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Grenade Singh:

Ki tusi PJ Radio ja DholCutz radio de vich music bajona chaune ho, te lokan nu sunaona chaune ho? Ki tusi PJ vich apni madhur awaz naal sat sri akal bulauna chaune ho? Fer teyar hojayo, mere sajno mitro kudiyo te tittro, sama ageya hai...

- Mic
- Windows
- Time for 1 hour show (same time each week/day/whatever)  - Je tusi longer show karna tan pher 2 hrs max

Post below if you are interested and which TIME SLOT (8 pm, your country time, etc.). Tuhanu software setup karke mein deyunga through Teamviewer/something.

Rules have changed: Updated Aug 11/2012
- You dont have to be a Gabru or with 1000 posts
- Talent hona chahida bas
- All the other technicial requirements are still valid

Deleted User:
oye hoye sanu v muka deo

Grenade Singh:

--- Quote from: Lado on August 30, 2011, 07:02:09 PM ---oye hoye sanu v muka deo

--- End quote ---

Kehda time slot lehna tu Lado? Tell me time in India Standard Time or GMT.

Deleted User:
but u knw i work n meri job di tymin same ni hundi me ta 1 din lai try karuna chundi idk if i can?

Kudrat Kaur:
meeeeee.. :hehe:

over the weekend.. Friday is the best... or Saturday... may be Sunday.. :wait:
and convenient time is 9.00pm-10.00pm EDT  :pagel:

Nalle ikk show layee do RJ nai ho sakde je ho sakde aa then Mein teh Rajjo..for one show..  :happy:
Vase I have to ask her first.. :wait:


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