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Happy 2011 everyone :superhappy:

Thank you to all for making PJ award a success once again.

The Results for PJ Award 2010.

Most Happiest – Simari(khish mish)
Most Saddest - BloriAkh
Most Emotional – Kudrat Grewal
Easiest to Love – Simari
Easiest to get along with – Simari, _noXiouS_, Kudrat Grewal
Biggest Ninja (most ladaku) - Simari
Biggest Flirt - Simari
Best Poet - BloriAkh
Biggest Gossiper - Simari
Most Wise – Kudrat Grewal
PJ Clown (makes people laugh) – Simari and _noXiouS_
Most Cunning (chalaak) - Simari
Best New Member - Titlee
Most Reputable – Kudrat Grewal
Most Useful - _noXiouS_
Most Addicted to PJ -  jattikilla4nia and _noXiouS_
Best PJ Female Profile – Desi Kaur
Oldest Active Member - Kohinoor
Chat di Jaan - Ratanjot
Forum di Jaan - _noXiouS_ and Desi Kaur
Best User ID - _noXiouS_
Best Topic Starter – _noXiouS_


Most Happiest – Pendu (Insane)
Most Saddest – Dukhi Jatt
Most Emotional – Gurpinder Mand
Easiest to Love - Pendu
Easiest to get along with - Pendu
Biggest Ninja (most ladaku) - Ji
Biggest Flirt – Jhanda Amli
Best Poet - Tezy
Biggest Gossiper – Sandhu_Boyz
Most Wise – Grenade Singh and Jhanda Amli
PJ Clown (makes people laugh) – Sandhu_Boyz
Most Cunning (chalaak) - Powerlifter
Best New Member - Thedesidude
Most Reputable – Codename47
Most Useful – Jhanda Amli
Most Addicted to PJ – Jhanda Amli
Best PJ Male Profile – Mr Brar Rules
Oldest Active Member – Grenade Singh
Chat di Jaan – Ashfaq Gujjr
Forum di Jaan – Jhanda Amli and Sandhu_Boyzz
Best User ID – Grenade Singh and Billu Bakra
Best Topic Starter – Jhanda Amli and Gurpinder Mand

Congratulations to all the winners  :superhappy:

Special Thanks to: Titlee, Sarb Gill (helping count votes), and Jhanda Amli (punjabi translation)


Some tid-bits about the votes:


Most Happiest - Simari won by 8 votes, noxious leading by 7, desi kaur and Lado by 6
Best New Member - -Titlee won by 15, while Jatti Anti Narcotics leading with 11
Chat di Jaan - ratanjot won by 9, guglo muglo leading with 7-
Best User ID - noxious won by 9, while Kudrat leading with 7 and guglo with 5


- male nominees were a bit disperse

Most Happiest - pendu won by 8, jhanda amli leading with 6
Easiest to Love - Pendu won by 5 and Codename led by 3
Biggest Flirt - Jhanda AMli won by 12 votes, Powrelifter leading with 9
Biggest Gossiper - Sandhu_Boyz won by 4, Powerlifter and Gill Saab leading by 3 votes.
Best New Member - Thedesidude won with 10 votes, Shokeen_munda leading with 6
Most Reputable - Codename won by 9, GS led by 8 and Jhanda Amli by 7
Best PJ Male Profile - Mr Brar won with 8 and Gurpinder Mand led with 7
Chat di Jaan - Ashfaq Gujjar won by 8, Gill_SS led with 6

Male and Female oldest active users in actual excluding admins:

October 17, 2007

Billu Bakra

Punjabi Singh Soorma

$$Velly Jatt $$

Sandhu Boyz

●๋•dểکí вïllø

Thank you very much Noxious :)
your a legend

If I have to give a best PJ person award that would go to you  :won:

sada v nam v aya wowww thx dosto

 :won: gud job noxius .... Gud job all pj members two ....


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