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SSA ji sariya nu

This thread is to help all the users who are having problem logging into the New Chat Version.

- If you have any issue with the Chat please post a Screen Shot what you see when you click the Chat link


Try the following step before you report the problem (This will fix most of the issue):

- Check your version of Flash Player installed - update if you dont have the latest one from here
- Then Clear your Cache
       In Firefox. Delete you Cookies/Cache
       In Google Chorme. Delete you Cookies/Cache
       In Internet Explorer. Delete you Cookies/Cache
- And try to log into the chat again.

If this don't work, You probably have to update your Browser
       Update Firefox
       Update Internet Explorer
       Update Google Chrome

If this Still Don't help, Please Explain what you get when you click the Chat link or just simple take a Screen Shot (Prnt Scrn > Paste in Paint)

P.S. - If you Reply just saying "Chat Nai Chalde" we can't do much on that as we dont know what is wrong with chat. As one can't never find a solution to an unknown problem

Proof of Chat working in different Browsers

Firefox Working:

IE Working

Google Chrome Working

Known Bug in the Chat

You See a Blue Screen when you Click the Chat button?

Possibilties are that you might be banned from the Chat only
Various reason can cause a possible ban

-> Swearing/offensive language is used in the Chat


-> Sometimes a User Id tends to hang in the Chat when the user logs out (because of the known bug in IE 8)
In the second case the Mod has to ban the user from the Chat so that his name is deleted (or otherwise he will be consider to be online)

If the mod forgot to unban the user. The user might see a BLUE SCREEN when trying to log in. Please report in the complaint section for assistance.


Understanding Chat Commands

Many of the old users in the Chat know about the various commands used in the chat.

For any of the 'New' Normal User / Chat Mod / Global Mod / Admin
The commands could be displaced by Typing any of the following command in the chat reply box & hit Enter

--- Code: ---/help (   or /?   )                -> Displays quick command help
/helpall (   or /?all   )           -> Displays all the commands that could be used in chat
--- End code ---

These Commands will display all shortcuts that you can use, depending on you rank

good work

Nav Braich:
Cht ch ta sara time prblem hi rehndi aa ...

PJ alyea why dnt u make a section for arcade games... ???

Due here no such thng so Time pass ja nhi hunda .. :P


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