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The hallmark of the “Great musician’s” often lies in their ability to hone to perfection a strong and easily assimilated iconic, but singular image. It may evolve slowly and surely over the years but will always be presumed to be a natural maturing. Daler Mehndi, as a musician, performer and song - writer, defied this convention completely. He continually re-invented himself and his art at breakneck speed and illogical disjointedness. It seemed as though time was always at a premium.
With complete disregard for the then prevalent – regional- Punjabi- music style loyalty or so called integrity, he combined the most unlikely forms of music with newfound subject matter sprinkled with his fetish for “RabRab” (God) words, rendered with versatile Power Pitched Vocals, performed with exquisite choreography and character, ornamented further with the signature self designed Maharaja Robes, Bejeweled Turban and Jewellery – a Style only befitting a Maharaja   presenting the then unknown and unborn Indian Pop Industry with its first true Pop Icon.

He deconstructs that which makes him singular, and then a new element arises to confound and entice the masses who think they have just figured out his latest incarnation. His USP is his Originality.

Mehndi exemplifies the new aesthetic from his humble folkie yet celebrated beginnings starting from Bolo Ta Ra Ra to the glitter and glam of the rocking Balle Balle & Jalwa, to the pied piper rage of Tunak Tunak , to the elegance of Ru –Ba -Ru  & Shaam Say Maine Puchha, to the punk rock style of TWO EYES - at each twist and turn of his career, creating more than one myth to harken back to his creative visions.

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The King of Bollywood Pop started introducing Rock way back in the year 2000. He wrote "Sunna Sunna Vehra" , "Dil Jogi De Naal" - the songs had a grunge rock feel to them something absolutely oblique to the
then Indian Music scenario, even his Music Label at the time - 'Universal Music' (an International Music Label) having access and exposure to the various kinds of music being created in the world, to whom he was signed
didn't quite comprehend the sound.

It was only in 2007 MIDEM, France that BMG Music Publishing decided to sign the biggest song writer, composer from India - DALER MEHNDI.
DALER MEHNDI became the first Indian Song Writer Composer to be signed by BMG which then soon became Universal Music Publishing.

His first International Collaboration is with a British Punk Rock Band - the Wolfmen. The first single 'Do Naina' or 'TWO EYES' was released on I Tunes. Written and Composed by Daler Mehndi , the song has an infectious rhythm that is the singer's  signature and grunge rock guitars. What is spectacular is the combination of the underlying melody fused in amazing precision with the rocker guitars. The power pitched vocals catapult it to a different zone which along with the rhythm evokes dancing.
A great sound from the original Master Blaster of Entertainment. One that straddles the masses and the classes with his music.

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