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Games Review (PC/PS3/Xbox 360/Wii)

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As We all know we like playing video games on one or the other console .

Lets share your reviews on particular games.

It can be any game that  you recently played or have played in the past.

Please Rate them on the scale of 10


Jatt Mullanpuria:
very nice.. so far i got on xbox 360. modern warfare 3, black ops.

I know yamla and pyaramittar also got mw 3 and xbox 360.. Mein donaa patandara nu open challenge kitta for call of duty.. but they both chikened out.

pc te , starcraft 2 and battlefield 3

je kise ne add karna mera gamertag on 360.


I play games on my PC and PS3

I like shooting games but on PC only

and others Racing , RPG's (like Assassins creed) on PS3

Some reviews for the recent ones I played

Prince of Persia (PS3) Forgotton Sands : Very nice game to play , the controls are brilliant however it gets bit hard in the end since you have to use almost all the buttons to move. Graphics just take you 10,000 years ago. I'd Rate it 8.5

Ninja Gaiden 2 (PS3) : As its name it has all those japanese style weapons to fight against enemy (Evils) to save the village. Its pretty quick when it comes to response time. I'd Rate it 7 out 10

NFS Run (PC) : Car games when you talk about them you want them to be in a good story line since they are the Street racing games. This one does have a good story line but at some points it lacks. Plus I feel it wasn't that long enough. Quiet Short I must Say. I'd Rate it 7

God Of War 3 (PS3 Only) : Brutal Killing in a story mode with some action sequences with pauses if that is what you like this is the game for you. The game gets harder and harder . Weapons and powers you can increase as other  games there is a need of some brain to play this game as some stages are hard to get thru. I'd rate about 8 [ Still playing ]

RAGE (PC) : This is quiet a big game for a PC , I played it for about 2 days and then I was over it. It gets pretty boring .Rate 6 ,thats the best I can do

Jatt Mullanpuria:
u need to get 360 par australia and europe.. ps3 is big.. and in north america its 360.

rage da demo dekhunga par starcraft is pretty cool. strategy type game a . 9/10
im into shooters. i played gow 1 and 2    7-8/10

modern warfare 3  gets 7/10 because there wasnt much of chagne.

battlefield 3 for pc gets 10/10  u can ride choppers tanks, planes jeeps anything u want and graphics are the best. love that game

Call of Duty MW3 : I didn't played the whole because As JATT said above it was pretty much the same and don't like to play same sorta games again and again so I just kind of left it in between. Rate 6.5

FEAR 2/3 : Nice games when you think about killing /Aiming its fun and bit of horror sequences as well.
Rate 8 out of 10

@ Jatt yeah I prefer PS3 as it has better graphics compared to xbox 360 because of blueray full HD games. you can Check on youtube the comparisions.


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