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How To Boot Xp Faster (updated) - (By Pannu)

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--- Quote from: Agent47 RC on May 04, 2009, 09:47:52 PM ---FAT32 - File allocatiojn table (32 bit)
NTFS (New Technology File System)
veere eh apni harddrive jado apa new lene aa odo oh khali hundi yaani ki RAW koi format nahi hunda..eh kuch is tarah aa samjhaan lai.. jida apne kol CD RACK Aa
ik hunda aa sida pao te rakh do.
duja hunda a wallet type..jisnu rakho fer band kardo.. its just like that.. hegi ta storage aa working bhi same hi aa. bas tareeka different aa.. NTFS fast hundi aa and FAT thodi slow .par NTFS nu DOS mode ch on karke Access nahi kar sakde is karke mei FAT prefer karda hunda

--- End quote ---
still few fings are missin... u havent discuss abt security.. here
NTFS is a highperformance and selfhealing file system to Windows XP 2000 NT which supports filelevel security compression and auditing.
it supports RAIDS.... used in servers...
n d most important feature is encryption of sensitive data....

my solution is
1---Run Virs/Spyware Scan Every Once A week.
2--- Defragment your Computer Offen.
3--- Check Disk For Error (C:/>right click properties>Tools>Check Error(some Computer don't need Restart Step and Some Do)
4--- Start Run>type "Prefetch" and delete everything there restart you will run ur comp faster
i do this works like charm.


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