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Author Topic: Why swearing is not allowed?  (Read 1711 times)

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Re: Why swearing is not allowed?
« Reply #20 on: March 14, 2011, 08:32:09 AM »

Swearing is frowned upon in most civilised socities. I personally think, when you have a limited vocabulary, you resort to swearing.

-will banter more later, for now need to head home.

I think reason for this is very simple.. No one would like to read these words.. Its not about culture here , I think any civilized society would not like to encourage swearing. and Punjabi Janta is civilized forum board.

Rest , You should be able to express yourself with out swearing, n u know once it starts with swearing then it moves to racist comments..And Punjabi Janta site is like our home.. As our parents would not like to use these magic words same way we don't want our users to use these words.. Make sense??

Therefore, Enjoy Raje(expression of affection), if Anyone curses at u,and u dont like that then you can lodge a complaint in complaint section :)

My take on swearing and using bad language -

Of course I agree with watever Codename47 and Kudratji said. It is definitely not part of the civilized society. Apart from how the person at the receiving end will feel... swearing will give a bad impression about the person who is using foul language. One will loose respect and become a bad example. How many people that use foul language do you respect.. I don't like anyone who swears.. they are at the way bottom of my respectful list.

Moreover I think swearing is for the people who like to complain and make no-nonsense about everything, they dont have a valid point and thats why they swear... if the argument is valid... it will be valid without the swear words.. isn't it?

swear has two meanings.... 1. To use offensive language...
2. To take oath / kasam/ vadha
On PJ first one is banned.
 I guess u r referring to secon one. I am guessing it from ur statement that.. In islaam swearing on god is allowed....
Welcome to PJ  :happy:

yes i agree with u :hug:

ethe ni gaal kaddn deni ah apa ne

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Re: Why swearing is not allowed?
« Reply #20 on: March 14, 2011, 08:32:09 AM »

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Re: Why swearing is not allowed?
« Reply #21 on: April 02, 2011, 04:10:59 PM »
Actually in Islam .. it's not allowed to swear on someone ... the only one allowed is Allah (Our God).
in islam tv is not allowed aswel and pc y u using ?

No way who told u it's not allowed to use PC or watch TV in Islam? maybe u misunderstood Bro!

In General, TV, PCs and other equipments are allowed these are machines and it's not related to religions! but it's the way u use it which makes it allowed or not allowed

Example: In Islam it's not allowed to watch movies which contain adult materials, therfore it's not allowed to watch it through TV or Internet (PC) .... but what if your using PC or TV to get educated or to watch useful programs or some entertainment? it's definitely allowed! I believe u got a bad image about Islam Bro :)

Islam is a moderate religion but media shows that it's near to terrorism :)



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