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« on: August 08, 2010, 02:29:51 PM »

New Delhi August 8:
            The relationship between India and China is a complex one but will be the "big story of the 21st century", Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao said.
Rao said that an "intelligently transacted dialogue" enables both the interlocutors to place their issues, which leads to "greater responsiveness and sensitivity to these issues". She said: "I believe what that points to is the fact that this relationship, the relationship between India and China, is going to be the big story of the 21st century".
"A story based on dialogue, which we intend to conduct intelligently and which we intend to conduct with confidence so that our concerns are protected always," she added. "That is exactly the context I referred to when I spoke of the complexity in the relationship. And that is what dialogue, intelligently transacted dialogue, enables you to do when you seek more responsiveness from the other side about your concerns; this is exactly so that we are able to place these issues in context and to seek the other side's focus on this issue and greater responsiveness and sensitivity to these issues," said Rao, a former Indian ambassador to China.
Rao, who was previously Indian ambassador to China, said the two Asian giants not only have a multi-pronged, multi-sectoral dialogue but were also consulting each other on multilateral issues. "I think there is a multi-sectoral dialogue with China on the bilateral front and if you look at the global multilateral front, there are increasing areas of convergence... And so this is really, as I said, the trajectory along which we hope the dialogue develops," she said.
India and China had fought a border war in 1962 but have since witnessed an increasing economic relationship, with trade volume expected to increase to USD 60 billion by the end of this year. There had been a few hiccups in recent months, but Rao said that there were enough institutional mechanisms to let the two sides to keep talking to each other. "Here in officialdom we deal with realities.
And let me tell you the reality of the situation is that the border between India and China has been peaceful for the last few decades and the effort from both sides is to ensure that the mechanisms that we have put in place for confidence-building and for the maintenance of peace and tranquillity work well, and there is constant communication between the two sides," she said.

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« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2010, 05:45:03 PM »
This year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between India and China. Amid a series of exchanges of high-level congratulations and visits, news from the economic front is also exciting: The first two months of the year saw a 55 percent increase in bilateral trade as compared to 2009. All this seems to show that the relationship between the world's two most populous countries is faring well and will grow even stronger.

Behind this promising picture, however, a few gnawing issues are still standing in the way between the two titans. If not handled properly, the road ahead for them would not be as smooth as expected.

First, China and India share about 2,000 kilometres of border, and the boundary has never been formally delineated. The famous poet Robert Frost said in a well-known poem that "Good fences make good neighbours." Many confrontations between countries have been ignited by disputes in their border area. The two sides should quicken their steps on demarcation consultations that began in the 1980s.
Second, as China gains an increasing sphere of influence in the world arena, many Indians, including high-ranking officials, see China as a potential rival or even a threat to India. This may partly explain why India has yet to recognize China's market economy status, while over 60 countries have granted such status to China. Such anti-China sentiments will not help cultivate a friendly atmosphere for bilateral ties to grow, but rather sow the seeds of distrust between the two countries.

Third, India has always harboured a grudge over China's all-weather friendship with Pakistan. The China-Pakistan relationship is based on mutual trust and mutual support in nation building and international cooperation. To maintain a peaceful external environment, China also wants to build closer ties with India. If China could become a mutual friend to the two Asian rivals, it will contribute more to regional peace and stability. This will eventually serve India's interests as well.

To address these issues, the Indian side needs to show real sincerity in forging a more friendly relationship with China. An "Asia century" will remain only a dream until the two Asian giants can treat each other with mutual trust and respect.


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