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Fun Time / Punjabi janta Matix Banner by Pannu
« on: April 30, 2009, 05:01:58 PM »
Mitro ahh chukko fresh fresh banner, bas hunna baneya aa..... If you like Please let me know...

If you want add this Banner as your signature.... Jst copy paste this Tag in your Signature Box.

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Help & Suggestions / I Need Help
« on: April 30, 2009, 12:35:46 AM »
I Need to know... Kahra kahra banda last 48 hours vich meri profile ta giya aa..... Cuz some stuff been fuked up on my profile... & as a Punjabi janta members.... i have right to ask.... who messed up my profile & who & who visited my profile.....

Please Response soon as possible.....


sat sri akal mitroo....

I am looking for a song Sadi gali (album: Simply Bhangra Licious).... if anyone have that song please upload for me on PJ... or get me link to download it... Please do it soon as possible... thanks......

Tutorials / Tutorial: How to Post MP3 on Punjabi Janta...
« on: April 27, 2009, 09:59:22 PM »
Mitro Here you .... this tutorial for those, who dont know how to Post MP3 songs on PJ & how to upload song on there profile

if any of you guys need any forther info about this topic jst let me know... i will help you much i can...

Enjoy now....

Help & Suggestions / Request To admins....
« on: April 27, 2009, 08:02:50 PM »
Mitro main vakhiya..... kujh lokka dey user name thale likheya aunda aa....."Ullo/Ulli" yaar joo bilkul changa nai lagda.. & ek adda hoor vi adda a hai joo bilkul changa nai lagda........ so want you guys to change this thing to something else..... it looks totally stupid...... i hope you guys get it what i mean......

Fun Time / SRH & Salman Khan da Panga.......
« on: April 25, 2009, 06:29:33 PM »
Mitro ahh video vakho... main vakhi ta vakh ka thoda haraan jaha hoo giya... Salmaan sala anna kutta banda aa... Jahra SRH toh badla lain lai ohdi team nu IPL vicho harona chonda aa....Ta Pretty Zinta di team di support kar raha aa..... I think this is so rubbish...

Give you view about this topic.....


Islamic Oppression - Pakistani Taliban Making Pakistani Tribal Sikhs Pay Jizya Tax For Being Non-muslims.

Sikhs in Orakzai agency region paid 10.5 million rupees (roughly $130,000 £80,000 approx) as jaziya non-muslim tax to the local taliban authorities and are alleged to now go about their business freely but some how I doubt there will be much freedom and human rights for our brothers under the taliban if afghanistan under taliban rule 1996-2001 is anything to go by.

To cut the short story, they the taliban are not only oppressing fellow muslims in the region some of them have begun to persecute and oppress our Sikh brothers and sisters by taking over their homes and businesses and exhorting tax for being non-muslims by implementing the barbaric and unjust 7th century sharia islamic law.

In history Sikhs have suffered persecution in the hands of these type of mad islamic zealots and in the end we had to adopt martyrdom and militancy to defeat them increasing the influence and rule of Sikhs back in the 18-19th century. Soon that time will arrive again, God willing. In the Kalyug Sikh militancy will be the only solution to this oppression and mafia style gangsterism that islamic Jihadi zealots the taliban are doing with innocent Sikh brothers and sisters and the rest of the innocent people of NWFP Pakistan.

The cowardice of pakistani army and govt is clear to see. Let them walk around with garland of shoes around their necks and their faces smeared with mud and make them wear womens glass bangles for admitting defeat to the peace hating criminal taliban.

Sikhs Pay Rs 20 Million 'Tax' To Taliban In Pak's Aurakzai Region

Appeal to Dal Khalsa and other militant Sikh orgs...you support the pakistani govt and speak on behalf of it against India let us see your Sikh credentials and speak about the oppression of your Sikh brothers and sisters are facing in NWFP Pakistan. Let us see if you the REAL dal khalsa or just mere puppets powerless and in control of the pakistani govt who doesnt care much about the lives and property of Sikhs in the region.

Complaints / Dev de pardarshan/performance utte vichar
« on: April 18, 2009, 10:23:58 PM »
Thanks to all the users for input.

Jattboyz87 bhaji sareya nu apni ijjat pyari hundi hai, tusi ehda kisey te iljaam na layo. Kisey nu "freaking back stabber", "landeyaoo", "sala" kehna jad ke ohne tenu kuch marha ni keha, eh galat gal hai.

main ahh sala apna Dev Nu Back stabber kahnda haan.... ta ahh sala mera haiga vi aa.... ahnu kah jaa tu apna peo da haan ta sach das athe.... meri lokka kol buriee nai kitti jadd ki main ahh sala nu kujh vi nai kaha.... ahna fir vi Buhat kujh bas mera bare hi nai.... lokka nu ahh vi kaha ki... hun PJ band hoo jani aa.... ahh sala tera kol number banoon lai.... tainu advices dinda rahnda aa.... mainu patta ahdi okaat ki aa..... sala bandar jaha  di..... hun tu vi changa kar ta mera muhh band hi rahn dey........vesha vi tera lai kam jayada jarori hunda aa... ahoo jahiya matters nai....

Punjabi Stars / Beerinder Sidhu - Profile updated
« on: April 16, 2009, 01:52:24 AM »
Friend there is one News for you guys..... One of my friend who is a upcoming singer.....  His name is Beerinder Sidhu From Canada....with amazing mind blowing voice...... I jst edit some more songs on his Profile .... all the song on this profile is not recorded by perfessionals... it's jst friends helped he give it music.... here is direct link to his profile....

if you like his voice or songs please leave aa small comment... it will alot to him....


Help & Suggestions / Powerlefter nu Mod Banona chahida ya nai ????
« on: April 13, 2009, 06:20:02 PM »
Lao vi mitroo hun tusi ahh dasoo... ahh banda nu MOD hunna chahida ya nai.... jitho takk mainu patta..... he is nice... & he want keep chat clean..... so hun tusi daso ahnu mod hunna chahida ya nai ?????if nai.... give here the reason....if yes then dont have to explain..... Blink :) Powerlefter nu Mod Banona chahida ya nai ????

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