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eh hai ik new thread jis vich tusi simple apni bnayi hoi creation post kar sakde ho with use of any editing software and put the name of site punjabijanta.com and your name(your name only if u want) on it.

This will help in users profile editings and also as mobile wallpapers.. so try to make the size small as i made.. so enjoy free time te tusi post kar sakde ho..

P.S. -> pics can be funny,sad,quotes etc what you like -- but post only your owned don't copy from other sites otherwise YOur post is useless and  part of PJ trash  :loll:

oh yaar mae ape ni banai...bt tenu dakhani c.... :he: :he:

hun tu bhawe delete kar bhawe rakh.... 8->

Lavvo ji art :pagel:

Editing Software: Autocad  :loll: :loll: :loll:

Total Time: 6 mins :pagel:

very nice jhanda veer thank you .. o autocad .. nice nice graps designer  yo yo :blah:

mere walon ik new >>

one more from me


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