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So basically OOTD stands for outfit of the day! Share your fabulous ensembles if you'd like! We can all get style tips from each other since we're spread out all over the world. We have east and west coast americans, canadians, Londoners, germany, holland, india, australia!!! This should be good :excited:

P.S. You can crop out your face by all means! :ok:

It doesn't have to only be limited to outfits, could be jewelry, shoes, hats, scarves, jackets, etc. Anything your heart desires fashion and style related! :hugg: :ok:

Boys your more than welcome to share your pics as well! :ok: :he:

I like 4th one....bahut sohni aa  8->

#4 kuri is a hippie. Black dress  :love:

Thanks taur siso :hugg:  n fuffii hahaha i guess i have an inner hippie hidden amongst my other personalities :mean:

The King:
Bhut shoniya picz


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