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Are these big tech companies trying to intrude your privacy?

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Zamana iphone da aageya te galaxy and hor smartphone v piche nahi..par tusi khud soch ke dekheya kadi v jehriya big tech companies like google and apple and HP,Intel,Sony etc aa...eh tuhadi privacy nu intrude kar rahiya...

Har ikk cheez google and fb naal linked aa and ajjkal saareya diya emails v gmail diya...google de server ikalle data store karan nu nahi bane.Eh complex algorithms chalonde aa jehre data store and sort karde that means ki agar tusi kise apne nu koi photo v bheji aa or tusi apne employer nu apni detail bheji aa te eh samajh lao tuhadiya details google de server wich pujj gayiya.

Thora hor detail dinna,duniya wich koi v financial organization or government organization google or yahoo de server use nahi kardi.Information display karan nu of course kardi aa but jo info dikhdi and jo background wich chalda aa sabb same nahi hunda.So if these companies dont trust any servers why should you guys trust them.

Ehna da nuksaan haje nahi but long run wich huna  kyunki automation hamesha bharose waali nahi hundi means technology dino din smart ho rahi aa and jis din AI ne overtake kita us din tuhade phone,laptop,gadget,tv's and etho takk ki bikes and gaddiya v safe nahi rehniya and in turn tusi safe nahi and na tuhadiya families.

Social networking use karo but safe raho.Dont use cloud storage,learn how to use it and return back to old school..Apne aap nu hun safe rakhna start kar deo or aaon waale 20 saal wich tuhade bolan to pelo google ne dass deya karna v ah tuhade din da schedule aa which is quite creepy.

remedy ehe aa v social networking and search engines use karo ghatt tou ghat.Jaruri nahi har ikk cheej loka nu pata lagge.Tuhade bujurg v social networking and google tou bina successful hoye aa...tusi v ho sakde aa.Evolve yourself rather then taking help of this technology to evolve .Learn everything rather then googling it and agar google karan di lorh paindi v aa te erase history from your browser and phones.Try not to provide your financial details every now and then,you never know what kind of bots are present while you are just logging onto your online accounts.

Baaki enjoy surfing internet and enjoying technology.This is a beautiful era,try to make most of it just dont rely mostly on it.

Technical cheeja main explain nahi kar sakda kyu ki not everybody will be interested in learning those.

Look for the topic i have provided in the link,just a short example of what google or any large scale server is capable of.


Gujjar NO1:
Big Information
Thanx to sharing

Thanks bro

Apna Punjab:
Nice info bro. Par hun yahoo Tae email aundia jerdia like thodae credit card bill ana is it safe?


--- Quote from: ☁ Apna Punjab ☼ on August 15, 2015, 02:53:59 PM ---Nice info bro. Par hun yahoo Tae email aundia jerdia like thodae credit card bill ana is it safe?

--- End quote ---

agar tusi apni email hi oh ditti aa then kuch nahi ho sakda..jida normal lok use karde aa oda ee use tusi v karonge...as i have said...they are capturing all the data they can and the real problem will only occur when Artificial Intelligence will take over and that may be today,tmmrw or whenever...and Internet or so called AI will take decisions on its own which can be in your favor and maybe not....AI can forge you into anything,it can freeze your accounts or maybe make you a criminal too...for now it is safe but totally relying on technology can make you suffer...


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