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Author Topic: App Ki Adalat  (Read 1927 times)

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App Ki Adalat
« on: March 26, 2015, 07:54:19 AM »
Hey guyz, moi wana give ya example of pj staff's anoda coward act, moi posted some vidz from you tube  on dat documentary topic ... they were removed lol . why cz in those videos  ahh dasia gia see ke mohammed ne  ik 6 saal di bachi naal viah kita se  te jad oh  only 9 saal de se ta mohammed ne ohde naal cex kita se, 2nd viedo cho dasia se ke mohammed ne avde son  de wife naal viah kita se.... daso ehde cho  vid  remove karn wali kehri gal se ?  na jad moi oh documentry show kiti jidde vich  muslim munde dhokhe naal sikh kuria fasonde wa te ona nu blackmail karke ona to prostitution , dhanda karvonde ne  ...tad oss ne oh vid kyo remove noi kita ...syad ohnu iss gal de kushi hundi honi wa ke sikhs di ijjat rull rahi wa .... jehra kamm muslim  empror noi kar sakke lakkhan sikhs nu shaeed karke  , hun oh kam  sikhs kurian to prostitution karva ke kar rahe wa . Moi ta pakahdi sikh babian nu ve expose karda rehnda wa  ...odoo ta kisse pj satffer nu gussa noi laga fe hun kyo ..? im gonna show u those videos n make ur own decisions  .... ah APP KI ADALT wa . ty

u call him a prophet or a child abuser..?

Islamic Scholar Confesses, Prophet Muhammad Had Sex With 9 Year Old

Will u marry ur own son's wife ...?

Muhammad and Zainab why did Muhammad marry his son s wife Cartoon - Truth of Islam

Ah kisse staffer ne quote kita se kisse ve pj de staff te direct indirect  insult na kiti javve ...kyo vai ..oh jo kuj marji karde rehan ...ohna nu kuj keh do ta 1 month da bann lollll.. Let moi tell ya smthin ... Slavery is long gone... gulami is duniya te noi rahi ... te tuc dra ke pj user nu avda gulam banona mangde wa ....shame oh u .. how u look urselves in mirror . Guru teg Bhadur ji ne kiha wa in  9 mohala shloks .... BHAY KISSE KO DETT NA ...NA BHAY MANAT ANN ... mean ... na kisse nu darr kauf davvo te na lavoo. ty
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