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Author Topic: Punjabi Janta Award Ceremony 2017 result  (Read 8859 times)

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Punjabi Janta Award Ceremony 2017 result
« on: January 23, 2018, 03:52:12 PM »
Hello Dosto and Saheliyo sabto pehla sadde Admin Mullanpuria, S admin Gujjar, and G mod Pangebaaz mutiyaar wallo sorry kann fadke kyuki award result late dassiya jaa riha hain  :d

Punjabi Janta Award Ceremony 2017 result  dassiya javega in Ghaint style  :x yaaahi main apne andaaz vich davaga award  :bar   lol :c jisnu changa lagge wadiya gall aa maadi lagge ta   

Jalo mere to jinna jal hunda ik naah ik din roast jaroor hovoge tusi  :kamli  :drum


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Most Saddest -Vijay Gohal

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Biggest Flirt - Gujjar

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Best User ID - Princess

Best Topic Starter – Qainaat

PJ Model- Mani kaur

Well doneeeee jehre jehre win hoye jehre win nhi hoye lakh lanata tuvade te dubb maro :d  :bar :bar :bar :bar :D :D :c

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