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ਅਮਨ ਪੰਨੂ:
How to Post Image on PunjabiJanta

Important Thing If you want post a picture from your own computer, Then you have to upload that picture on some Image site like photobucket, flicker, or some like that, but i suggest you guys to use http://images.desishock.com 

1. Get the image link (make sure it's just image link not whole HTML link) Image link should look like that from the end .Jpg, Gif, .Jpeg.  make sure your Image link is not ending with .html
If it's ending with html then it's not gonna work. be careful about that thing.

2. Now copy the Link & paste in Post box.

3. Now highlight the link & then click the "Insert Image" button. Image button is located at right Below "Italicized".
if you are unable to find it then just look in this picture.

4. That's all now hit post & you are done.

If you need any other help to post anything here, just let me know.


waah waah main dhaneyaah ho gaya apke tutorial seekh kay waah thank you lmaooooooooooooooooo

ਅਮਨ ਪੰਨੂ:
chalo vai kissa da kam ta aye.....sun ka khushi hoi   Laugh;) Laugh;) Laugh;)


trying -----> direct link......


hanji hanji pic testing


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