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Gup Shup / Re: Lets find the best videos on the internet.
« on: September 21, 2016, 09:05:26 PM »
! No longer available

He probably died...  but its still so funny.

PJ Games / Re: Last textmessage that u received
« on: September 19, 2016, 07:58:05 PM »
no im the nerd thats too cool for homework so my geeky friends send it to me :loll:

Too Cool for Schoool huh?

PJ Games / Re: Last textmessage that u received
« on: September 19, 2016, 07:18:25 PM »
i sent you the homework! dont kill yourself over it!

Your the geek that does everyones work?

Gup Shup / Lets find the best videos on the internet.
« on: September 18, 2016, 01:54:29 PM »

Come on guys lets do this.

! No longer available

Techno time ... uch uhc uch uch

! No longer available


PJ Games / Re: Last textmessage that u received
« on: August 20, 2016, 12:49:33 AM »

Send me your number... main karda text. ;)

Love Pyar / Re: Thr€€ -- M€gic -- Words ..... ???
« on: August 08, 2016, 06:44:58 PM »

Fun Time / Re: Pokemon Go Kaun khed da ethe?
« on: July 31, 2016, 09:51:58 AM »
You know what's sad. When you have little kids, teens, and grown ass people that are like 40 something playing the same goddamn game. Time to get a life or return yours for a refund cus y'all ain't doing anything useful

never seen that kind of gussa against geeks...


Fun Time / Re: Pokemon Go Kaun khed da ethe?
« on: July 27, 2016, 05:43:13 AM »
lol accidents tan bhot ho chukkey. ajkal janta use kardi, pokevision. no need to get lost in the cemeteries around midnight when u got hte pokevision to tell u where the pokemon is exactly

My bro made one that retrieves a list of spawns near your location and opens up google maps and gives you walking directions and time for the pokemon you are interested in. lol shits getting way to geeky.

Fun Time / Re: Pokemon Go Kaun khed da ethe?
« on: July 25, 2016, 04:48:21 AM »
One dead here in sydney playing this shit

And a major accident with 7 ppl injured
On moterway. Reason is driver want to grab pikachuu.


Humanity has protected the Stupid Gene from Darwin for centuries. Can't believe Pokemon is going to bring balance.

Fun Time / Re: Pokemon Go Kaun khed da ethe?
« on: July 22, 2016, 05:19:11 AM »
:D: tu pehla ta mnu eh das tu kinia k kudia pokeball ch kaid kar ke rakhnia, tnu ik without pokeball mili ah tere layi kafi nai oh

Well I was a snorlax and squirtle fan back in the day, I'm not sure about others. Besides I mainly watched to see Team Rocket get their butts kicked and become a star :hehe:

Knew you were a snorlax girl.

Fun Time / Re: Pokemon Go Kaun khed da ethe?
« on: July 21, 2016, 05:57:33 AM »
Not going to lie, I seriously read on snapchat news that a guy actually got a date because of Pokèmon Go.
Guys, take my advice, go catch yourselves a date! Wild rishtas appeared 1500CP catch it or miss out.

Are there any particular pokemon girls find impressive?

Fun Time / Re: Pokemon Go Kaun khed da ethe?
« on: July 20, 2016, 01:22:40 AM »
The game is almost exactly the same as ingress. Mostly adults play that one, and people were willing to travel way farther to annoy other teams. coincidentally... Both games are done by the same company.

Nintendo basically knows where everyone from 10-40 years old hangs out now. Creepy or cool...? Let's see how they use the new data.

Thing about this game is that... Crooks know where to go to rob a kid of an iPhone. Or maybe worse.... I'd say this game will educate a lot of people once all of the business hype is gone.

Fun Time / Re: Pokemon Go Kaun khed da ethe?
« on: July 19, 2016, 08:36:48 PM »
I do lol but I am not addicted to the game

mand's playing... im in.

Birthdays / Re: Happy Independence Day AMERICA ( 4th july)
« on: July 09, 2016, 07:35:52 AM »
KERFULE >>Banning guns only takes guns away from good people... you think the bad guys go through to the corner shop to get his sniper rifle? Guns are a bad thing... but they are targeting the wrong people.

you r so rt kerfule taking guns away from legit good ppl who r law abide citizen aint fair either, But bro in some states  in US buyin gun is so ez its juss like ye r gettin a  gym's membership. Then guns r  traffic  on other states  whr  guns laws r so  hard. That nigga who shot n killed 5 police officers was  US ARMY soldier. i dont kno man if RESTRICTING  gun all together can make AMERICA  a safe place  im oll fer it.Look at dat muslim dude in ORLANDO  he had a license to  buy a gun  n look wut he did .. i can  go in any neighborhood  in newyork n purchase a illegal weapon .. its juss so EZ they say ... if u av a gun  its so likely  that ya gonna use it .

SHANTI DEVI  ... yes some times our police officers can get lil edgey  some of em a very short tempered, shooting  waist  down  in nawt in our law book. But moi heart  goes to  those 5  slain officers frnds n famlies.... moi aint a RACIST but niggaz r very  short tempered as well .. they dunt respect  law n police officers like rest of US do. It was the most horrific attack on POLICE since 911 ..all they were doin  was juss doin their JOB they were killed in cold blood...juss today one more police officer was ambushed buy a thug in GEORGIA

I think the same way as you. But they need to put the effort into stopping illegal guns entering the country as well.

Here in Canada guns are basically outlawed, but someone gets shot and killed every week. How does that make sense. They need to focus on how to block the illegal guns first. But be happy, in America, the criminal is still scared of the average American... Here in Canada, the bad guys can do whatever they want... because nobody can defend themselves.

Last point, the police department does not have the obligation to protect the public. When shit goes down they are going to run in the same direction as you are running.

Birthdays / Re: Happy Independence Day AMERICA ( 4th july)
« on: July 08, 2016, 06:05:18 AM »
nobody said happy canada day so im not saying happy independence day

11 cops been shot in Dallas TX  5 dead during a peaceful protest

Shanti Devi Ji ,  3 black men were shot dead this wk by  police officers

first in newyork ... it wasnt  poilce officers  fault .. it was a road rage between a  off duty cop n a  motorist ...  cop had a  traffic dispute wid dat officer  n  he was punching him so  the officer  shot him in self defense

second  in LOUSIANA  that black dude who was  shot dead by cops  had a lengthy  arrest/ crim record  nawt too long ago he wrestled wid a police officer n he was carryin a gun dat that incident ... he had a gun in his possession  when he was shot n killed by  police officers

third in MINNeSOTA  the  black dude who was shot n kiled had a  legal lic gun in his possession  well dat incident along wid oda incidents r still under investigation . SO too soon too to tell dat who is at fault ...But believe moi em  black dudes werent  ANGELS either .

In the minnesota one... there is a video that was live streamed. The girlfriend was streaming on facebook correcting whatever the police was saying... that woman was a badass, most people would crack.

I am also saying that the 11 police officers that were shot at is also bad, shouldn't have been done.
Self defence- shooting someone so that they die isn't self defence, man could've shot their leg, arm whatever or use laser/taser guns idk we have them :wait:
When the police do it there's justifications however when the black people do it there isn't :wait:
I'm not saying their saints, however to have a black president and then the black people have to go through this doesn't sound right and then I swear they rejected some law regarding guns :smh:

Mainstream media could also be slightly biased however, all lives matter so the police should take a chill pill.

Idk why I'm ranting so yanoe :tea:

Banning guns only takes guns away from good people... you think the bad guys go through to the corner shop to get his sniper rifle? Guns are a bad thing... but they are targeting the wrong people.

lol, its fucked up he includes me in the millennial group as well. But seriously... Brown People leave our gem of a country for a better life and we spit at them in disgust, because they let us build gurdwara's and go to the same schools as their children. They are reasonable people. I'm glad that there people like Paul Joseph Watson that will take on the job of parents and lecture these ridiculous people. This is what Liberal Arts and Pot does to people.

Seriously... people are liberal just to get laid. When they get married and have kids it all changes.

Glad there is another opinion out there.  :S:

Can someone teach me how to post a video?

Btw, Settling in foreign country which has its own different culture and lifestyle while immigrants promoting their own religious values, lifestyle, customs and tradition in that foreign country. Does that look ethical and wise? One should put oneself in their shoe if not then imagine how would it be like if the same foreigners settle up ,promote their culture, build up churches,open up clubs, strip clubs ,sex shops in Punjab? :D:
Obviously few out of millions will like it at first(Those who claim themselves to be modern) but then they will all unite with their elders and attack them. Racism, race war,etc would take place then.

lol, punjabi stripclub... stripping to bhangra music... thats hot. lol Think someone needs to work on a playlist for this one.

Firstly, the immediate effects aren't even going to be visible from day 1. Unlike what the dipshit farage has been saying. Even if article 50 was applied yday (it hasn't yet) that's two years to leave the EU every article we've agreed to is going to revised not only within the EU but the parliaments of every member state. From then we've got to agree to "some" trade articles bc if we want to continue to trade with the EU we have to live up to their standards (we can't not trade with them because that's 1/3 of the worlds trading market in terms of wealth right there)
I'm not saying UK will turn into some sort of bakwaas place no ones going to realise but to base the WHOLE campaign on 350 million a week is back into the NHS and then say it's wrong isn't koi daleri there needs to be an investigation.

I'm all up for a frexit and other countries should follow on, however I'd much rather ke this wakes up the EU leadership and they have a serious think.

As it can be seen, majority of this leave came from those right at the bottom, these people generally were frustrated with Cameron and his bandar squad making stupid cuts to areas and pretending it was "for the poor" most people just wanted Cameron out (I hate that pig faced leprechaun too) but to replace him with another leprechaun looking dipshit aka Boris? :worried:
Again, back to the point it just shows that the only people that left threatened only did the low paid jobs whereas they got benefits and hands down I've never seen polish or Romanians milking benefits by having 472927 kids :smh:

I agree there's a problem but to leave the EU but still agree to their rules w/o no say is pagalpan. I'd rather we remain INSIDE with an opinion to say ok this is enough. You can't change something when you've got no opinion.

All your graph shows is... that the people with degree's vote in blocks just the way the petitioners did. Just because you have a degree doesn't mean your smart. Your just a dude that wants to impress the girl by being all inclusive and evolved. They had the same right to vote for their interests as the "educated" degree holding people did. Don't discriminate against them, or maybe you should start a movement to exile old people. There's a movie or a book about this... can't remember its name.

Kehnde kuj people try kar rahe k eh voting dubara karayi jave .....

Thats right... if you don't like the out come, revote until you get the "right" outcome... what a bunch of losers.

EU is a trade zone. Its not a country. Unelected numbnuts are telling these countries what to do. Its about time there is some change.

Trade will go on... UK has more autonomy over its finances and they can compete more fairly in an unfair market... Congrats to the UK.

Byeee UK.. Byeeeee online shopping as we will now have to pay tax on everything we order from there  :cry: lol

But on a serious note: UK is going go regret this BIG TIME! Brexit is NOT the solution to the "problems" UK is dealing with.. Now only time will tell how bad this turns out to be for the British people..

I read this somewhere and I couldnt agree more.. Do read its because its worth it:

If you voted out because of "unelected politicians" then well done because we're about to get an unelected prime minister.

If you voted out because of immigration then well done, because you just lost the right of free movement too. Just wait 'til you have to get a visa to go to Glasgow or Belfast.

If you voted out because people were "stealing your jobs" then well done, because you're about to see Germany and France "steal" Nissan and a bunch of other companies who only manufacture here as a gateway to the eu market.

If you voted out because you think we'll get a great trade deal with the EEA "like Norway did", think again. Take a look around your Sainsbury's Local and try and find any fruit and veg that's grown in the UK. We need them more than they need us, and like the EEA, we'll have to accept EU policies like free movement as part of a trade deal anyway - except now we won't be able to have any say in them.

If you voted out because of vague scaremongering headlines like "Migrant Crisis" then please, feel free to remind me when it was that Syria joined the EU.

If you voted out because Farage promised £350m for the NHS, then I'm sure you'll be happy to watch him on This Morning revealing that that was a lie.

If you voted out and you're heading into retirement, then great job! Because now the working people of this nation will break their backs to afford your pension without the influx of young, economically active and skilled EU migrants.

If you voted out because you think we'll be better off, the £ has just fallen by 8% against the dollar.

And if you voted out because you love this country, prepare to see it crumble, with threats of a unified Ireland and an independent Scotland just hours after the result was confirmed.

Well done, Britain!!

A less expensive pound makes the UK more competitive on the world market. And the country might finally be able to start building a productive economy instead being the money laundering capital of the world.

The UK is a pretty inclusive country... and just because the billboards are telling us that we're being racist doesn't mean its true.

What a bunch of friggen cry babies we're letting into decision making roles... I hope this leads to all of the smaller EU nations wanting a bigger piece of the pie.

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