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Thinning and Dry Frizzy Hair Solutions

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Hey Girlies,

Aj kal meh notice kitha kaffi lokha nu dry hair problems ne ya fer baal bhot charr de a! Mere nal vi edha hi hoya c ...i used to have thick hair but fer thin kaafi hon lagge so meh apni research kiti n i found. Jere appne shampoos n conditioners ch chemicals pehnde for example parabens and sulfates, eh sab apne hair's de natural oils nu khatam kr dinde which leaves our hair dry. Odhe nal ik nawi problem...fer hair oily bhot hunde..kioki scalp da kam aa vi pH balance rkhna.. n fer jado ik damm dryness hundi it produces more oils to make up for em. Ode krke apne roots bhot jaldi oily ho jande.

So meh kaafi cheeza try kithia, i used organic products, even spent money on some high end products and none of them really worked. But just because it didnt work for me doesn't mean it wouldnt work for you. Sab di skin different a...jo cheez mere lai ni kam kithi..maybe thode lai hougi. So you just have to trial and test different things.

At last finally meh Johnson's da baby shampoo use kitha (i bought the lavender one-smells awesome :he: ) and reason being because even though it has some chemicals...its meant for babies so its very delicate for your skin and doesnt use harsh chemicals. I mean our hair stays the same from the day we're born to the day we die. So i dnt think koi farak penda appa baby shampoo use kariye ya koi hor. Purpose ta same hi aa .. we want to clean it! Odhe nal meh notice kitha my hair didnt get oily and it didnt dry out like it used to! So kaafi farak peya change krn nal. Also meh ik hor conditoner use krdi a Tsubaki Blossom by OGX. I love it :excited: I swear it smells so good, you could eat your hair :hehe: hahaha

Also ik hor gal try not to wash your hair every day or every other day. Limit it to 2 or 3 times a week! If your hair gets oily in between you can always use dry shampoo. Suave has a really good one and it smells awesome. Big sexy hair's product line is another one that's really good! Always make sure you give your hair an oil treatment every week too! A little trick you can use is blow dry your hair so your roots absorb the oil faster and you dont have to leave it in for a long time. Always warm it up and use it and make sure you do a little head massage at the end! :ok:

I'll post some of the products that I use ! Im always on the search for natural products :hehe:

I love this oil, it smells awesome :ok: I always use it after I straighten my Hair!

This is the one I use and I always finish up with the Tsubaki Blossom conditoner. These two are the best combo! Your hair's gonna smell so sweet  :pagel:

This is my holy grail product! I swear I would die if it ever ran out! Hamesha 2 3 extra rakhdi meh leakhe :hehe: LOVE LOVE LOVE :love: Meh apne sare conditioners sutt te bas ikk ehi use karida ajj kal  8->

If you don't have dry shampoo, a quick trick is to use baby powder instead! Best way to use it is at night before you go to bed, take some in your hands rub it n massage it into your ROOTS ONLY and when you wake up just comb or brush out your hair! :ok:

This one's good too but I don't like the way it smells!

This one smells amazing and its my favorite! Haye edha lagda koi perfume laya hunda vaala ch :hehe: :love:

αмαи g:

💕» ρяєєтι мαη∂ «💕:
Tanks so much your the best love  :blush:

aww your welcome siso's  :hugg:

kuch hor puchna howe ta puch skde oh! I'm always here to help!  8->

💕» ρяєєтι мαη∂ «💕:
Dw love if I any more advice I will let you know :)


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