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« on: December 26, 2012, 05:02:15 AM »
Ah topic unha lai jo boliyan sunan te poun de shokeen han.... ghaint to ghaint boli pao  :balle: :balle: :balle:

radke radke radke....
oo rraa jagrava de....
jete jatt te baniya lad pe....
o baniye ne jatt taa leya....
baniye ne jatt taa leya te uthe bathe da kalja dhadke....
te jatt kahinda uth leen de....
o jatt kahinda uth leen de.............tere lena va kabar main khad ke...o jatt kahinda uth leen de tere dena va thoon de jad ke......o jatt kahinda uth leen de      :thaa: :thaa: :thaa: :thaa:


Bari barsi khatan gaya c
khat k liaunda feeta......
mahi mera nikka jiha
masa khich k barabar keeta ...............  :D: :D: :D: :laugh: :laugh:

Ajjjo sare boliyan de shoukeen, lohri di practice shuru karo ......  :blowout: :blowout:


Discussions / Shaheed a azam bhagat singh vs. Gandhi
« on: December 25, 2012, 02:17:43 AM »
I am just get forced to write this  by a user of yahoo who wrote that...
“Bhagat singh wanted to make people hear him by throwing bombs...and gandhiji wanted to make people hear him by fasting and public nonviolent passive resistance....that is why I respect gandhi more.....”
It was crap Gandhi has no match with Sardar Bhagat Singh. The writer of these lines has very poor knowledge about Bhagat Singh thus he is not authorized to write such foolish thing about Sardar Bhagat Singh on a public site.
It is completely unjust to compare a patriot like Bhagat singh with a hypocrite like Gandi. Most problems faced by our country today are due to gandi's biased and wrong policies.  This farcical secularism, family politics, controlling of media and abjection of indian culture are all gandi's brainchild.
If Gandhi  would have supported Sardar bhagat Singh we would have been free much earlier but so called mahatma Gandhi were in possessiveness of loosing hero-ship and Bhagat singh will become hero and mainly congress would have loose identity...
Bhagat Singh is a legend .He is an undisputed pride of Indians. But Gandhi is a pride of Congressmen.
Bhagat Singh was a true patriot; a nationalist par excellence. He was not today’s version of the extremist who kills innocent people in the name of God or a political cause. The care he took in making sure no lives were lost, when he exploded a bomb in the British parliament, bears testimony to this.
The Congress has long ruled India, after  independence, and they have made sure that nobody apart from Gandhi and Nehru have got the recognition due to them. Apart from the usual number of unsung heroes, even the ones who were adored by the masses have been slowly and deliberately deleted from the public memory.
Sardar Bhagat Singh’s disillusion with Gandhi’s methods is well known. He had good reasons to be disappointed with Gandhi.
I personally believe that Gandhi, in his zeal to spiritualize the freedom movement, made many tactical mistakes. His biggest blunder was when he called off the Non-Cooperation Movement. We can never know for sure, but in all probability it would have gotten us independence sooner and even prevented the partition.
Bhagat Singh rose in stature from one event to the other. He dreamed of an India that is not only independent but also fair, just and egalitarian. He died when he was just 23 and long before India became a free nation.
If  Gandhi was the all-too-well-accepted side of the freedom movement, Bhagat Singh was the other side of it. He was no less patriotic than the so called  Mahatma(I am surprised why people called him mahatma who always need two women to put a single step out ).
Bhagat Singh hated being branded as a hotheaded youth at best and a terrorist at worst. This image he got initially, was thrust upon him more by the Congress, than the British themselves.
Then came the imprisonment. Bhagat Singh showed the entire nation he was not just all anger, exuberance and impetuousness. With his strong silent moral courage, he convinced everybody, that when the occasion came, he would rise for it; and rise he did.
His hunger strike in the prison to get better conditions for the prisoners is one of the most memorable events in the history of Indian freedom struggle. I believe, even the most ardent Congress Wallah bowed to him inside of their  hearts, when Bhagat Singh went through his Satyagraha. After all, he was practicing what they were preaching all along.
While Congress grew stubborn and more stubborn as the day when Bhagat Singh would be hanged approached, the rest of the nation began to love him more and more. The Satyagraha made him a household name, a hero who cared for his motherland unabashedly without seeking his own fame.
Even the current generation recognizes Bhagat Singh. They might not actually know what all he did, but they do know he was somebody who sacrificed himself  in the age of 23. This is despite all the efforts made by the Congress, after India’s independence, to ignore him.
That’s why it was so benumbing to the nation, when Bhagat Singh died.:((
Most possibly, he could have been saved with an effort by the Congress in general, and the Gandhi  in particular. But that was not supposed to be.
Bhagat Singh is our nation’s pride. It would do good to the current MTV generation (like this sick yahoo writer) to know of a man, who lived by his ideals till he breathed his last. There can be one and only one BHAGAT SINGH Indeed.
I don’t expect much but I believe that by reading this  at least we all should hats off & respect the patriot Bhagat Singh and should slap hard such persons who are trying to polluted his Image..... Thanks

Introductions / New Friends / ssa ji
« on: December 15, 2012, 03:20:40 AM »
m a new user, not really getting how to use it. i just read somewhere that we cant use English here. so i'll try to write in punjabi but main punjabi ch likhate time bahotiya galtiya kar dini aa so ignore them plz ... thanks to all

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