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Author Topic: Bhai Bagga Singh & The Horse Thief  (Read 648 times)

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Bhai Bagga Singh & The Horse Thief
« on: September 18, 2010, 12:13:16 PM »
Bhai Bagga Singh was riding on his horse one day when he say that on the road was a man walking very slowly, holding his back with both his hands. The man called out to Bhai Bagga Singh, “Brother! I’m very sick and cannot walk. If you would let me ride the horse for a couple of miles, I will be able to go home to my village and you can drop me off there. May God bless you if you help me!”

Bhai Bagga Singh felt compassion for the man and got off his horse. He helped the sick man onto the saddle and took the reins in his hands and began to walk along side the horse, leading it forward on the road.

The man who had asked for the ride sat on the horse for some time, lightly grasping the reins as well. As time passed, sometimes he began to occasionally tightly grasp them and then let them go again. After some distance, the rider sharply pulled the reins out of Bhai jee's hands, turned the horse around and began to speed away. Bhai Bagga Singh called behind him, “Brother! Please listen to what I have to say, even it is from at a distance! If you want to take the horse, it is your decision, but listen to what I have to say!”

The thief was quite surprised but curious. He stopped the horse at quite a distance and said, “Speak!”

Bhai jee began, “Don’t ever tell anyone that you stole this horse by feigning sickness and getting a ride from me and then pulling the reins away from my hand.”

The thief asked in bewilderment, “Why??” The Sikh replied, “If you do this, you will be harming countless truly ill people who will need help during a journey. If they ask for assistance, people will think they are thieves like you who will take away their horse like that thief once took away Bagga Singh’s (my) horse. You will die one day yet there will always be people who become ill and people who can help them but the story of your actions today will forever create distrust between them.”

Bagga Singh then said no more and slowly began to walk away. The thief rode off in the opposite direction.

Bagga Singh reached home, bathed, recited Rehraas Sahib, ate and then fell asleep. Early the next morning, Bagga Singh came out into his courtyard out of habit to give hay to his horse. The horse too would recognize Bagga Singh’s foot steps and would neigh to greet him. Today as usual he heard the neigh of his horse and memory returned to him that his horse had been stolen yesterday and so where was this neighing coming from? As these thoughts went through his mind, he heard the neighing once again.

Bagga Singh walked forward in amazement and saw that his horse was tied to the gate of his home. He patted the horse on the back and looked out and saw that yesterday’s thief was standing outside, looking down in embarrassment.

Bagga Singh asked: “Well my sick friend, are you feeling better today?” The thief replied, “Bagga Singh, I was truly sick yesterday but you are the doctor who has brought me back to my senses. Take your horse back brother. Now there will be no story of treachery and no harm will come to anyone who becomes ill on a journey. In the future I too will try to become like Bagga Singh and have mercy on those in need. Give me your blessings.”

This story is a good example of how we can practically bring Sikhi into our lives. There is an increase in fraud and cheating but we should always try to increase the good in the world even at a cost to ourselves. We should never as Sikhs set a bad example because we will not only disgrace ourselves but because of our identity, we will have an impact on all other Sikhs as well.

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Bhai Bagga Singh & The Horse Thief
« on: September 18, 2010, 12:13:16 PM »

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Re: Bhai Bagga Singh & The Horse Thief
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2010, 03:57:21 AM »
bhut wadiya post aa =D> =D>

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Re: Bhai Bagga Singh & The Horse Thief
« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2010, 04:01:15 AM »
menu ta eni greji nhi aundi ki kaha mai k vaddia ja nhi per guglo kihndi vaddia ta mai v bol dina buhet vadiia ji :pagel:

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Re: Bhai Bagga Singh & The Horse Thief
« Reply #3 on: September 19, 2010, 07:34:06 AM »
menu ta eni greji nhi aundi ki kaha mai k vaddia ja nhi per guglo kihndi vaddia ta mai v bol dina buhet vadiia ji :pagel:

bhai ji bhai bagga singh ji apnae ghoare ta swar ho k pindh nu jaan dae hundae ta raah vich ik banda turya jaan daya hunda khenda bhai bagga singh ji nu k mae bimar kyu na tusi manu apnae ghorae ta betha k diwa khanae la jao. Tae bhai bagga singh ji gorae toa uttar jandae tae o banda ghorae ta char  janda ta bai bagga singh ji ghoare dae naal turi jaan dae c ta turdae turdae kaffi agae chala gae. bhai bagga singh apnae dhyan ch tae ghorae tae betha banda bhai bagga singh ji dae hatho ghoarae diya lagama koh k puri furti naal vapis bhajan laga tae bhai ji khendae o bai ji galh ta sun jao ghaora pave tusi la ja par galh sun jao, tae chor jerda bimar dae bhangae naal ghora churra k bhajan laga c o aggae ja k ruk janda tae bhai bagga ji ous nu khandae aa galh kisae hor nu na dassi k mae bimar da bhana la k ghora chori kita aa ta chor khenda kyu , ta bhai bagga ji khandae ada ja koi hor bimar hoya ta kisae nae ous dayi madad nai karni ayi samjana k avi chor hona . ani galh sunh k chor apni rah paya gaya tae bai ji apnae pindh aa gae.  saver uth k bhai ji isnanan karn dae hundae ta ohna nu ghorae da bolan dae awaj aundae ta bahar jandae tae othae o dekh da k ghora apni killi naaal bhaja hunda, ta o kallah vala banda laggae khara c. tae khenda bhai ji tusi meria akha khol tiya tae ajj toa badh mae ayi harkat kadae nai karda. tae mae thodae vangra banh k kisae banda dayi madad ayi kARO GA.

es khani da nachod ayi nikal da k apa es nu apnae jiwan vich apniya. es sansar wich bahut buriyan, bahut galat kam hundae hun, aa apa ik sikh dae gunah naal vadiya banh k dekhiya ta apniya changia naal apa horra tae ik sikh da vadiya prabh pa sakiyan k sikh mardae nai hundae.

for example : Ik var mae ta mera bro tae ous da friend ghuman firn bahar gae c bas ghum daya pher daya asi sochya pizza kah k ghar jandae hun. bas badh pizza vali dukan tae gae 3 pizza da order marya tae. jerda 3pizza da order devae ous nu bread dae vangra kush naal free milda c. ta ada bahar shotae shotae jawak bethae c goraya dae, ta o jawak na coca coala dekh k mang laya ta sadae cho ik jana bolya tae ous nae bread tae ik 2liter dayi coca cola di botal la kae diti.. ta asi badh ch ous nu pushya k veer tusi es tra kyu kita. ada rehan dena c. ta o veer bolaya yaar apa sikh aa apnae bare ohna dae dila vich shyadh galat khayal hun jae apa ada kush kariyae ta ohna dae vichar badal jaan gae apnae baarae. o koi pagg vala munda ja banda dekgan gae ta ah kush galat nai sochan gae ayi sochan gae k ahh changae bandae hundae... so ayi galh utli story ch aa k dusrae banda ta changa prabh pavo jo k tanu ik sikh nu changae di niggah dayi naal dekh sakhae..

shyadh mae jo likhna chounda o likh nai sakya punjabi dae o sare gunhkari akhra da pata jidae kar k mae bai tenu ik vadiya treekae naal apnae dil dayi galh samja nai sakya! par kisae wele pardh dae hoyiae ta appae samj ayi janda.
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