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Lal rang chat ch clear disda, je kise nu koi problem a then oh apni background theme change kar sakde.. lal rang is there in options for a reason..why warn or ban people when u can just change ur background theme with a click or two..lol

check out how beautifull red looks in the below theme!!!

lol, very nice, and very innocent, you are. But, every1 knows your real face in chat. Sad thing is i didn't even ban u lol, for swearing at me.
hun eh nahi dasengi, what u did when u came to chat? with your font color and first thing you typed " lol" at me.?

OH and dont forget read this topic page #3


I am not trying to be innocent or anything.....you were forcing me to say something to you so u can get me banned...........I dont remember if i directed that "lol" towards you, but I know for sure that my font color was white before you even warned me...tell me if it wasn't?... don't  drag this color deal into all this to hide what your doing..bullying users and abusing ur powers? ya keep sharing that post with the rest of the world..i did call u **** that day before u were acting like one..no regrets and im not denying it either....i was banned for calling u ****; however, the banned for removed after 48 hours :) why cant u just smiiiiileeeeeee, smiling is good for your health, just sayyyingg :) :)

i am very hurt protein to be honest.. tu inniya gaala kaddiya os din fer b tenu kise ne ban ni kita... llook at the logs that mullanpuria posted in other thread... and look at u still chat ch baithi aa.. this isn't fairr!! admin's not doing their job properly! and yeah i called sarpanch dumb.. cuz me and yeah PM'ed him about something and look at him he never replied back about anything.. atleast reply krke keh dinda ke forums ch post karo or something like thatt.. he was saying mulla and pawan mis-using their powers without even investigating anything about it! I personally think that's a very dumb statement to make without going to the base of something!

excuse me? i never  even mentioned the word PAWAN? where are you coming up with all this? get your facts straight.and just to let u know I was banned for 48 hours, i got my share of punishment :] u should smile too by the way! tehehehe
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