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Firstly, you don't need to trip actually

Secondly, anybody who is mature, wise and well educated(and ofcourse you do not seem to possess these attributes) can easily judge who is the "nursery" kid here

ya so stop ur useless talk with me

n god bless u too 

Please do not talk like a fifth grade child !!

Sex is not a wall between you and god, number one.
Sex is a natural phenomenon, without which the reproductive cycle cannot sustain.

Do you think without sex you would have been born ? Do you think you will ever have a family to carry your blood without sex ?

So do not use "sex" and "lust" together.These two are very different things.

What is lust ?
Lust is wanting more than the natural need in a negative way, or simply just say addiction.It is a hunger, which one cannot tolerate.
The idea to control lust is not to control sex, but control lust for sex.

Rather than just reading things on Sikhism and putting it here on forums won't help.Try putting in a little effort to understand as well.

first m i talk with u ?? no na so don't interfere in my talk !!

second 5th grade haha so funny , jake pehla app pad la fer meinu kahi jo kehna

naal mera dimag na khrab kar apne nursery standard deya glan kar kar ke !!

there r 5 vikars according Sikhism n in Hinduism n Buddhism  - tht r kam ( sex , lust ) krodh lobh , moh , ahankar !!  kam considered as head of these all vikars !!
if u control it ,  u can control these all ( others) !!
in bible n quran ,  lust n sex is also considered as a wall between u n god !!

u can't get anything in discussion  , cz there are diff type of ppz tht have diff thinking n knowledge !! meditate name of lord as much u can n u get all answers from ur spirit ,  one day !!

so god bless !! take care :happy:

Travel / Re: Charitable organisations/hospices/family stores in india
« on: February 09, 2013, 10:36:48 AM »
Thats very great idea , ya there r so many organisations , if u talk about punjab then pingalwara, amritsar is best n if u talkin about others then mother teresa charity calcutta n joyce meyer ministries hydrabad ! god bless u :)

same reply

n clapping on this gr8 work :happy:

Birthdays / Re: happy birthday shokeen-munda
« on: February 09, 2013, 10:30:39 AM »
happy bday bro , miss u so much :happy: jithe v ho te jive v ho kush raho :) *blessings*

thanks gujjar

Jokes Majaak / Re: What is love
« on: February 09, 2013, 02:15:05 AM »

Help & Suggestions / Re: aah ki drama hoya tuhada staff waleya da hun??
« on: February 09, 2013, 02:06:03 AM »
dha lo fad ke kla kla thok do :D: eda nahi ehna nu akal auni :D: - hun dekhi meinu warning ayugi " tusi staff members layi glat bole so tuhanu warn kita janda " :D: omg


Bhai Nand Lal Ji Ate Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Vich Bahut Prem Si..
Bhai Nand Lal Ji Jad Tak Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji De Darshan Nahi Kar Lainde San, Tad Tak Apna Din Nahi Start Karde San..
Ik Din Bhai Nand Lal Ji Ne Jaldi Kithe Jana Si,, Te Guru Sahib 4am Darbar Vich Aaunde San..
Ohna Ne Socheya Chalo Guru Sahib Jithe Aram Karde Han Bua(Door) Knock Karke Mil Ke Chalda Han..
2am Guru Sahib Apne Dhyan Vich Bethe San, Te Nand Lal Ji Ne Knock Kita..
Guru Sahib Puchhde Kaun Hai Baahar..??
Nand Ji- Main Haa’n..!
Phir Puchhde- Kaun Hai Bahar..?
Nand Ji Kehnde Main Haa’n..!
Guru Sahib Kehnde Jithe Main -Main Hundi Othe Guru Da Darwaza Nahi Khulda..
Bhai Nand Lal Ji Nu Bada Feel Hoya,
Ki Main Ae Ki Keh Dita..
Fir Knock Kita
Te Guru Sahib Phir Puchhde Kaun Hai..?
Nand Lal Ji Kehnde..
''Tu Hi Tu''.
Guru Sahib Kehnde Iss Vich Taa’n Teri Chaturati Dikh Rahi Hai, Te Jithe Chaturai(Cleverness) Hundi Othe Vi Guru Da Darwaza Nahi Khulda..
Ae Sun Ke Nand Lal Ji Ro Paye. Ki Inna Giani Hoke Tu Guru To Sun Leya..
(Nand Lal Ji Bahut Giani San, 6 Lanuages Aaundiya San, Shayar San,
Hak Hak Aagaah
Guru Gobind Singh ll
Guru Gobind Singh ll,
Ghazals Hor Bahut Kuch Bhai Nand Lal Ji Ne Uchareya Hai..)
Pher Ohna Nu Raunde Sun Guru Gobind Singh Ji Puchhde Baahar Kaun Ronda Hai..?
Nand Lal Ronde Hoye Bole,
Ki Kava Kaun Haa’n..?
Main Kava Ta Haumey Aaundi,
Tu Kava Ta Cleverness..
Tusi Aap Hi Daso Kaun Haa’n..??
Darwaza Khul Gya Te
Awaz Aayi
Bas Ae Nimrata Rakhna Sikho ,
Jithe Ae Nirmata, Bholapan Hai Othe Guru Ghar De Darwaze Tuhade Layi Hamesha Khule Han..
Saakhi Pad Ke Ik Vaar Rasna Pavitar Zarur Karna
Dhan Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji te dhan dhan bhai sahib bhai nand lal ji :)

PJ Games / Re: je upar wala banda ladai kare..ki karoge
« on: February 02, 2013, 10:33:29 AM »
oh ta lagan ge kaka :nurse:

Competitions / Re: Male VOTING Punjabi Suit-2013
« on: February 02, 2013, 10:26:51 AM »
challa n garry hv good collections :hehe:

PJ Games / Re: je upar wala banda ladai kare..ki karoge
« on: February 02, 2013, 10:24:57 AM »
hahahaha nah nah atma nu shanti ta jiyonde v chayidi hundi ki nahi ??? :sad: mein ta ohi blessing dete c :sad:

PJ Games / Re: je upar wala banda ladai kare..ki karoge
« on: February 02, 2013, 10:21:48 AM »
rab tuhadi atma nu shanti bakshe , amen amen amen :D:

PJ Games / Re: je upar wala banda ladai kare..ki karoge
« on: February 02, 2013, 10:19:13 AM »
shreef :D: mera ta hasa he nikal gya hun :D:

PJ Games / Re: je upar wala banda ladai kare..ki karoge
« on: February 02, 2013, 10:15:42 AM »
oh ta odo he pta lagna ki sui andar v gayi te tuhadi nikalu ayi uyi huyi :D:

PJ Games / Re: je upar wala banda ladai kare..ki karoge
« on: February 02, 2013, 10:12:30 AM »
teke lagan ge teke :nurse:

PJ Games / Re: je upar wala banda ladai kare..ki karoge
« on: February 02, 2013, 09:43:31 AM »
kut peni puri :thaa: :D:

Religion, Faith, Spirituality / hakim allah yar khan jogi
« on: February 01, 2013, 12:15:37 AM »
Hakim Allah Yaar Khan Jogi, was an unbiased Muslim poet/writer wrote two poems almost a century ago, one on Chamkaur, under the title Ganj-a-Shaheedan and the other on Sirhind, entitled Shaheedan -a-Wafa. His ancestors were from Deccan, but he was settled in Anarkali, Lahore. He used to wear royal Achkan n Salwar, was tall, of strong built, with a small moustache and khaskhasi beard. All in all, he looked like an Iranian mir.
The poems were in the form of a homage on the heart rending tragedies of Chamkaur and Sirhind. Ganj-a-Shaheedan appeared in the year 1913 and both appeared collectively from Lahore in the year 1915. The valour displayed by the young sons of Guru Gobind Singh has been sympathetically and vividly narrated in the poems of a devout Muslim, Allah Yaar Khan. The cruelty of their murder and their fearlcssness of death which they preferred to giving up their faith finds a touching narration in "GarijiShahTdari" by Allah Yaar Khan Jogi, who used to recite it from Sikh platforms during the second and third decades of the twentieth century.
Jogi Allah Yaar Khan just loved Guru Ji and with love wrote so much about Guru Ji that Muslims became very jealous, called “kafir” (unbelievers) and did not allow him to enter a Mosque for 30 years.
When he had become an old man, a Qazi went to his house and said to him, “Jogia, come with me and ask for forgiveness. You have grown old and should die as a true Muslim.” Allah Yaar Khan said, “I have done nothing wrong. What I wrote about Guru Ji is the truth and I will not go back.” Hearing this the Qazi got mad and said, “Then you wanna die as a kafir?” Yaar khan replied, “I am kafir from Mohammad but not for Guru Gobind Singh Ji. I see Guru Ji sitting in Bahishat (heaven) with open arms and waiting for me. I want His love and want to die as Guru Ji’s servant.” Qazi left and Allah Yaar Khan died remembering Guru Ji every moment of his life

Love Pyar / sachi rona lya ta es story ne
« on: January 31, 2013, 10:29:25 AM »
hayee read ke rona a gya.. ah hunda sacha pyar yrur read plz :(

Dr. Seerat roj di Trah Hospital Pounchi.. Samhne Dr. Khurana aa rahe c.. oh kol aa gaye te Dr. Seerat Nu keha..

Dr.Khurana :- Seerat.. Menu Cabin vich aa k milo.. ek patient de case baare kuj Galbaat krni hai..

Apni Frnd Dr. Ritu nu Milan toh baad Seerat Sidha Dr. khurana de Cabin vich gai..

Dr.Khurana ek report dekh rahe c..

Dr. khurana :- plz Sit Down Seerat..

Seerat :- Hanji Sir..

Dr.Khurana ne hath ch farhi Report Seerat aggey Table te sutt diti te keha..

'.Seerat., Kal apne Hospital ch ek New patient Admit Hoyea hai.., Ohda nam Mahabir Hai.. Eh ohdi report hai.. Eh Munda Ek Pind toh hai... Ehnu Brain Cancer hai... Eh Kuj v Soch Smjh Nahi Skda.. ehde uttey koi v medicine Kamh nahi krdi.. Mai apne 36 saal de Carier ch istrah da Case nahi dekhea.. Is Munde nu Theek krna Mai apne Aap lai challenge Smjhea hai.. Islai eh case mai twanu de reha haan..

Dr.Seerat :- But Sir., mai ohnu kistrah theek karangi.. Jad ohde te koi medicine hi kamh nahi Krdi..

Dr.Khurana :- Dekh Seerat.., Tu Meri beti di trah hai.. Mai tenu kuj Glat nahi kahvanga... Pyar vich medicine toh Zyada taqat Hundi hai.. Tu ohnu Badal skdi ae.. Tu ohde Bejaan Sareer vich Jaan pa skdi ae.. Aourat j chahve ta ki nahi Kar Skdi..

Seerat :- Excuse me Sir., what u want to say.. Menu Saaf Saaf dso..

Dr.Khurana :- Seerat., Tu ek chnghi Doctor ae.. Ek Doctor da Farz bnda hai ki oh apne Patient nu theek Krn lai Kuj v Kar ske.. Saade Hospital ch Hor v Bahot Sohnia Kudian Ne.. But Mai tenu islai keha bcoz menu lgda hai Tu Sohni hon de nal nal Smjhdaar v ae..,

Seerat :- par menu krna ki pavega..

Dr. khurana :- Tu Mahabir nu apne pyar nal theek kar de..

Seerat :- whttt..?? Par mera Already Bf Hai.. Arun..

Dr.Khurana :- mai tenu pyar krn lai nahi keh reha.. Sirf pyar da natak krn nu keh reha haan.. Menu tere toh bdi umeed hai.. Menu Yakeen hai tu Nah nahi karengi..

Seerat :- sir plz., j Arun nu pta lag gea fir.. Mai nahi choundhi Sada Break up hove.. Mai ohnu Jaan toh v Zyada pyar krdi haan.. Te oh v..

Dr.Khurana Ne Seerat da hath apne Hath ch Kutt lea te keha..

_/\_ plz.. Eh ek peo di request hai apni Beti nu..

Seerat :- Sir pleaze., menu sochan lai thora waqt Dwo.. Mai Lunch break toh baad dsdi haan..

Seerat Bahar aa gai.. Aggey ohdi frnd Dr.Ritu mil pai..

Ritu :- Hello Seerat.. Menu pta hai Doctor Khurana ne tenu ki keha.. Phelan ohnu menu keha c.. Menu te Bda Gussa aa gea ohna te.. Asi chnghe Ghara dia kudian haan.. Sada maa peo Sanu saade te vishwas krke ehthe Lokan da ilaaj krn lai phejda hai.. Na ki kise nal pyar da Natak krn.. Eh Hospital hai.. Koi theater nahi..

Seerat :- Haan.. Mai v ehi keh rahi c.. Vaise tenu pta oh munda Kis Room ch admit hai..

Dr.Ritu :- Haan.. 4th Floor te Room no. 8 ch..

Seerat :- Chal aa aapa dono dekhn chaliye..

Ritu :- Haan Jrur.. Par dekhi Jra Bach k.. Pind da e munda.. Akhan nal kudi set kar lainde ne pinda wale..

Seerat :- O Shut up Yar..

Dono upar Mahabir de Room ch gaiya.. Door open kita.. Samhne bed te ek bejaan Jeha Sareer pea hai.. Jehdi Nigaah Samhne Kandh te hai.. Ohda Lagtaar Kandh Walh hi dekhi janda hai.. Oh dekhn ch kuj khaas Sohna nahi..

Seerat :- mai ehde nal natak karangi pyar da.. Kde v nahi.. Dekh ehdi Shakal bilkul bandar Vrgi hai..

Ritu :- sheee... !! houli bol., oh Sun lawega.. Gussa karega..

Seerat :- mai ehdi report read kiti Hai.. Eh Sirf eh body hai.. Hor kuj v nahi.. Ehda brain damage ho chuka hai.. Eh Kuj v Soch Smjh nahi skda..

Dr.Ritu :- Par Sun te skda hai na..??

Seerat :- Shyd... Chal aa canteen ch chaliye.. Eh kol te Khloun nu v nahi Dil krda.. menu phukh lag rahi hai.. Canteen te Galan krde Haan..

Dono canteen vich pounchdia ne.. Seerat ne 2 cup coffee te nal kuj Khaan lai order dita te ek Jagah te baith gaye..

Dr.Ritu :- Seerat.., Hun fir tu Ki Sochea apne is new case baare..

Dr.Seerat :- Sochna ki aa.. Mai eh nahi kar skdi.. J Arun nu pta lag gea fir.. Tenu te pta hi aa ohde Gusse da..

Dr.Ritu :- par Tu kehra Mahabir nal Koi body contact rakhna.. Sirf natak hi te krna hai.. Tera ki Jaanda..vaise v Sohne nu tu ki kehna.. Tu kehra vihah krwouna ohde nal.. Shyd oh 1-2 month hor Jinda rahe.. I think tenu Try krna chaidha.. Eh v te Punn hi hai ek..

Dr.Seerat :- J punn hai ta fir tu kyu nahi Kar laindi..

Dr.Ritu :- Tenu te pta hai mere papa da Subah bahut Garm hai.. Islai ta mai ajh tak kdi koi bf bnoun di v nahi sochi.. Mai natak te kar lwa par j Kise ne papa nu das dita fir.. So, plz mere kehn te hi sahi., tu Natak kar lai ek Vaar..

Seerat Kuj waqt tak soch di rahi..

Dr.Seerat :- ok., par Arun nu Nahi pta lgna chaidha.. Mai evenging ch mildi haan.. Hun mai apne nve bf... Matlb nve patient nu mil aawa..

Dr.Seerat Dobara Mahabir de Room ch gai.. Mahabir di Heart beat check kiti..

Dhak Dhak Dhak Dhak di Awaaz aayi.. Jive oh Bejaan Sareer di Dhadkan kise nu yaad kar rahi hove..

Dr. Seerat ne ohde Dil wali Side te hath rakhea.. Koi Harkat na hoyi.. Seerat ne ohda hath farhea.. Ohdi Majboot baah te hath faireaa.. Koi Harkat na hoyi.. Ohde muh kol ho k Apni Garm hwa da Saah ohde muh te Maarea... Par bejaan Sareer ne koi Harkat na kiti..

Seerat nu eh kafi boring jeha lga.. agle din fir istrah hi hoyea.. Ohne mahabir da hath farhea te Galan krn lag pai..

''..Tenu pta mera nam Seerat hai.. Mai is Hospital ch Doctor haan.. mai jalandhar toh hi Haan..Model tywn toh.. Tu Amritsar toh aa..?? Hna.. Ki Nam ae tere pind da... Tu chup kyu aa.. Mai te Sunea c Amritsarie munde bda bolde ne.. Akhan nal kudi set kar lainde ne.. Par tu te Bilkul chup jeha aa..''

par Mahabir da Bejaan jeha sareer bina kuj bole Samhne Kandh walh dekhda rehnda.. Seerat Roz ohda Kol Ohda Hath farh k Baithi rehndi.. Bahut Galan krdi.. Par oh koi Harkat na krda..

Ek Din achanak Arun Seerat nu milan Hospital ayea.. Nurse ne dasea ki Seerat upar 4th floor te Room no. 7 te apne ek patient da check Up Kar rahi hai..

Arun upar chla gea.. Door thora jeha open c.. Arun Ne Dekhea Seerat ne apne patient da hath farhea te kdi ohdi Baah te Hath Ferdi hai.. Arun nu eh dekh k bda Gussa ayea.. Oh Andar chla gea..

Arun :- eh ki ho reha... Istrah Zyada Mza aounda..??

Seerat ek dum Darr gai..

Seerat :- Arun tu menu glat smjh reha.. Mai tenu poori Gal dasdi Haan..

Arun :- dsn di lorh nahi.. Mai sab dekh lea hai te Smjh v lea hai.. mai thlhe Canteen te baitha haan.. Hun joh kehna ohthe dsi..

Arun room toh bahar chla gea.. Seerat nu bed te bejaan jehe paye mahabir te bda gussa ayea.. Ohda Dil kita ki Zor Zor nal 3-4 Thapad bejaan paye Mahabir de Maar dwe.. Kyuki ohde krke Ohda Relationship prblm ch aa gea c.. Par ohne apne Gusse te control kita te canteen ch pounch gai..
Bdi Mushkil nal ohne Arun nu Sari Gal Smjhai..

Arun ne Seerat da hath farhea te keha..

Seerat.. Tenu pta Hai ki mai tenu Jaan toh v Zyada pyar krda haan.. Mai tenu Gwouna nahi choundha..

Seerat :- mai v twanu Jaan toh jyada pyar krdi Haan..

Arun :- (thore Gusse ch ) ek Gal hor., tu ohnu Aklhi Room ch milan na jayea kar.. Ok..

Seerat :- oh God.. Tu istrah de Shak kyu krda mere te.. Tenu zakeen nahi Apni Seerat te.

Arun :- menu tere te ta yakeen hai.. Par ohs munde te nahi.. Ki Nam dasea c ohda..

Seerat :- Mahabir..

Arun :- Haan.. Mahabir.. Mai ki keh reha c ki menu eh Manjoor nahi ki Meri Seerat kise munde nal Istrah aklhi Room ch rahe.. Ok.. Tenu pta oh kistrah dekhda c tere walh..

Seerat :- hahaha.. Mere walh ohne Kad dekhea.. 3-4 Saal ho gaye.. Oh bilkul bejaan hai.. Last Month hi Is Hospital ch ayea.. Par Tad da Kandh walh hi dekhi janda.. Shyd Kandh ohnu mere toh Zyada Sohni lgdi hai.. Istrah de Shak na karea kar.. Vaise v Oh menu chngha nahi lgda.. nd pichle 3-4 Saal toh ohne Koi Harkat nahi kiti yar.. Tu v na..

Arun :- chngha joh v hai.. Tu ohnu Room vicho Bahar Ward ch deliever kar.. Jithe Hor Lok v hunde ne..

Arun chla gea..

Mahabir Da Room change kar dita gea.. Ohnu Ward ch Shift kita gea.. Jithe Hor v bahut Lok c.. Is Ward de Nal hi Dr. khurana da office c.. Te Nal hi operation theater c..

Mahabir Hun v Sara din bejaan pea Sidha Kandh Walh dekhi Janda.. Seerat ohde Kol baithi rehndi..

Ek Din Seerat jad vapis Ghar jah rahi c ta ohdi Activa da ek Truck nal buri trah Accident ho gea.. Seerat nu Hospital Lainda gea... Oh buri trah Jakhmi c.. Mahabir de Ward de nal hi Amergency operation Theater c.. Seerat nu Sidha operation theater vich laijayea gea..

Seerat nu Doctor Mahabir de bed de Bilkul nal wale Raah vicho Operation theater ch lai k gaye..

Par ohs bejaan Sareer ne Na dekhea.. Oh te bus Kandh Walh hi dekhi Janda c..

Dr.Khurana Operation theater toh bahar aaye.. Ohna ne Ritu nu bulayea te Dasea ki Activa da Handle Vjhn krke Seerat da heart Damage ho chuka hai.. Jaldi Ohda Heart kise nal exchange krna pavega.. Vrna ohdi mout ho skdi hai..

Ritu ne jaldi nal Arun nu phn kita te Sari Gal dsi..

Ritu :- Arun.. Plz Jaldi Hospital aa.. teqa heart Seerat nal exchange krna hai.. Ehi ek Tareeka hai.. Seerat nu bchoun da..

Arun :- (on mobile) whttt..?? R u mad.. J mai apna Dil ohnu De Dita te Mai kidar jana.. Tu Hor kite pta kar.. J kuj hunda te theek.. Nahi te menu phn na kri..

Ritu :- ki keh reha tu..?? Phelan ta bdia Galan maarda c ki Seerat tere lai Jaan de du.. Hun kida Mukar gea.

Arun :- oh hello., jaan den da matlb eh nahi ki Jaan de hi do.. Meri v family hai.. Mai ohna baare v sochna hai.. Ok bye..

Ritu ne phone Disconnect Kar dita.. Ohne Hor v 5-6 Hospital's ch phone krke puchea par kito v Heart na milea.. Seerat di Halat Khraab hundi jah rahi c.. Sara Staff Seerat lai pareshan c.. saare Hospital ch Roula pai gea ki Dr. Seerat da accident ho gea....

2 Doctor Munde Mahabir de bed kol khde Galan kar rahe c..

1st munda :- mushkil hai ki Dr.Seerat bache Hun..

2nd Munda :- Haan yar.. j Hor 30-40min tak Koi Heart na milea exchange krn nu ta Dr. Seerat di mout ho skdi..

1st munda :- mushkil hai yaar koi Heart mile.. Ajh kal te koi kise nu Paisa ni dinda.. Fir das Heart kon dwu..??

Chal chaliye yar., sanu ki.. Chnghi hundi c vichari..

Munde chal gaye..

Bejaan paye Mahabir ne eh Saria Galan Sunia.. Ohdi Akh vicho ek Nikka jeha Hanju Niklea.. Ohdi ungil ne Harkat kiti.. Ohda hath Hilea.. Oh uthea..

Dr. Seerat da operation kita gea.. Ohda Heart kise nal exchange kita.. 3 Din baad Dr. Seerat nu Hosh aayi..
Ohde kol Dr.Ritu ohda Hath farh k baithi c..

Ritu :- thanx God.. Tu Hosh ch te aayi.. Kistrah feel Kar rahi ae..??

Seerat :- phelan nal better.. Menu yaad hai Mera accident ho gea.. Ohde baad ki hoyea..

Ritu :- tera operation krna c.. Ohde lai tera heart exchange krn di lorh c.. Mai Arun nu phone kita.. par oh te Jismi Batera Niklea... Ohne Mna kar dita..

Seerat :- Ashaa.. Ta fir Hun kehda Heart exchange kita menu..

Ritu :- Mahabir da.. Ohnu pta nahi tere accident baare kida pta lag gea.. Oh Munda.. Jehra piche 3-4 Saal toh bejaan c te kuj v Soch smjh nagi skda c.. Pta nahi tere accident di khabar Sun k ohde ch ki Shakti aa gai.. Oh apni jagah toh uthea te Dr.Khurana kol gea.. Te keha ki mera heart lai lwo.. Par Seerat nu kuj na hove.. Dr. Khurana ne Mna kita ki tera Heart Healty nahi.. Pta oh Ki kehnda.. Kehda Doctor Saab..

Amritsar da munda haan.. Sada heart healthy hi rehnda.. Fir operation karke ohda heart tenu dita gea.. Hun oh is dunia te nahi reha.. Seerat.. Eh Ghtna menu ek Gal sikha gai.. Koi banda Shakal toh Sohna nahi hunda.. Balki apne Karma toh Sohna Hunda.. Jehnu tu Sohna kehndi c.. Ohi Arun tenu shad k udh v gea..
Mahabir.. Ajey v Jinda hai.. Apne Dil te hath rakh k dekh.. Oh Amar ho gea hai tere ch.. Sma gea hai oh tere ch..

Seerat :- (Ronde hoye) vichara mahabir.. Menu te Hairaani is Gal di hai ki pyar de Natak ch eni takat hundi hai ta fir Sache pyar Ch kini Taqat hundi hovu..
?? Kamaal hai. :Bye:

wow awesome

super duper likes

 :okk: n best n besttttttttttttt

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