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 Summary - Akh_h3_si_t33r_tan_nahi

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March 06, 2010, 02:15:37 PM
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March 13, 2010, 09:15:07 AM
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Single / Talaashi Wich

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Vijay gohal
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About Me

I was left standing, alone,
On a dark cold, scary road
The only thoughts were of you
And the suffering I went through
You said you loved me
With kindled fire in your eyes
As the years have gone by
That fire has slowly begun to dry
You said it was my fault,
I wasn’t good enough
I believed all the words you said
Letting them enter my mind, my head
I took some time
Away from life
I didn’t hear those words of hate
And found myself somewhat irate
I saw the same in your eyes
Which were so full of lies
Now when say you love me
I know, your love is not what should be.
As I grow, and as I learn,
I find myself not so willing
To accept the lies you told
That always seemed to bring me hell
I still have love for you,
No matter what wrong you do
But for the first time in years
I love myself- blood, sweat and tears
Decide to make a choice
To stand for honor with a strong voice
You will see changes in your life;
Where joy comes without the strife
Good luck to you upon your journeys grand
May you find courage
To become the man I loved, once again

My Interests

Sajna Ve meri haar ho gyi
Mere vass ton bahar ho gyi
Lagda es canada ne
kismat te bhaari pe jaana
Main gunge jehe pancchi wangu
kise hor banere beh jaana
Bebasi da aalam hoya
Parr katt le mere gairaan ne
Jeebh di harkat band ho gyi
Thirkan chhadti pairaan ne
Hun laike laava chaar channa
Sadhra nu dena vaar channa
Mennu leke vich bharose de
kite door beganya le jaana
Main gunge jehe pancchi wangu
kise hor banere beh jaana


My Media

Ae pyar te yaar kise de nahi

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May 30, 2020, 02:54:02 PM

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