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do WE know WHO santa n banta is??

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Deleted User:
WE laugh at JOKES on SANTA BANTA, but do WE know WHO santa n banta is?? SANTA is SHAHEED SATWANT SINGH n BANTA is SHAHEED BEANT SINGH, the 2 SURME that PUNISHED INDIRA ... These jokes were started by HATERs of the SIKH MOVEMENT, n today some STUPID SIKH are JOINING in with the FUN of these JOKES.. WAKE UP, n DONT let anyone DO JOKES on SIKHI, may it be SARDAR or SANTA BANTA.. WE are NOT a JOKE!

yea =D> main ehh read kita si pehla we kise site te 

Sardar's Are Not a Joke

Deleted User:
eh me joke section ch post kita taki koi joke post krn toh phyla dekh lawe

:Tumbup: Aho vadia kita

Hun to Ehh dekh lawo sare jane hun to  Koi we Santa & banta de naam to  Joke nahi pawe ga

Happy married life oye hahahaha:
thanx g dassan lyi.............mainu tan ajj hi pta laggea


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