 8:14 pm
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:14 pm: hun hor ki eh kar sakdi das bai?
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:14 pm: charra bai tu menu ek gal sacho sach das
[Mitra Da Dera]: gharry has left at 8:14 pm
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:14 pm: mein jo post kitta, jhootha post kitta?
[protein] 8:15 pm: i know im sending this to granade
[jatti_heer] 8:15 pm: jatt teri ki problem aa sachi tu das
[Jatt.] 8:15 pm: hanji pucheooo
[protein] 8:15 pm: he knws that he abuses his powers
[Mitra Da Dera]: gharry has entered at 8:15 pm
[Mitra Da Dera]: gharry has entered at 8:15 pm
[Jatt.] 8:15 pm: protien just save this chat
[protein] 8:15 pm: can someone post this in forum or let the admin know that this guy is bugging me?
[protein] 8:15 pm: i saved it
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:15 pm: protein u swore at me
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:15 pm: multiple times
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:15 pm: yet, i didn't ban u
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:15 pm: or kick you
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:15 pm: even once
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:15 pm: how come?
[protein] 8:15 pm: menu na bala
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:15 pm: ever thought about it lol?
[Jatt.] 8:15 pm: http://punjabijanta.com//camplaints/?action=posthere u go
[protein] 8:16 pm: u banned my best buddy
[gharry] 8:16 pm: na laddo
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:16 pm: lol
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:16 pm: its not permanent
[protein] 8:16 pm: thanks
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:16 pm: they will be back
[gharry] 8:16 pm: nikkiiiiiiiiiiiiii
[protein] 8:16 pm: jo marzi howe
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:16 pm: i like their enthusiasm
[gharry] 8:16 pm: samja ena nu
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:16 pm: they are good chatters
[protein] 8:16 pm: jida marzi howe
[protein->Jatt.] 8:16 pm: omgg this guy is annoying
[Jatt.->protein] 8:16 pm: just put him on ignore
[gharry] 8:16 pm: jatt tu ajje ban nhi hoya?
[protein->Jatt.] 8:17 pm: i cant hes a mod
[protein->Jatt.] 8:17 pm: and u cnt mods on ignore
[protein->Jatt.] 8:17 pm: i tried it
[gharry] 8:17 pm: gaala kadia ja nhi?
[Jatt.] 8:17 pm: naa bai mere bina pj ni chal sakdi
[Jatt.->protein] 8:17 pm: ohh ok just dont reply
[gharry] 8:17 pm: le das yr
[gharry] 8:17 pm: hor id buhet a
[gharry] 8:17 pm: meria free a id
[protein->Jatt.] 8:17 pm: okay i try not to talk to him
[gharry] 8:17 pm: chandigarh_police
[Jatt.->protein] 8:18 pm: yea he wants to ban you
[gharry] 8:18 pm: harry_from_ludhiana
[Jatt.->protein] 8:18 pm: then nobody can complain about him
[gharry] 8:18 pm: jatt_amli_heer_kamli
[protein->Jatt.] 8:18 pm: i can tell
[Jatt.] 8:18 pm: naa meri sakat jarruat a bai
[gharry] 8:18 pm: jo marji chakk le
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:18 pm: lol charra
[Jatt.] 8:18 pm: naa bai jheri reputation bani oh ni milni naa
[gharry] 8:18 pm: hahahahaaha
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:19 pm: charra bai meri respect ghat gayi tere layi, par still hegi
[gharry] 8:19 pm: e apne hath a
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:19 pm: thori jahi ghat gayi
[gharry] 8:19 pm: jado marji begad lao
[gharry] 8:19 pm: mullla mod di koi prob nhi
[Jatt.] 8:19 pm: kyun mein ki kita im just supporting these ppl
[gharry] 8:19 pm: jado banda modd ban janda dost ghet he jande a
[gharry] 8:19 pm: hahahaha
[Jatt.] 8:19 pm: purane record khad k dekhla im alaz agaisnt mods
[Jatt.] 8:20 pm: cuz everyone misuses their powers
[nikki_heer] 8:20 pm: ok back
[gharry] 8:20 pm: hahahahaha
[gharry] 8:20 pm: aja ja
[Jatt.] 8:20 pm: there should be someone who should monitors mods and admins
[gharry] 8:20 pm: ji aya nu
[gharry] 8:20 pm: mod bann k chat da v mazza nhi rehnda yr
[nikki_heer] 8:20 pm: jatt tu bot khraab aa os din jad oh gaala kad rehe si tu appp keh reha si khij k registration should be banned for new users or something
[Jatt.] 8:20 pm: nikki nu puchlaa jatt i`always monitors mods and admins
[Jatt.] 8:21 pm: power ch a k banda anna ho jaanda
[gharry] 8:21 pm: hahahahaha
[nikki_heer] 8:21 pm: ja ja kamm kar jatt
[gharry] 8:21 pm: hahahahahaha
[gharry] 8:21 pm: nikki tenu power deni pao
[nikki_heer] 8:21 pm: tu ta hun mere naal gal na kari bas
[gharry] 8:21 pm: buhet roula poundi
[nikki_heer] 8:21 pm: mere kol ta aap hundi si harry lol
[Jatt.] 8:21 pm: yeah i was saying te im happy k oh banned ne
[nikki_heer] 8:21 pm: ehmi baadu di tension :p
[gharry] 8:22 pm: sahi kiha
[Jatt.] 8:22 pm: te it was not that big deal
[gharry] 8:22 pm: mai v jaddo di saddi a mazza a gya
[nikki_heer] 8:22 pm: lolllll jatt fer kehnda kio aa k ehmi bina matlab ton ban kita
[gharry] 8:22 pm: hun chat te a kk lonely ch ja k need buhet sohni aundi
[Jatt.] 8:22 pm: j ithe hathyiaar huni hunde, ganda tuttiface hunda, ohna naalo te still teek c eh
[nikki_heer] 8:22 pm: tu galt naa dekhi kade
[Jatt.] 8:23 pm: ganda tuttiface
[nikki_heer] 8:23 pm: don't even talk to me jatt after this i m serious
[Mitra Da Dera]: deep shergill has entered at 8:23 pm
[Mitra Da Dera]: deep shergill has entered at 8:23 pm
[gharry] 8:23 pm: serious na ho
[jatti_heer] 8:23 pm: hanji read kar layee complain
[gharry] 8:23 pm: hasdi khed di changi a
[deep shergill] 8:23 pm: ssa pyar bhari
[jatti_heer] 8:23 pm: deep ji ssa
[gharry] 8:23 pm: ssa ji
[jatti_heer] 8:23 pm: ki haal aa ji tuhada
[Jatt.] 8:23 pm: whats wrong with it why you guyz are so against them...kyun tusi sare ik side te ho
[deep shergill] 8:23 pm: eni ijat
[deep shergill] 8:23 pm: jatti theek aa tu
[jatti_heer] 8:24 pm: jatt tanu oda sahi galt ch difference pta aa
[deep shergill] 8:24 pm: jan fer meri maut da saman teyar kar k bethi aa
[Jatt.] 8:24 pm: yea they were wrong but mods didnt follow proper procedure to handle them
[jatti_heer] 8:24 pm: kade mature bhi hou ga ka ida hie bas sab kuj majak ch hi jan dena
[Jatt.] 8:24 pm: mein sirf is point te a k mods ne sahi procedure ni adopt kitta ban karn da....
[deep shergill] 8:24 pm: ik min mai aunda
[protein] 8:24 pm: :) damn we got famous
[deep shergill] 8:25 pm: aakha ch pani de shitte mar awa
[gharry] 8:25 pm: jakham na kara lai 22
[gharry] 8:25 pm: pani v garm hunda
[deep shergill] 8:25 pm: yaar manu ajj jatti heer te aai janda deep ji
[deep shergill] 8:26 pm: keya baat aa
[Jatt.] 8:26 pm: jatti i know everything.....assi mod v rahe chuki a, website bana k run v kar chuke a, and more over raviiigill wargia de naal v khade a
[protein] 8:26 pm: jatt. u ll do perfect job at monitorin modz :] tehe
[gharry] 8:26 pm: bakre nu halal karen tu pehlla sigarea janda
[gharry] 8:26 pm: lol
[jatti_heer] 8:26 pm: jatt ja ina kuj pta aa ta bolda kio ni
[jatti_heer] 8:26 pm: ok ji ma aundi aa bck manu pukh baut lagi aa
[deep shergill] 8:26 pm: ooh hi te mai dekhda 22 tu ehna khato nikreya firda
[deep shergill] 8:26 pm: lol
[deep shergill] 8:27 pm: jatti khar ja bakra rin de aa tere lai
[gharry] 8:27 pm: menu v ajj kita kise ne
[nikki_heer] 8:27 pm: shit mannn people are dumb here i think
[gharry] 8:27 pm: ki hoya nikki
[Jatt.] 8:27 pm: nikki should be banned
[deep shergill] 8:27 pm: niiii nikkiye dekh kon aaeya
[gharry] 8:27 pm: galla kadd rahi a
[Jatt.] 8:27 pm: nikki you canrt point about anyone
[nikki_heer] 8:27 pm: jatt muh dho ke aa
[nikki_heer] 8:28 pm: tenu keha mere naal gal na kar
[protein] 8:28 pm: yes she shld be agreeeeeeeeeed!
[nikki_heer] 8:28 pm: jatt whatver boli jaa
[Jatt.] 8:28 pm: its racist too you cant say stuff about others and u usse word `shit`
[protein] 8:28 pm: ehh v bechari hurtt a :(
[nikki_heer] 8:28 pm: jatt people like u are in that "dumb people" category
[gharry] 8:28 pm: mulla
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:28 pm: tusi ek dujje naal kinna lardhe a
[Jatt.] 8:28 pm: you are dumb
[gharry] 8:28 pm: desi ne ajj ek topic banea
[nikki_heer] 8:29 pm: jatt tenu pta kp ne R AV da naam rakheya rav
[nikki_heer] 8:29 pm: tutti face or something
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:29 pm: kaun desi, gharry bai
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:29 pm: desi kaur
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:29 pm: simaro?
[gharry] 8:29 pm: ya'
[nikki_heer] 8:29 pm: oh kp admin si tutti is shit too
[Jatt.] 8:29 pm: shes wrong tooo
[nikki_heer] 8:29 pm: je tenu pta hove
[gharry] 8:29 pm: usnu kahi k shit v pa dave ban lai
[nikki_heer] 8:29 pm: changa baaki galt ne tu hi sahi aa
[nikki_heer] 8:29 pm: sahi reh fer gal krn di lorh ni haigi
[Jatt.] 8:29 pm: we call kp with same naame
[Jatt.] 8:29 pm: then we will see
[nikki_heer] 8:29 pm: changa
[nikki_heer] 8:30 pm: rav ne jo galt kita si oh tenu ni dikhya
[gharry] 8:30 pm: kp hun admin ni hegi?
[nikki_heer] 8:30 pm: ohdiya harkata hi tuttiface vargiya ne
[nikki_heer] 8:30 pm: ithe site aa ke porn videos payiya si
[gharry] 8:30 pm: hahahahaha nikki
[Jatt.] 8:30 pm: tera ta best frnd c
[gharry] 8:30 pm: ya
[nikki_heer] 8:30 pm: kp dia pics post kitiua si
[Jatt.] 8:30 pm: mera jija c
[nikki_heer] 8:30 pm: best friend ni haiga
[nikki_heer] 8:30 pm: mera ithe koi friend ni haiga
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:30 pm: meni wi gharry bai
[nikki_heer] 8:30 pm: i just talk to him like i do to everyone
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:31 pm: ladoo kehandi see rav ok a ehan nahi buraa
[nikki_heer] 8:31 pm: je kuch pta ni hunda boleya na kareya kar
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:31 pm: mein ganda tuttiface di dost
[Jatt.] 8:31 pm: yea wutever lol
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:31 pm: kurhi punjaban
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:31 pm: jehri pehlan pj te mod reh chukki ohde naal wi gal kkitti see
[nikki_heer] 8:31 pm: yeah whatever hu nta appe muh band krenga
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:31 pm: oh wi kehandi see ganda tuttiface bhot shareef a par pher menu
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:31 pm: jad grenade ne daseya
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:31 pm: harkatan
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:31 pm: bai gaalan jiniyan marji kadoo
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:31 pm: no tension
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:31 pm: chahey maa bhen ek karoo
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:31 pm: par je kuri di bezati karo
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:31 pm: ohdi photo te koyi pronstar thoko
[Mitra Da Dera]: gharry has left at 8:31 pm
[nikki_heer] 8:31 pm: ohdi ta mere naal b bot fight hoyi aa
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:32 pm: eh tan sab ton wadda crime a
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:32 pm: no excuses
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:32 pm: othe chak dena chahidaa
[nikki_heer] 8:32 pm: but then i started ignoring himmm fer appe hat gyea in fact we started talking with each other nicely
[Jatt.] 8:32 pm: nikki dont geyt on my nerves naale wth we hav to do with others
[nikki_heer] 8:32 pm: u dont get on my nerves
[Jatt Mullanpuria] 8:32 pm: charraeya lol good point
[nikki_heer] 8:32 pm: i didnt say anything to u
[nikki_heer] 8:32 pm: main sab di gal kiti si k people here are dumb people like sarpanch hes telling mulla did wrong banning those people
[protein] 8:33 pm: PJ world war !!!! :P ahahhhaahhah u guyss calmm downnn
[nikki_heer] 8:33 pm: u know just dont even bother to talk to me
[Mitra Da Dera]: deep shergill has left at 8:33 pm

yes, as you guyz can see mulla is hella abusing his powers..my font was  white as soon as i saw mulla cuz i knew he ws gna make a big deal out of it..i changed it before he even said anything to me, yet still he was showing me how and what he can do to ban me..is this wat mods do?? and nikki called sarpach dumb for making wise choices!

PJ Games / Re: Who Will Be The Winner.....?
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Shayari / Re: ਮਿਲਣ ਦਾ ਇੰਤਜਾਰ ...
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post#18 :-)

Discussions / Re: Indian Culture :) :)
« on: May 16, 2011, 11:18:23 PM »
LMFAO font shit messed it up.. iGNORE it :)

Discussions / Indian Culture :) :)
« on: May 16, 2011, 11:14:39 PM »
Hello   haterz + friends :) wut's up??

  :blah:  these two are nikki_heer and mundarisky 'cuz they always yapping about the most randomest things ever!!

 :won:  this is fateh 'cuz he wins all the fights on PJ! gooo Fateeeh! :)

 :nurse: this is sukhbeer..he kicks people outta the chatroom in his own special way with that cunning smile!

lol ok to the real topic now........ so here in US  we are very open and tell strangers things we probobly shouldn't and we show affection by kissing and holding hands in public...how is it like in India? :D how has western culture affected our Indian culture? :)

opinions/arguments/critics welcomed :)

 :thaa: awww :)

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Complaints / Re: mamu is swearing in chat
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LOL! what an a** licker!  hahaha are you that desperate to gain power on pj? lol

phela loka ni kijonda fer ronda lol

wow ethey vi galat boldi........lol chat ch galat boldi c otho ban hogi so she started in the forum
and fateh is trying to keep the chat clean so stop attacking him with ur false accusations!

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