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It is said that men are from Mars and women from Venus, agreed that there is friction between the two and that romantic feelings and sexual attraction are bound to creep-in between.From Adam and Eve down to the present generation, opposite sexes are always ‘meant’ to draw each other, love, fight, ... and that’s about it.

Or is it?

Can’t the two ever be ‘just friends’?

The concept of platonic friendship that arose and written from the time of Greek Philosopher Plato still remains as unclear and confusing as ever.

“What I'm saying is - and this is not a come-on in any way, shape or form - is that
men and women can't be JUST friends ?!Waiting for your words![/b][/font][/size]  :waitin:

on: December 30, 2011, 02:31:41 PM 2 Fun Shun Junction / PJ Games / Re: PJ Award Ceremony 2011.


Most Happiest - nikki _heer, ankhi punjaban , & lado
Most Saddest - simari
Most Emotional - kamal preet, saghi
Easiest to Love/Easiest to get along with -  ratno, jasmeen gill, lado
Biggest Ninja (most ladaku) - noxi, & rudegyal
Biggest Flirt -noxi nd yeah
Best Poet - taninder bajwa, bloriakh
Biggest Gossiper –  yeah, nikki heer
Most Wise –KUDRAT kaur, sanj, gulaboz
PJ Clown (makes people laugh) – lado, nikki  heer, simari
Most Cunning (chalaak) -Noxi
Best New Member -  miss brar
Most Reputable -  kudrat kaurnd ofcourse me  :pagel:
Most Useful -dilraj kaur, preet 14
Most Addicted to PJ - dilraj,  , lado, mehak, yeah, preet 14
Best PJ Female Profile – kade tyan ni dita kisa kuri di profile ta  :pagel: 
Best PJ Radio Host - ofcourse LADO
Chat di Jaan -jasmeen, RATNO & YEAH
Forum di Jaan - miss brar, Dilraj & Sahib kaur
Best User ID - Dilraj, kudrat
Best Topic Starter – Kudrat

Males :

Most Happiest - marjana gill, gagan, mundarisky
Most Saddest -   pawan,
Most Emotional - pawan , & gagan
Easiest to Love/Easiest to get along with –Marjana gill, gagan, pawan,  supreet
Biggest Ninja (most ladaku) - Grenade singh & rav gill lol
Biggest Flirt - mundarisky, мя gαяяy ѕαη∂нυ™╳, charra jatt

Best Poet - tazy sandu, Deep shergill (always copy paste krda renda  :pagel: ) , raj aulkh
Biggest Gossiper –tobey wala munda , rude boy
Most Wise - karam singh
PJ Clown (makes people laugh) - tobey ala, charra jatt, supreet, gagan
Most Cunning (chalaak) -GRENADE SINGH
Best New Member - jatt mullanpuria
Most Reputable – PJ sarpanch
Most Useful -pawan,  jatt mullanpuria, marjana gill
Most Addicted to PJ - tobey wala munda, charra jatt
Best PJ Male Profile –charra jatt & marjana gill
Best PJ Radio Host -charra jatt
Chat di Jaan -  malwe da jatt sandhu, mundarisky, gujr
Forum di Jaan - marjana gill,   gagan, karam , garry sandhu
Best User ID - pinka bhoond
Best Topic Starter - kisa da kol dimag hani koi vadia topic start karn layee  :pagel:
lao ji karta appa bhi apna farz pura , nd vry sorry if i miss someone .......... thank u all :happy:

on: November 25, 2011, 01:11:32 PM 3 Fun Shun Junction / Shayari / Re: sanu jaan jaan kehanda c

ssa meet kaur nd welcome to punjabi janta
kro enjoy  :rockon:

on: November 12, 2011, 11:01:36 PM 5 Lounge / Jail Pinjra / Love Pyar / Re: Akhiyan wich a kay ruk jaanday...

gujr thora old fashion aa so enu remix di bauti knowledge ni  :D: :D:

on: November 12, 2011, 10:55:02 PM 6 Lounge / Jail Pinjra / Pics / Re: From Villageboy to all PJ members..:)

awww so nice of u tu app bhi baut nice aa chal ik duja di tareef kria hun appa 8->
baut baut mubarka hon sandhu ji sukh naal gabru ho gaye  :superhappy: :superhappy:

on: October 25, 2011, 06:06:19 PM 8 Fun Shun Junction / Shayari / Re: October phir Udaas hai,

nice one gujr
wadaia ratno sis :rockon: :rockon: hun tu hor busy ho jana  :13: hun naa mera kam hoa ape lbna paina hun manu 8->

on: November 29, 2010, 10:52:52 AM 12 Lounge / Jail Pinjra / Pics / Re: PJ SINGTURE

haye babbu mann  :love: :love: :love: tiger u doing really gud job on these signature's !!!  :okk:  keep it up!! :rockon:
congrats guys and gud luck :rockon: :excited:
ssa gill_ss ki haal aa and tusi kalli akha di pic kion laye aa ini sohni pagg bani aa pure face di pic lao and hor kithon daye aa tusi and ki karde aa study..... lagda hoe gaiya 2 or 3 lines  :excited: :excited:
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