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Girls Only: What Do You Use?

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Hanji meri pyari sisos ethe akhe share karo tusi ki new try kitha makeup wise, any beauty or hair products ! Your favorite products that you swear by and give reviews on the ones that you didnt like.

Okay so to start...meh apne fav products ware dasdi. Waise summer i dnt wear any foundation or anything it gets too heavy n looks super cakey! Just eyeliner n some gloss usually does the trick :ok:

So cliniques foundation so far works best for me...i tried mac but i feel like it dsnt suit my skin gets all cakey and for some reason they make u look like u have a makeup tan :D:

My fav eyeliner is loreals' s voluminous smoldering eyeliner in black. I swear it works like magic..glides on the first time you put it on and dsnt wear off like other eyeliners. You dont have to keep re-applying :ok:

Have you guys tried paul mitchel's tea tree shampoo n conditioner?

αмαи g:
Meri skin bohath awkward si expensive creams try karke faida ni hoya BUTTT then I accidentally tried Himalaya products and it's o cheap but magical. Kade koi hor ni use kiti. :2cool:

Ik mint julep mask milda...gets all the oil that clogs up your pores

Baki st. Ives de products bhot wadia hunde aa :ok:

Pahela mein use Kardi si Mac Hun tah ode nal mere kahi vari face te pimples aa lag jande fer mein change keta name ni yaad aa reh jado aao mein zarror dasso gi par oh foundation sephora toh lehndi Hundi better than Mac
Eyeliner mein maybelene valaya da use Kardi
Par je mannat keh reh oh mein try karke Dekho gi
Meri frnd vi Kahandi har 6 month apne nu change karna chahida mascara n eyeliner so mein Ohi Kardi Hundi usually

♥ ਮਰਜਾਣੀ ♥ нєєя♥:
Hmmm first time ithe kisa na vadia topic banaia

Ma pella mac da makeup use krdi si hun ni krdi face ta baut heavy feel hundi una di foundation so oh ni use krdi but concealer nd face primer mac da hie use krdi fer ma lancome di foundation use kiti but una kol hun oh no ni aunda so hun sephora gayee nd ona mere ta nars di foundation nd powder use kita so for last 5-6 months di ma nars naal aa i luv it i swear full coverage dindi nd feel ni hunda makeup payia aa thn i use lancome nd loreal mascara use krdi nd sephora da brush use krdi nd eyeliner nd lipstick nd lip gloss mac nd pink orchid local company aa una di lipstick nd gloss use krdi usually ma light pink or any pinkish colour hie use krdi nd hmmm ki reh gia oh yeah sephora di hie makeup setting spray use krdi. I guess this is it nd for my hair i use treseme shampoo baut cheap aa but vadia aa so oh use krdi mascara eyeliner shampoo nd perfume brand every 6 month change krni chidee i heard nd always ehi follow kridi .  :wow:


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