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lol thx thx :D: god bhi sochda hona mainu earth utte send karke ih ki send karta mai earth utte bai mainu rabb ne send kitta tuvade paap da hisaab karan tusi saare apne dil vich mail rakhde ho utte utte changiya changiya line likhde and aap maade maade kamm karde mere mai tuvanu paresaan karke tuvade paap da fal(fruit) dinda ha hahah :D:
That's a little too hard to understand my man.  :D:
Haha awesome stuff.

Why do you keep reporting every topic?
You're exaggerating. I don't report every topic. But if you bother to read the reason why, you might just know. In fact, what's the point of people being admins and mods, if they don't act like1? That's pretty useless! and tbh i'm quite sick of  my posts getting deleted but nobody else f*****g bothers to delete anybody else's. If this continuous happening, i might just blow up. And believe me, i'm trying to control myself but sometimes, temptation and anger gets the better of me. Don't take it personally though, i'm just like that, when i'm angry, i get very angry.

Listen little girl, if you didn't report this topic, I would not have made the comment asking you why you reported it. Second your reason on your report says "posted". I'm not sure if that reason tells anyone else anything, but it certainly doesn't tell me anything.

As far as you getting angry, I'll tell you one thing. You don't scare me nor does your anger. You can blow up all you want.

If your posts are getting deleted they are probably getting deleted for good reason. I'm sure we've already had that discussion.
And for admins and mods understanding their jobs, we've all got a good grasp of what we are supposed to be doing. I've probably been a mod longer than you've lost your baby teeth.

Perhaps you need to drop the attitude and expand your level of understanding. Using profanities doesn't get your point across any better, it just makes you look uneducated and ignorant.
I'm 17 year old baby now am i? So how old does that make you? 45? Hahahah! oh yeah yeah can't argue with you there, not sure if that's something to be proud making yourself sound old. Well listen up punk!!! just because you're the admin doesn't mean jack! to me, even if you were the president, i still wouldn't care! so if ya think i should be scared o' ya then just say so, and i'll try to act scared next time. Course why would you be scared right? You have the ultimate admin weapon.  :loll: :wow:  That's weak! but acceptable enough, you've even got got people on your side sucking up on you(
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
). Anyhow we have to agree to disagree that not everyone is going to agree with how pj is being run. But it's really getting obvious that the staff expects every member to just go with everything, play happy family, not complain etc. Have you ever wondered why people got sick of pj after awhile? I know exactly why, do you? I bet they never told you. And yes, cussing in my vocab gets me somewhere. It says "posted" because it's already been posted! why feel the need to post it again? Can i start triple posting everything? I mean that's accepted after all. But then again i'm really sorry that i'm just trying to wake you guys up and tell you how pj could improve, that's a bad thing now is it? Hahahah..i'm not sure you understand how i get angry, it's probably better that way. At least try and do your job! for the f*****g sake of it or stop calling yourselves admins, let alone  "royal admin". That's all i ask and it's not so much, but if you'd like to make this an even bigger deal, please help yourself and we can fight it out.

on: March 25, 2011, 06:07:48 AM 24 Fun Shun Junction / Fun Time / Days of the week, pj member swappings

If you could swap places with other pj members for each day of the week, who would they be? And mention why, if you want. And NO, they don't have to be the people you're close friends with.

Like for me, i'd swap places with these members:

Monday: Londonpunjabi(so i can travel like he does, monday would be perfect for travelling)

Tuesday: Grenade(therefore i can show him how to run pj properly, my tuesday job  :laugh: )

Wednesday: Codename(Wednesday is a day to drive and work at the same time i reckon)

Thursday: Powerlifter(he sounds interesting enough and a bit like me, a sports and
fitness enthusiast, i'd like to swap places with this dude just to see what it's like)

Friday: Rogger(nobody can be as hardcore as a kiwi, a kiwi night out - to celebrate the
end of the week)

Saturday: Daffa hona(Canada is where i'd like to spend my saturday, doing what canadians do)

Sunday: The soul mate(i have a feeling this guy lives in germany, and i definitely want to be in germany, i can just walk to another country, that's what i'd like to be doing on sundays)

on: March 21, 2011, 05:04:35 AM 25 PunjabiJanta Thana Sadar / Complaints / Re: shokeen-munda demotion

He's been a bad little boy.

on: February 25, 2011, 05:08:02 AM 26 Lounge / Jail Pinjra / Gup Shup / [[! ANTI ADMINS !]]

Vivacious and i teamed up and he had an idea to get back at grenade, and i slightly changed it. Instead of just anti grenade, i decided it should be anti admins. Because i know there were admins(including sub admins) that just...well anyways. So we came up with this thread for us all anti admins because we both thought that pj was just too....punjabi, too strict, too uptight so we want to flavour it with a bit o' NZ taste. If anybody has a complaint or whatever, concerning the admins and sub admins. This is the place to be.  :dumlak: :dumlak: :dumlak: :dumlak:

on: February 20, 2011, 03:53:44 AM 27 PunjabiJanta Thana Sadar / Help & Suggestions / Re: help plzzz

What position is that?
sure ill check it out... :rockon:

n  i ill break ur bone :P

bad power :happy:
Nah i'll break your bones and you won't have power left in you.

on: January 18, 2011, 06:37:44 PM 29 PunjabiJanta Thana Sadar / Tutorials / Re: how to create profile?

The second you registered, you've already created a profile.

on: January 07, 2011, 06:29:48 PM 30 Fun Shun Junction / Jokes Majaak / Re: DRINKS....

Hahaha good 1.
Dynamite Punjaban - Don't know her that well but she seems well liked and made good friends in pj.

shokeen-munda - He was funny and laid back.

~PuNjabi_NightMarE~ - The things that this dude does makes me laugh, he obeys the rules and shows a lot of dedication.

Mર. ◦[ß]гคг રừlểz™ - He's aight, still getting know him and his username looks impressive.

sukhbeer - Haven't talked to him in awhile but was good chattin' with him. He's sensitive but a good dude.

ashfaq_gujr - He seems a bit lost and constantly needs help, he shows up randomly at random times which is hilarious, awesome avatar.

♨ DƐ © ĴΛŦŦ ☭ - Mature, philosophical.

α f.a.t.h.e.r - I heard he became a dad so congrats to him, i don't remember ever speaking to this guy but he seems to be well liked.

Billu Bakra - Still getting to know him, he seems friendly.

Gyanii - We got off on a bad start, i still resent her but otherwise she seems down to earth, emotional, feminine and very sensitive.

╬нƹ ѕσυℓ мα╬ƹ™ - Quiet these days, don't really know him, he seems well liked.

Rubbie - Don't know her that well though she seems relax and knows what she's doing.

As for the rest of you guys, i'm really just looking forward to getting to know some more of you and be able to add more of you to the list.

on: January 01, 2011, 07:52:10 PM 32 Lounge / Jail Pinjra / Gup Shup / ©od€nam€ 47 inspired me to do this

Ok i'm not exactly good with writing good things about people but believe me, i'm trying here. If i've forgotten about you then show up here and complain, yell and scream at me. In a random order:

©od€nam€ 47 - This dude is awesome. He's a good guy and you won't find a lot of him

_FateH_ - Man this dude is all over pj, wherever you go, he's there! the guy's full of life

Sarb Gill - Mr mysterious, skilled, laid back and a good dude.

☫ੴƬỊGER☬SƬYLĖੴ☫ - I can barely understand the things that come outta his mouth but he's always going to be pj tigger. He can be funny and artistic.

♥ Khish Mish ♥ - Probably the only person in pj that's not too uptight, she's pretty nice and friendly.

$$VELLY_JATT$$ - If I need a partner in crime, I’d call this guy.

Jhanda Amli – You can’t get yourself to hate this dude forever. He’s funny, a good bloke, exaggerates sometimes and if you need help, he’s your man.

HONEY SINGH....DESI JATT – Funny, friendly, a spammer and if you need a laugh, that’s his name.

LondonPunjabi – He’s up to date and knows a lot about the world and shares his knowledge, a genius.

kerfufle – He’s a bit random and can be funny.

PowerLifter – FFF  = Flirty, funny, friendly. Needs to take a few man up pills though.

azs10107 – Tries to be funny but fails. A good lad though.

• » ∂єѕι кαυя « • - Does her job and does it well.

Waheguru tu sab kujh janda – Seen him around, seems nice, randomly posted comments on my page.

ਮਾਂ ਦਾ "Gangster" ਪੁੱਤ - The 1st person to send me buddy request, he created some good topics but quiet nowadays.

~SnowFlake~ - Mature,  still getting to know her

_noXiouS_ - She’s nice, friendly and fair

Majajeneh  - Seen her posts a few times, seems nice and also 1 of the people in my buddy list.

Grenade Singh - To me he’s still a mystery, still getting to know him, he’s the boss around here, good lad.

The desi dude – Probably hates me because I’m a kiwi but hopefully we’ll be able to settle our differences

Sandhu_boys – Read some jokes he posted and they were hilarious.

Punjabi Lion – Don’t know him but nice username, seen him a few times around here. Lol

Kudrat K. Grewal – Nice and mature

Titlee – Nice, straight up, can be funny and friendly.

Jatti_Killa4nia_Di – She was sort of funny and nice, quiet these days.

|• Navi Braich •| ® - Seems nice, still getting to know him, i like how i pronounce his username. Lmao

Jatti^Anti^Narcotics – Addicted to pj, we don’t seem to like each other, oh well.

on: January 01, 2011, 04:33:15 AM 33 Lounge / Jail Pinjra / Gup Shup / Re: Thanks for 2010 - Codename 47

Stratosphere, this kiwi girl regardless of my Bullsh*t that i always talk about kiwis and aussies , she has adopted the indian behaviour and i must say shes been so good :) hope to see her here in future ( yes am not being sarcastic)

Ahh thanks mate. That's really good to hear, i feel pretty accepted in the pj community which i never thought possible.

on: December 27, 2010, 05:05:33 AM 34 Fun Shun Junction / Jokes Majaak / Re: friendz........

on: December 23, 2010, 04:46:53 AM 35 Fun Shun Junction / Jokes Majaak / Re: leakage in roof...


You're welcome.  :happy:

on: December 07, 2010, 06:39:24 PM 36 Fun Shun Junction / Jokes Majaak / Re: SEND ME A BROTHER......

 :laugh: Bunch of meanies. I need a translator here.

on: October 05, 2010, 04:27:52 AM 38 Fun Shun Junction / PJ Games / When was the last time you..

Ask the above person, when was the last time, you did something?

For example:

When was the last time you ate?
youtube link :-
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Sani Ik Pal Chain Naa aavey solo

Sanu Ik Pal Chain Video


Sanu Ik Pal Chain Na Aave

Sanu ik pal chain naa aave, sajjna
tere bina
[I dont find peace for a moment,
besides you, oh my love]
ho saada kalleyan g nai lagna,
sajjna tere bina.. .sajna tere
bina....[i wont be able to live alone, besides you oh my love]

* Sanu-I/Us, Ik - One, Pal - Moment, Naa - Not, Aave - find/come, Sajjna - Lover, Tere Bina: Widout u/besides u
* Saada - Our/mine, Kalleyan - Alone, g - heart, nai- no

kise daa yaaar na pardes jaaave...
[nobody's love shall ever leave]
vichhoda naa kise de pesh aave
[None shall face the pain of seperation]
ho sanu ek pal chain na aaye......
[i dont find peace besides you my love...]

* Kise da/de - someone's, yaar - mate/lover, naa - not, pardes jaave - leave apart
* Vichchoda - seperation, pesh aave - face

Rog vijog te sog hazaara... sajna tere naaal
[ailment, seperation and thousands of pains....are with you my love]
ho naa bhaave roj kayamat...bichhde yaar jinna de.... ho sanoo ik pal chain...
[----------------------------whose love gets seperate]

* Rog - illness, vijog - seperation, te - and, sog - pain, hazara - thousands
* Vichchoda - seperation, pesh aave - face

Hoke, haade, hijar te athroo...de gya yaar sogaatan
[pain, sorrows and tears of seperation.....these are the gifts you have given me]
mud naa aaye dil te mehram...beet gaiya barsaata....sanu ik pal chain naa aave...
[the raining season has gone away shall never come back on heart...ohh my confidant]

* Hoke - sound of cry due to pain, haade - sorrows, hijar - separation, athroo - tears, de gaya - have given, sogaatan - gifts
* mud - return, naa - not, aaye - come, dil te - on heart, mehram - confidant, beet gaiya - gone away, barsaata - raining season

Raati mai jagaawa diva hanjuaaa de tel daa
[i lit a candle with oil of tears]
haye o rabba sajjna nu chheti kyu nahi melda ... ho sanu ik pal chain naa aave....
[o God, why dont you make my lover meet soon]

* Raati - in the night, mai - I, Jagawa - lit, diva - candle/utensils lamp, hanjuaa de - of tears, tel daa - of oil
* Haye O - hey, rabba - God, sajjna nu - lover, chheti - soon, kyu - why, nahi - not, melda - make meet

2. Nitt Khair Manga

Hor kee mangna main rabb kolon, nit kher manga tere dum dee
baaj sajjan lajjpaal tere, mai kohjian kede kaam dee
pal pal maneya sukh ve hazara, ghadi vekhe naa koi alam dee
badr hamesha maula rakhe dhola tain te nazar karam di....
what more can i ask god, i pray only for your longer life
because without my guardian my true luv, i am a worthless ugly wretch
i pray that you might be blessed and spared from every grief
i pray to god to keep watch over you

Nitt kher manga soneya mai teri, Dua naa koi hor maang dee
Tere pairan ch akheer hove meri, Dua na koi hor maang dee...
I ask for your welfare, dont pray for anything else
I die at your feet, dont pray for anything else

dam dam khair kare rabb teri, mangaa roz mai sajjan duawaan
nit khair manga sohneya mai teri, dua na koi hor mang di....
I pray daily to GOD to always protect you my love
I ask for your welfare, dont pray for anything else

peer shabbir da sadqa dholla, tenu laggan na garam hawavaan
nit khair manga sohniya mein teri, dua na koi hor mang dee

Tere payar ditta jadon da sahara ve, mahiya bhull giya mainu jagg saara ve
khushi eho mainu sajjna batheri, dua naa koi hor maang deee...
I have forgotten the whole world since i have fallen in love with you
This happiness is enough for me, i dont ask for anything more..

Nitt khair manga soniya mai teri..dua na koi ho mangdi....

Tu mileya te mill gai khudaai ve, haath jod aakhan paavi naa judaai ve
marr jaava gee je aakh metho feri, dua naa koi hor maang dee...
Feel like i have met GOD, now i request you not to leave me
I will die if you leave me, i dont ask for anything else

tere gaam lag javan mainu, tera vaal veennga na hove
nit khair manga sohniya mein teri, dua na koi hor mang dee....
All pain of urs become mine, you be spared from all grieves
pray for ur wellness, nothing more

khairan dam dam dholla manga teriyan, shala lag jan tenu savan merian
mein te mar ke vi rehna mahiya teri, dua na koi hor mangdi...dua na koi aur mangdi,
I Pray for ur wellness my love with every breath of mine,
I will be urs only even after my death...

youtube link:- nit khair manga

Nah not the first one. But the second seems alright. So do you think i should settle to this song? Or do you think there's another song that's much better?
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