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Author Topic: People Beating up old people its so sad  (Read 3205 times)

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Re: People Beating up old people its so sad
« Reply #20 on: April 23, 2015, 01:39:58 PM »
bai mae ta kah raya tenu tere ess point jerda thalae aah ...
Quote from: myself_ghaint
meri serious gall herr kise bhi samaj de vass di gall nhi so veer tu na soch lol
ya fir dubara read karke samaj wht i m saying 

human ne jidda apne aap vich cast religion rich poor banaye ida hi human ne apne aap nu human title daike special feel karaan di kosis kitti  and rabb di banayi other creation fish ,dog,lion etc nu animal title daike ona nu thalle ya neeva show karde ne

for example one man said to me we r human god gave us brain tht y we make house blah blah
go and see the bird she make house (nest) for herself and design too by using her brain :)

Quote from: Apna punjab
Insaan na kida neeva show karta animal nu. animal da title da k aaah. tenu naale kida pata k animal vich aah cheeza haa ni giya cast religion rich poor show me the proof bro. ... naale jida tuh kehna k animal kol v brain haa ga pher tu kida sure k animal na human nu koi name nai dita apni language vich .. :idk:

naale mae ta kaya ayi 1 banda  jerda kehanda na  brain blah blah..   odae kehaan na tu sare banda ik brabar kida kar ta .. das hun

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